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COBRA | Two Cobra Interviews by our Asian Team

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by Cobra, January 20th, 2017

You might want to read the transcript of this Cobra interview by Chinese Prepare for Change group [listed in full below]:

Or the second interview that was conducted by the Taiwanese team a few days later [listed in full below]:

The Light comes from the East.

Victory of the Light!

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Cobra interview by Chinese Prepare for Change Group

[Interview begins]
The First Interview with Cobra from PFCC 
PFCC:We are honored to have COBRA for the very first interview 
with PFC-China.China is a country of 1.4 billion population.  
China's spiritual growth and awakening progress might have great 
significant impact on the ascension of this planet. From now on, we 
are extremely excited and grateful to be able to set up the bridge 
between Chinese people and Light Force. PFCC has collected some 
down-to-earth questions for COBRA to answer. So lets welcome 
Cobra again. 
COBRA:Thank you.  
PFCC:Now, lets start with the first questions we’d like to get 
direct answers from you.”What is the most important factor that 
prevents the event from happening ?” 
COBRA:Plasma toplet bombs 
PFCC:What is the current progress of disarming the plasma toplet 
bombs by a percentage? 
COBRA:I will not put this into percentage, but there is significant 
PFCC:People keep asking that since we all know that the plasma 
toplet bombs should be the last obstacle to the liberation of the 
earth, and we can relate that it’s gotta be a tough job to do.  So 
whether the Galactic Federation has mobilized every bit of light 
force to put all efforts on dismantling plasma toplet bombs?  If 
the Galactic Federation can not accomplish this mission alone, is 
there any possibility that beings from higher dimensions will get 
involved in doing this ? 
COBRA:Beings from very high dimensions are already involved 
with this. 
PFCC:Could you specify how the group meditation help dismantle 
the plasma strangelet and toplet bombs?How it works? 
COBRA:Group meditation connects physical plane with higher 
spiritual planes and creates a multidimensional bridge that helps 
the Light forces who deal with plasma and with toplet bombs. 
PFCC:As we know, Galactic Federation and ascension masters 
come from higher dimension, but how come they seem to have 
very limited measures to deal with the dark forces which are 
probably only from or below 4 dimension? 
COBRA:It is because they do not have a full understanding of the 
primary anomaly. Also, vast majority of them ascended before the 
archon invasion of 1996 and thus have a limited understanding of 
how it is to be incarnated on the surface of planet Earth after 1996. 
Therefore it is good that you talk to the ascended beings and 
explain to them what your life looks like for your perspective. 
PFCC:According to your provided information, recently the light 
forces all of a sudden found that some implants were still 
implanted in the human body , so whether the light forces have 
underestimated the dark forces’ power to the control over the 
planet? And is that possible some unexpected problems or 
incidents would pop up during the planetary liberation transition 
on this planet ? 
COBRA:Yes they have underestimated the power of the dark forces. 
Now they want to prevent any unexpected surprises during the 
Event and thus they want to prepare it as perfectly as possible. 
PFCC:Human being is from the Source, and has the equal power 
with other beings. In particular, human being should know more 
about his nature or essence than other beings. Some people 
considered that strategic decision made by Galactic Federation 
maybe are not perfect, even something wrong, which lead to the 
delay of the Event. In fact, Human being want to offer his own 
suggestions about current situation and submit them to Galactic 
Federation, so is that possible ? if yes , how can we do that? 
COBRA:Just talk to them mentally, they will read your thoughts. 
PFCC:Next we can talk about something related to new energy : 
Did Tesla die on the surface of earth? Or his death is not real, he 
just fabricated his death and fled into the inner earth civilization? 
COBRA:Yes he died on the surface of the planet.  
PFCC:One of Tesla's free energy research results is relative to 
Tachyon Technology which has been spread and utilized in a small 
range so far, is there any other Tesla invention we can use now ? if 
yes, how we can get these available ? 
COBRA:Unfortunately most of Tesla's inventions are still blocked 
by the Cabal.  
PFCC:Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, the founder of Iran's Keshe 
Foundation, is related to light forces ? 
COBRA:You need to use your inner guidance to answer this 
PFCC:What are your comments on Keshe and his free energy 
technology, as well as his anti-gravity technology? 
COBRA:You need to use your inner guidance to answer this 
