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Canadian Military's 2nd-In-Command Just Became A Whistle-blower By Leaking Highly Classified Information

(Lance SchuttlerCanada’s Vice-Admiral, Mark Norman, has just been relieved of his duties for leaking “highly classified information,” according to Canada’s Globe and Mail. Norman is the 2nd highest ranking military officer in Canada.

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by Lance Schuttler, January 16th, 2017

General Jonathan Vance, the chief of the defense staff, commanded the removal of Mark Norman after an investigation of “pretty high-level secret documents” that were allegedly leaked. However, it is still unknown if the classified documents were sent to journalists, other countries, business interests or some other 3rd party or not. Additionally, the nature of the material leaked has also not yet been discussed by anyone.

Vice Admiral Norman has served in the Forces for 36 years and was previously in charge of the Royal Canadian Navy. He commanded the Royal Canadian Navy for more than four years until General Vance appointed him as vice-chief in January 2016.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jason Proulx, a spokesman for General Vance said of the news:

“The Chief of the Defense Staff has temporarily relieved Vice Admiral Mark Norman from the performance of military duty. For the time being, he will not be carrying out the functions of VCDS.”

While the information itself, nor the destination of the leaks have been revealed, one must wonder if and when such information will be revealed. If we look closer at this situation, it appears there must be something extraordinarily huge that was leaked. For the 2nd-in-command of Canada’s military to leak information, tells us that what was leaked is of extreme importance and significance. Even looking at the language used by the military themselves when explaining the situation is evident that the information is incredible: “Pretty high-level secret documents.”

The alleged leak comes at a time when the world is already examining the potential costs and outcomes of leaking material. Out-going U.S. President Barack Obama is allegedly examining the possibility of pardoning Chelsea Manning, who has been serving prison time for leaking nearly 750,000 documents to Wikileaks that exposed a wide range of corruption that the U.S. military allowed in Iraq.

It also comes at a time when over 1 million signatures have been submitted to President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden, the famous NSA whistle-blower who has been living in Russia for the past 3 and a half years.

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Additionally, it comes at a time when just a week ago, it was reported by mainstream media and alternative media that a high ranking mason in Italy was just caught for hacking and spying on former Italian prime ministers, Vatican cardinals and other politicians and business people.

What might be in these documents that Mark Norman has leaked? To whom were they leaked? What kind of information would be so important for the 2nd-in-command of Canada’s military to risk his job on leaking?

In a recent article we released two weeks ago, we talked about how more leaks would certainly be coming and how truth is coming and can’t be stopped. Whether this leak is somehow connected with previous leaks or upcoming leaks, remains to be seen. However, it is yet another sign of the times we live in when more people begin speaking out and revealing/leaking truth. Clearly, something very big is happening behind the scenes.

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