PFCC:Dose the Gans that Keshe has been promoting have some 
amazing effects or characteristics as he described,  what is Gans 
from your perspective? 
COBRA:Try it for yourself and you will see. 
Let’s  get into several spiritual aspects.  
PFCC:Is the source in a kind of state of completeness with 
omnipotent and omniscient power? Is it possible that the source is 
feeling not entertained,not a completeness, not omnipotent and 
either not omniscient. As a result, the source began to interact with 
prime anomaly to co-create things in order to expand itself? 
COBRA:Source began to interact with the primary anomaly to heal 
it and not out of feeling of incompleteness.  
PFCC:Another point is that if the source is in an absolute status, 
why the prime anomaly referred to a kind of occasional emergence 
can be held or hidden in this absoluteness? 
COBRA:The primary anomaly is not hidden to the absolute,/ the 
Source, but only to relative beings  
PFCC:Cobra, I would like to ask you ,  what are those souls with 
reincarnation who stay on the  astral layer/plane doing now ? 
COBRA:They are working on their spiritual growth. Some of them 
are spiritual guides for incarnated humans. Some of them are 
cooperating with the Light forces in removing the plasma scalar 
PFCC:Does the soul can recover full consciousness after death? 
Some articles said that people who died immediately would recall 
all the reincarnation ... ... while some articles stated that some souls 
do not realize they have died yet and still wander around ... ... What 
is the truth after death? 
COBRA:After death consciousness does expand, but you do not 
suddenly become enlightened. You still need to transform your 
PFCC:In China, the number of awakened people is increasing; 
however,any course or workshop on spiritual teaching out there 
seem to cost a fortune. Is this a kind of infiltration of cabal group 
deliberately disturbing the spiritual progress in China by 
commercializing or defaming benevolent spiritual ideas in order to 
prevent this knowledge from spreading? 
COBRA:No, it is a part of the global trend for commercialization of 
everything. On the other hand, spiritual teachers also need to live 
and earning money through workshops is a legitimate way for 
them to survive.  
PFCC:There is this nine-year-old child from Chong Qing,who 
claims that he can have out of body experience or astral projection 
once he meditates to communicate with the blue Avians,Ashtar 
Command and the inner earth civilization. Quite lately,Ashtar 
imparts him/her that between April to September,2017, the plasma 
toplet bombs will get disarmed and the even occurs right away 
without time delay. 
On 24 December this year, the kid communicated with 
Resistance Movement and he claimed that you were allowed by the 
Resistance Movement group to record a video of the base.And 
Corey was allowed by Kaaree to record a video of the inner earth 
cities without exposing their faces. 
Can you clarify on the accuracy of his/her source?Or this can be 
some sort of interference or set-up trap from the cabal? 
COBRA:His statements about me and the Resistance are not 
correct. I will not comment on his other statements.  
PFCC:During the Chiengmai conference you held in Thailand this 
year, you have mentioned it was a great accomplishment that the 
sites in China where the Cintamani stones are well buried. Actually, 
many people are still willing to place more Cintamani stones in 
certain places. So are there any other important sites required to 
have these stone buried in China or anywhere in Asia? 
COBRA:Yes, many. 
PFCC:The holders of transparent Cintamani stones are more 
inclined to spirituality development, while the holders of opaque 
Cintamani stones would more tend to keep the foot on the ground,  
I mean more practical in life. So this is what you have said? Or 
some twisted theory?  
COBRA:I never said that. I only said that transparent cintamani 
stones support more the spiritual growth when the opaque ones 
ground that spiritual energy. 
PFCC:Someone said that the occurrence of the Event depends on 
whether the collective consciousness and the overall planetary 
energy reach certain critical threshold. Therefore, encouraging 
more people raise individual consciousness and energy level is a 
good way, in another word, life full of happiness is also helpful to 
the Event occurrence . 
Currently, especially in the process of disclosure and publicity, 
some people are stimulated into fear, anger, even hatred ,which 
might lead to lower the level of consciousness and energy. So how 
to deal with this kind of dilemma? Is it essential to accelerate  the 
wide  spread  of  this disclosure  information ? 
COBRA:Yes, spread positive energy and intel about Disclosure as 
much as you can.  
PFCC:The messages from Bashar seem to have quite a lot in 
common with yours. Are his messages reliable? 
influence of Archon ? 
Is he under the 
COBRA:You need to use your inner guidance to answer this 

PFCC:Corey has made it clear that RA in Law of One is the Blue 
Avian, how do you consider the content in Law of One? Is the Law 
of One a message delivered to us by galactic central civilization ? 
COBRA:The Law of One is a human interpretation of certain 
spiritual ideas and as always you need to use your inner guidance 
to see if it is aligned with the truth. 
PFCC:In Law of One, half of population on the earth come from 
Mars, one quarter of it come from Maldek, and another quarter of 
population come from everywhere else in this universe,  the total 
number of star seeds reach about 65 million. But as we know, in the 
past information you stated that most souls on this planet are 
originally native, and estimated 10 million star seeds on the earth. 
Anyway, where the souls on earth come from ? How many star 
seeds are currently remaining on this planet?    
COBRA:A little bit less than 10 million.  
PFCC:Is the density mentioned in Law of One the same as 
dimension you have described?What is the difference? In Law of 
One, there are some negative entities existing in sixth density, but 
you have said that the fourth dimension is the highest dimension 
that negative being can reach,what’s your view on this matter?   
COBRA:Density=dimension. There are no negative beings in the 
sixth dimension.  
PFCC:Next let’s talk a little about the disclosure. 
Benjamin Fulford's messages are a little weird, sometimes made us 
confused, sometimes sounded reasonable. Recently, he has 
repeatedly attacked Putin, which seems like turning white into 
black. Is this some kind of trick from loyal members of the White 
Dragon Society to implement partial disclosure? 
PFCC:On the internet,some people posted some photographs with 
two suns,What do you think about it? 
COBRA:Lens reflection.  
PFCC:Many people and me have dreamed about two moons,what 
do you think? 
COBRA:Memories from lives in other solar systems on planets with 
two moons.  
PFCC:Are both David Wilcock and Corey Goode protected? Why 
could they stand out in public to reveal the truth? 
COBRA:They are protected to a great degree.  
PFCC:As a matter of fact , some people on the surface are more 
practical. They would pay more attention to current situation on 
the surface and their own financial status rather than information 
on the other levels. So let’s get into some questions regarding 
the situations on the surface,please. 
As of now, some Event Support groups from around the world are 
running a company in order to earn money in the name of healing 
of spirituality, what are your comments on this one? 
COBRA:Nothing is wrong with people being paid for their spiritual 
PFCC:Are the earthquakes happened recently in southern New 
Zealand a natural phenomenon or a kind of attack from Cabal who 
have used HAARP weapon? 
COBRA:They are a result of the increased activity from the Galactic 
Central Sun. 
PFCC:In the 58 and 59 episodes of Cosmic Disclosure series, 
Corey Goode has mentioned that the crusta faults of earth 
extended from south to north beneath the seas because mother 
Gaia want to reduce the damage to the life on surface. So far, 
earthquakes occurred successively in New Zealand, Argentina, 
Taiwan, Japan and Salvado,  which seemed to have verified what 
Corey has said. So is your point of view on this one?  
COBRA:I agree. 
PFCC:Some  economists said that unstable factors always exist 
since establishment of Eurozone. Greece is a Trojan horse settled in 
Eurozone by Goldman Sachs, also the first factor to trigger crisis in 
Eurozone. After British referendum to break away from Europe,  
Italian referendum of constitutional amendment failed. How do 
you look at current situation and future prospects in Eurozone? 
COBRA:The Cabal wants to destabilize Europe, but they will not be 
successful as they hope, because the Light forces are preventing 
PFCC:Under the downturn environment of global economy, many 
countries entered into a weird competitive way by printing more 
paper money than others especially in those dictatorship countries 
such as North Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc. If we can not 
purchase precious metals as hedge , so which kind of currency can 
be best choice to purchase as hedge method against inflation? 
COBRA:Paper currency can not be hedge against inflation. 
Precious metals such as gold and silver are hedge against inflation 
in long term if we neglect short term price oscillation and short 
term price manipulation.  
PFCC:Chinese people always think of themselves as " 
Descendants of the Dragon ". Some people said that the dragon 
inheritors in China are not from Draconis but from a higher 
dimension of Dragon. So cobra, is the Dragon in China a branch of 
Draconis group? Is there any difference  between Chinese Dragon 
and West Dragon ? 
COBRA:Chinese Dragon is coming from Thuban (alpha Draconis), 
the most prominent faction of the positive Draconians. They are 
one of the founding sources of Chinese culture and one of the 
main reasons why dragon as a symbol has positive connotations 
for Chinese. Thuban was a polar star 5000 years ago when Thuban 
Draconians descended on Earth, using Chendgu vortex as the entry 
PFCC:Where do most Chinese souls come from? Is it true that 
these souls come from Do Mou’s hometown, Big Dipper? And 
when these souls began to get controlled under Dragon? Did 
genes of Chinese people have been modified by Dragon? 
COBRA:Thuban Draconians used genetic engineering to insert 
part of their genome into the native Han population. Most Chinese 
souls come from Earth. Extraterrestrial Chinese souls come from 
many star systems, including Big Dipper.  
PFCC:There’s a very ancient Chinese legendary story named 
“NuWa Create Human”, (NuWa is 
a goddess in Chinese mythology), so Nu Wa is a lizard being? 
What is the truth behind this story? Chinese people are artificially 
made by these lizard-like beings ? Or offspring of the reptilian  
COBRA:NuWa belonged to Thuban Dracos and has actually 
defended the Chinese against the Reptilians. Chinese legend 
actually says that she killed the black dragon to provide relief for Ji 
PFCC:Qian Xuesen, a very famous Chinese scientist , who 
co-worked in 1940’s with scientists that participated in the 
“Paper Clip ” project in United States, and came back to China 
in 1950’s and became father of missile and rocket in China for his 
remarkable contribution. In his later years, he did greatly promote 
the research study of QiGong and psychic ability. So was there any 
support from light force behind him? Was there any connection 
between QiGong exploration tide in China and awakening wave of 
western countries in 1980s ? 
COBRA:Yes he had support of the Light forces.  QiGong 
exploration tide in China and awakening wave in the West were 
part of the same Galactic wave of awakening that surrounded our 
planet between 1987 and 1995.  
PFCC:Several decades ago ,Chinese military did a lot of nuclear 
tests in Lop Nor located in western desert of China, it was said that 
there are entries to the center of earth and zombies in Lop Nor. 
Could you tell us whether there are some secrets there? 
COBRA:There are may secrets there. Underground bases, secret 
space program,  entrances to Agartha.. 
PFCC:Which extraterrestrial group was foremost race who initially 
designed the physical body of human beings ? And how many 
modifications were done on the physical body afterwards ? How 
many civilizations the earth has gone through? And which one of 
them is the one we are at right now?  
COBRA:Many races took part in creating the human design. After 
Lemuria and Atlantis, this is the third major human global 
civilization on this planet.  
PFCC:In Anastasia’s book, she mentioned that “ In which times 
people will feel most happy ,and what bring them these great 
happiness ?”   
COBRA:You need to specify this question. 
PFCC:Last year, you mentioned that the dark magic stone is 
currently located on the Long Island of Chimera underground 
base ,New York , United States.So after the Event, how shall we deal 
with this rock? 
COBRA:That stone has been removed. 
PFCC:What is the current status of the base and laboratory located 
on long island,NY? 
COBRA:That is classified information.  
PFCC:What is the current status of the energy vortex located in 
COBRA:That vortex is in rapid expansion and growth.  
PFCC:There is solid proof that genetically modified food would 
seriously damage the human immune system and also cause major 
diseases such as cancer. However, China's State Council has 
announced the 13th five-year plan to promote transgenic 
industrialization. So could you tell us if there is certain connection 
between cabal and this GMO Promotion activity ? 
PFCC:This is the last question.  
Some people feel that humans can not afford the delay of 
liberation any longer. They want to be reassured, of the Event,as 
well as the full disclosure . They wonder, would earth and humans 
transform into the ascension status before 2026 ? Besides, what 
can we do to make sure the Event occurs in 2017? 
COBRA:If everybody would do their mission 100%, the Event 
would happen in 2017. I will not give any time estimates apart from 
that statement. 
PFCC:Finally, Cobra, would you like to say something to Chinese 
people? Especially the light workers/warriors out here in China?  
COBRA:Do whatever you can to carry out the mission that you 
were born for.  
PFCC:Thank you. 

COBRA:You are welcome and Victory of the Light! 

[Interview has ended] 

Cobra Interview with Taiwanese Prepare For Change


Hi Cobra, 
We are very happy and excited to interview you on behave of our team members. It’s our first time to make this interview with you and we hope we can interview you regularly. Before starting interview, I would like to briefly introduce ourselves. Our group name is “International Golden Age Group” and definitely we are Prepare for Change Group, also Liberation Group for all Chinese in the whole world. We have over 3000 lightworkers’ members in over 10 countries now. And we have many platforms and resources to provide message and healing to any Chinese Lightworkers in any countries free of charge. The following is our website:
Now let’s start the interview.

Situation Update

Patrick : It has been almost seven months since we began to bury cintamani stones worldwide. I wonder if this cintamani grid of Light is now strong enough to withstand the energy of Event Flash.

Cobra : The energy grid of Cintamani stones is getting stronger and stronger,  and when the Event flash happens of course it will be strong enough, but what is even more important is that this grid is now assisting in dissolving the Yaldabaoth entity, and this is one of the reasons why it needs to be stronger and stronger because the stronger this grid is, the more it helps in final dissolution of all plasma anomaly, so this is one of the more important project that we have right now, to assist in acceleration of the Event and to assist in stabilizing the process until then.

P : In order to dissolve the plasma octopus, how many cintamani stones do we have to bury worldwide until those angelic beings reach their critical mass? 

C : I would not speak about the numbers for various reasons, some of them are pretty obvious, but I would say that those who feel guided can keep planting the stones according to their own inner guidance, and that is the perfect approach to this particular situation.

P : Project Asgardia launched last October as the first public breakaway civilization. As many people are still unfamiliar with this term, I wonder how Resistance Movement defines breakaway civilization.

C : Breakaway civilization is every group that breaks away from the surface population, and doesn’t mean anything about the purpose of that particular group, but I would say that breakaway group is any group that would choose to branch away from the surface.

Untwine : You said about plasma that it is never dead matter but instead it holds consciousness, and in your last update you talked about some plasma anomaly that is still present outside of this solar system. Is this plasma anomaly hosting any type of being ?

C : There is always life presence in the plasma, and I would put it this way, the whole galaxy is a living being, and I would just say one arm of that living being is to a certain degree still damaged by the primary anomaly, and especially by the galactic wars in that particular place for a very long time, especially in the Orion arm in this branch of the Galactic body, so this is still in the healing process, there is still healing process taking place in this particular part of the galaxy.

U :  Ok, but it’s part of the pleroma consciousness, it’s not a separate consciousness like yaldabaoth ?

C : It’s not like yaldabaoth no.

U : in your last update you mentioned how the cabal is trying to use Trump to create some wars and divisions in the Eastern alliance, is Putin aware of this, of Trump being used as a puppet ?

C : Putin is of course aware of the situation

U : Ok so he’s trying to stir it to a better direction ?

C : He has his advisers and he knows what to do

U : Ok. Can you say what caused the equator to change from the previous Atlantean position to the position where it is now ?

C : The Galactic pulse 75000 years ago

PFC development

Patrick : What should my leadership group do before the Event so that it can become capable of running a legal entity with more than 10,000 lightworkers ?

Cobra : Ok it’s not the purpose of Prepare for Change to become legal entity, it’s the purpose of those groups to be anchors of the energy of the Event and to keep people prepared. So what is most important at this point is for those groups who are already formed, to get to the next level of inner harmony and coherence, and to start doing whatever they can, number one to spread information, and number two to physically meet, do meditations, do energy work, and to prepare for the Event.

P : What should my new technology group do before the Event under the condition that we have very limited access to advanced technologies? 

C : Ok at this point there are some technologies which are already out there, and you know some of them, and those technologies can assist to a great degree before other technologies can be released.

P : More than 20,000 Chinese people have subscribed our Wechat group. Also, there are thousands of people following our Facebook page. Yet, it is estimated that we only got less than 4000 people to join our ascension meditation. When it comes to petitions, we have to work very, very hard in order to get enough signs. Here is my question to Resistance Movement : how did they spread the idea of revolution under a very hostile Orwellian environment and then transform it into action?

C : Ok, the tendency of the people is just to observe and it’s easy for them to join a chat, but it’s not easy for them to do anything more productive. So it is expected that at the moment of the Event and after the Event, people will be more willing to participate in something when they see that something interesting is going on. Until then we will just keep working with people that we have, we will be doing our meditation and our energy work, as much as possible with people that we have.

P : You once said to me that new finance group can manifest abundance before the Event. I really want to know what it can do to help our members achieve financial freedom before the Event.  

C : Actually I was speaking a lot about this in Taiwan conference, if you go to the notes I have explained the whole manifestation process, I have explained how to manifest abundance in your lives, within the group and how to spread it around, and you can just go to those notes I have answered this question with many hours of talking, so you can just go to that and you can get this understanding and spread it in your groups.

P : Now that we have a sisterhood of Rose to channel Divine Female energy, should we form a male counterpart, a brotherhood to channel Divine Male energy ? 

C : If you feel so guided yes of course you can.

Jedi : Our group, International Golden Age Group, also Prepare for Change Group , held many physical seminars to the public last year. Our participants had very good feedbacks on those sessions led by our Sisterhood of Rose. Should we increase the activities of Sisterhood of Rose within our Event Support Group ?

C : Yes you can

Post Event tasks

P : As the final Breakthrough is getting closer and closer, I think it’s very important for PFC groups worldwide to work on private contact zones in their living areas. Would you like to introduce private contact zone to our audience and some technical know-how of such area ?

C : Ok the basic idea is that those who have private property of 30 by 30 meters, or 30 by 30 yards, if they feel so guided, to give permission for the Pleiadians to land on those properties after the Event, and if they agree to this, the Pleiadians will begin to land on those properties after the Event at a certain point, to prepare humanity for the First Contact.

P : How should people establish their private contact zones in countries which do not recognize private property ?

C : In those countries simply they can dedicate and make the same decisions as in other countries, because after the Event all this will be restructured, and if they give permission for that property even though they are not legal owners at this moment, that can change after the Event

P : As it is almost impossible for all PFC groups to heal 7 billion people with their short-handed healing groups, I really want to know how light forces would execute their mass healing program. 

C : After the Event many healers will join the task even though they are not active in this right now, and there will be also a lot of guidance from the Light forces that will introduce new and effective healing techniques, and still there will be a lot of stress on those who are healing others because there will be a lot of demand for healing.

P : What kind of techniques can we imagine for this moment ?

C : There will be first a lot of advanced spiritual healing techniques and of course there will be also new advanced technologies introduced after the Event that will effectively heal physical disease.

P : Compared to our new technology group, there are already many hi-tech companies or government institutions more capable of introducing advanced technologies to our post-Event society. I wonder if there is any indispensable role for our new technology group to play in the transformation of human society. 

C : Yes of course, new technology groups of Prepare for Change will have a big role in this, especially after the Event.

P : Can you give some examples of their role ?

C : They will assist in distributing of those technologies, development of those technologies, and will do whatever they can to make those technologies accessible to human population.

Jedi : How would Jesus, Buddha and other ascended beings present themselves on the surface of the Earth after the Event, especially after the First Contact ?

C : They will not present themselves at the moment of the Event, they will present themselves at a certain moment after the first contact, when the consciousness of humanity is high enough to accept those beings as they are, and not how they imagine them to be in this moment. So there will be a great deal of deprogramming taking place before that happens, and humanity will be able to understand and experience their energy directly when the time is right, and that will be quite some time after the Event and a little bit after the First Contact.

P : Some tribes living deep inside Amazon Rainforest are still very primitive in terms of civilization. I want to know what will happen to them by the time when most of surface population begins to prepare for First Contact and the following ascension project.  

C : Actually it will be easier for them because they have been programmed less, it will be easy for them to accept contact with extra-terrestrial races because in their mythology they know about this already, and it will not be so difficult for them to adapt as most people think.  

Proposal to accelerate Planetary Liberation 

P : I learned that energy can go beyond space and time. So, I think we can use our intent to go back to Planet X of December,1999 ; harness its energy pattern and anchor its frequency of Planetary Liberation to Planet Earth of 2017. Do you think it is a good idea?

C : You can do that if you feel so guided but the situation on this planet is not exactly the same as it was there so this can help to a certain degree and if you feel so guided you can do that, of course all this helps, but this by itself will not be enough, because situation here is much much different than it was on Planet X in 1999

P : Some of our members are initiated as level 2 Serapis Bey. Since the ray Serapis Bey helps people or things have better connection with angels, can we improve the cintamani grid of Light by sending such ray to it ?

C : It would not actually improve the Cintamani grid, it would bring additional healing to the veil structure, so no matter if you put those healing energies into the grid or on Cintamani stones or anywhere else, it will improve the situation.

P : You said that the collective consciousness of surface population is deeply programed so that people would prepare for the Event in the slowest way. How can we directly deprogram such state of mind and even transform it into immediate mass awakening ?

C : Ok, do not try to deprogram or awaken a certain particular person, what you can do is just spread information, you spread intel you spread Light, and those who are ready will awaken to that particular level, and this is the basic protocol for all awakening on the planet. And I will simply say here that the state of awakening on the planet is not a concern for the Light forces, because when they will remove the veil, humanity is basically ready for the Event right at this moment so it’s not a problem, the main problem is the veil, the toplet bombs, the plasma anomaly, all those things and when they are removed or healed, the Event will simply happen.

P : Oh so we are basically prepared right now

C : I would say the minimum requirements are met according to surface population.

P : In addition to Syrian Pentagram, should we work on the pentagram of Nazi concentration camps in Europe?   

C : That’s a very good idea.

P : Please name five strategically critical places on the surface of Earth which would require immediate and constant energetic healing.

C : The first one of course is the Syria and Iraq area, the second one is Congo area, the third one at this moment is Mexico and certain countries in South America, the fourth one I would agree would be the european pentagram from WW2. I think those four locations are the primary priorities still at this moment.

Jedi : Which one is a better tool for the surface population to accelerate the removal of plasmatic toplet bombs, rainbow vortex or violet flame or others ?

C : Actually both of them are quite effective, and combination of both is actually a good idea, one and the other.

J : Japanese team and Chinese team do Ascension Meditation every night at the same time. And there are over 500 lightworkers who join meditation. We feel the power is quite strong. Would you suggest people living in three consecutive time zones do ascension meditation together every day at the same time in addition to our weekly ascension meditation ?

C : You can do this in addition to the regular weekly meditation if you feel so guided.


P : According to Drunvalo Melchizedeck, the Martians severed their own female aspects and separated themselves from the Source after accepting the Lucifer experiment. I wonder if Martians were tricked by the Archons and then accepted their implant process.

C : Ok basically I do not agree with many ideas that were released about Mars, the history of Mars is a little bit more complex than people portray, there was a mixture of races living there, some of them on the surface, some of them below the surface, mostly below the surface, so I can not answer your question in a simple way.

P : Why did Humanity as a whole invite the dark forces on this planet back in Atlantis?

C : It is for various reasons, number one they didn’t understand what would be the consequences, and number two their own, I would call it imperfections in personality structure that invited the anomaly, and number three, the presence of the anomaly itself, so it was not easy to avoid that situation.

P : Back in 2012, you said Isis got her crown back. I want to know what it means.

C : It’s a symbolic code for the empowerment of the Goddess on the surface of this planet especially, and in the solar system because the Goddess presence has been suppressed and so symbolically, Goddess Isis gets her crown back, it means that the Goddess presence will be empowered back again, and true real feminine principle will begin to flow freely energetically and physically through the surface of the planet.

P : How did St. Germain manage his wealth and accumulate his fortune when he was in France ?

C : There are many aspects to this, one of them is that he was very well versed in principles of manifestation, and with his understanding he was following those principles, and anybody who has the same understanding of those principles of manifestation can acquire wealth in the same manner, and number two he was quite versed in alchemy, he was using his understanding of alchemy and principles of manifestation to manifest his wealth.

P : So he didn’t get a job, he just manifested his wealth ?

C : He did not get a job. He was just following his understanding of manifestation process and by doing that he managed to acquire his wealth.

P : During Battle of Dunkirk, Hitler gave a halt order to the German army on 24 May. This halt order is considered as one of the great turning points of the war. I wonder if it was the intervention by the Sisterhood of Rose that eventually saved 340,000 lives. Or, it was the idea of Hitler’s puppet master to prolong WW2?   

C : Actually there were many things in play in that situation, one of them was actually influence by the Sisterhood of the Rose,  but there was also a lot of, I would say backward deals, one of those deals was saving the lives of top nazi individuals in exchange for surrender so this was a very complex situation but yes Sisterhood of the Rose was involved.

Jedi : We know that Nazi did have weaponized flying saucers, but why would Germany eventually lose WW2 ?  

C : WW2 was a proxy war between the reptilians and the Galactic Confederation basically. And the technology that the German war machine had was reptilian and draco technology, and of course the Galactic Confederation has better war technology, and at a certain point nazis simply began to understand that they will lose the war one way or the other, and they negotiated their surrender in exchange for free tickets to USA through operation paperclip, or to Argentina or Antarctica, and basically the same group is now trying to negotiate their free passage to Argentina and Antarctica, it’s actually a very similar situation right now.

Cosmic Knowledge 

J : Do all galaxies orbit around Cosmic Central Sun?

C : It’s not a physical orbiting around a certain location, it is more of an energetic connection, with, I would say, Energy Source

J : What is the purpose of Cosmic Central Sun ?   

C : To transmit energies from the Source into the Universe

J : Does the Central Race around Cosmic Central Sun reach the highest level of evolution among all central races ?

C : In a way yes, I would say there is a tendency for those beings to be more evolved than in other galaxies but it’s not a strict rule that they are more evolved than other central races. 

J : What dimension does Cosmic Central Race currently exist in ?

C : As I said, there are people with various levels of evolvement in that central race.

J : Is Cosmic Central Race the mentor of other central races in the universe ?      

C : In a way yes.
J : Does Cosmic Central Race currently assist planetary liberation ?

C : It is not the highest purpose to answer this question.

J : Is our star families, like Pleaideians and Sirians immortal ? Or they will die eventually even though they have very advanced technology ?

C : Sirians and Pleiadians have a certain particular life span of their physical body, but that is not a problem because they can always materialize or engineer or whatever they do, they can always arrange a new physical body whenever they need, it is not an issue in any way for them. They are not subjected to incarnation process as we have it now here.

J : Is there any carnivorous animal inhabiting within Pleiades and Sirius ?

C : Not in those solar systems no.

J : Ok, so the animals there all eat vegetables ?

C : Yes, yes.

J : Is Primary Anomaly simply energy with very low vibrational frequency or a sentient being ?

C : It is not easy to describe, it is not a sentient being in the way that you would understand it, it is not just some energy, it is a principle, it’s a force field which does not have any higher purpose and it exists simply without any purpose. It is the opposite polarity of purpose.

P : What is the exact relationship between chimera group and archons?   

C : Basically chimera group is the one who are issuing commands to the archons, the chimera group is the top of the food chain of the other side.

P : As every moment is present in high dimensions, is it true that high dimensional beings have no concept of space and time ? 

C : I would not agree with the first statement, and also not with the second one.

P : How do they perceive Space and Time?

C : They perceive space and time as a flow which comes in the same way we do, but a little bit multidimensionally.


P : What is the difference between esoteric and occult ?

C : Esoteric means that which is not exoteric, it is inner not outer, it means all that is not connected directly with the physical plane. Occult means that which has techniques or ways to deal with those energies in a more concrete way, occult by itself is not positive or negative, it is just an approach to deal with energies, to direct energies, to work with energies one way or the other. And esoteric is more inner connection with the energies, not so much outer manipulation or direction of energies. 

P : Did Jesus go to Tibet to study Buddhism when he was young ? Or He actually worked on his spiritual training at Egyptian mystery school with Mary from age of 12 to 31 years old ?

C : Actually yes he was trained in Egypt in mystery school that is absolutely correct, and yes he also travelled to, not exactly Tibet but to area between Ladakh and Kashmir

P : What was the purpose of his travels ?

C : He was continuing his mission

P : What does Christ Consciousness mean ?

C : Christ Consciousness is actually a term that describes Unconditional Love

P : Can people gain any specific spiritual advancement by keeping dogs or cats as their pets ?

C : Connection with animals can of course open the heart and bring more Love in the life of anybody.

P : What is the origin of Dowsing ?

C : Dowsing is one form of detecting energy flow, and is actually a very limited fragment of the old understanding of Atlantis about determining and detecting energy flow.

P : Where are the home planet of Xi WangMu and Jade Emperor?

C : Actually Jade Emperor had some time in the central civilization, and he also spent some time in various star systems in the big dipper constellation, and it is very much the same with Xi WangMu, she also spent a lot of time in Thuban, which is the main star in the Draco constellation, where she was experiencing a lot of her own spiritual growth, and then she later came to this planet to assist in the development of the Chinese civilization.

J : Is Seth Material reliable? Who is this entity Seth?

C : As with all channeled materials I would say it is reliable to a certain degree. And you need to use your own inner guidance with any channeled material.

J : Is it true that Dalai Lama can recognize his next incarnation ? If yes, how can he incarnate 14 times without losing his past life memories ? 

C : Actually he can sometimes recognize, because there are certain protocols, but his memory is not uninterrupted completely there was a lot of manipulation with this in the past, so to a certain degree this is correct but not completely.

J : What is Laozu’s mission as a ascended being when he lived in China ? 

C : His mission was to give a lot of wisdom to the Chinese population

J : Is Quan Yin his twin soul?

C : It is not his twin soul but one of his soul mate from his soul family.

J : Is Anubis in Egyptian mythology an ascended being ? 

C : At this moment yes.

J : And how to connect with him ?

C : As with any other being of Light, there are many techniques, many approaches, there is no difference.

J : What is his role regarding to human souls ? 

C : He is assisting for those who are making transition from the physical plane to the non-physical planes.

J : Buddhism puts much emphasis on the concept of incarnation. It also advocates the idea that human beings would incarnate as animals if they commit immoral behaviors before they pass away. Is this part of teaching a negative mind programming ?

C : Actually Buddhism is a mixture of understanding and mind programming, so the part of reincarnation is correct, actually this is what is happening, but a being can never regress back to animal kingdom if he was inside the human kingdom, what could happen is if a certain being went too far in negativity, he can be taken to the Central Sun, re-processed and then go through the whole cycle of evolution again, and of course that includes the animal evolution at a certain point. 

J : What is Buddha-nature ?

C : It is the state of enlightenment.

J : When someone’s physical body is deceased, and then he goes to live in astral plane, will his plasma body and etheric body die or disappear or transform ?

C : First, the person who leaves the physical plane goes through a plasma tunnel, and if he succeeds passing through the plasma tunnel, the plasma body gets dissolved, and then he enters the etheric plane, and after a particular time, if he dissolved the etheric body he enters the astral plane.

J : Some cintamani stones are transparent, but others are opaque. What is the function for these two kinds of stone ?

C : Basically the transparent stones are focused more on bringing higher energies and little bit more refined, the opaque stones are better for grounding those particular energies.

J : How to develop our telepathy in order to have better communication with our star family and ascended beings after event ?

C : After the Event, there will be a lot of energy support from the Galactic Central Sun, and it will be much easier then to develop these telepathic abilities, and the Light forces will give guidance and instructions how to develop that and of course it will take some dedicated time and practice for those to be awakened, it will not just happen by itself. People will still need to dedicate quite much time and effort to develop those, but it will be much easier than it is now.

J : Will human keep his or her individual consciousness after he/she ascend back to the Source ?

C : Actually individual consciousness will be expanded to encompass the whole.

J : Is soul destructible or absorbable ?

C : It is possible to destroy a soul if you put it into the Galactic Central Sun, that’s an exceptional situation but basically the soul is eternal. Of course the soul at a certain moment gets dissolved when a certain being goes beyond the soul level, but that is also a very unique and special situation.

J : Have dark forces invented any kind of technology to manipulate or destroy soul ? 

C : No, it is not possible for them to do anything like this. They have of course damaged the soul and they have done this with nuclear explosions already, but this is about it.


J : If etheric archons can choose our parents and family conditions, why they would let some lightworkers have relatively better biological parents and better family conditions instead of throwing all starseeds into the worst families or countries on Planet Earth ?

C : Basically the archons can not control every incarnation and every situation 100%, of course the Light forces have some say in this, and sometimes the Light forces manage to arrange a better incarnation for certain people.

J : Do our star families join our weekly ascension meditation and also Goddess vortex? 

C : Yes of course they do on their own level yes.

J : If yes, why we have not reached the critical mass yet ?

C : It is because of the free will of humanity that does not cooperate enough.

J : Why people can occasionally see the future in their dreams ? 

C : People can see the future for certain specific particular events that have already been determined that they will happen. And then the Light forces inform people in their dreams, or their soul inform them in the dream, that something is about to happen.

J : It is said that Kola Superdeep Borehole was closed because people heard some terrifying screams and even saw monsters popping up from the borehole. Do you have insight about those mysteries ?

C : Actually what was happening is there were reptilian living there underneath, and those things were happening before, people got kidnapped and some of them were controlled by those reptilian underground.

J : Why people can get levitation or other super physical strengths after getting hypnotized ? 

C : I would need to see a confirm case of this, because there are many rumors of things happening which under close investigations always turn not to be correct.

J : Is there any world below solid third dimension, like 1 or 2 dimension ?

C : No

J : What is the difference between planetary grid of Light and leyline ?

C : A leyline is one particular line in the planetary grid.

J : So a leyline is actually in the ground or above the ground ?

C : It is actually an energy line that streams through the surface, and extends a little bit below and a little bit above the surface.

P : What is the relationship between Tunnel of Set and Set the Egyptian deity?

C : Tunnels of Set were named after Set by certain occultists because tunnels of Set were used by negative entities to travel through the wormholes in plasma. And Set was known as one of the main entities for the dark forces.

P : Can you describe the principle of photoradionic drive mentioned in your pleaidian interview ?

C : Ok what it basically does, usually it utilizes the principle of energy transition and transmission between the etheric and physical planes, so the energy itself for this drive comes from energy transmission from the etheric and physical planes, it is not entirely a physical phenomenon. And that’s why it appears to contradict some ideas of the mainstream science.

P : So in a way the energy uploads itself to the etheric plane and then manifest itself back to the physical plane ?

C : No there is a flow of energy between the physical plasma and etheric, in the way this drive is structured.

P : Can you describe the working principle of antigravity vehicle ?

C : Basically the underlying principle is the same, I would say most of those advanced technologies are based on energy transmission between the physical and etheric through plasma, and the plasma is actually the medium or I would say the stargate through which the energy flow operates.

P : Is Ophiuchus really the 13th zodiac sign?

C : This is one possible way of interpretation, this is just one possible way how to divide or set the zodiac, but not the only one.

P : We have discovered that some people tend to get even more scalar wave attacks after wearing cintamani stones. I wonder how we can resolve this situation. 

C : Ok I would say that everybody who is working for the Light, that is doing their mission, can get more scalar attacks because we are in the middle of a war, and it is simply an indication that you need to spend more effort in protecting yourself.

P : Very good, thank you Cobra, so at the end of this interview do you want to say something to our audience ?

C : Yes I would say that there are some interesting developments lately that are bringing us much closer to our final goal, and it is very important for everybody to be alert, not to do things by default, be awake, be alert, and do our mission because every deed every action counts, now especially.


Thank you, Cobra for your amazing interview. Thanks for Untwine’s help to transcribe Cobra’s interview into text. Thanks for Patrick and Jedi’s efforts to make this interview possible. For more information about earth liberation, please subscribe Cobra’s blog: If you can read Chinese, you can go to : You will find many truths and fantastic information on this website.

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