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Astrology of 2017 – A Brave New World

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is an astrological forecast of 2017 and what we might expect from it. As with all kinds of predictions, they are subject to change. And generally speaking, the potentials inherent in consciousness can be discussed as an astrological reading but in order to realize them we must take action. 2017 might have a better energetic soil for humanity to evolve and grow, but we have to do that work at a boots on the ground level. As such, embrace the opportunities of this year and find the courage to do the inner-work to be the change, whether on a global scale or just in the spheres of your own life. 

- Justin

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by AstroButterfly, January 1st, 2017

Astrologically 2017 will be a positive and progressive year. For most of us, 2017 will be a better year than 2016. 2017 will be marked by the Jupiter Uranus opposition, which will bring excitement and hope, and in the same time will ask us to let go of the past to move toward a brighter tomorrow.

2017 will continue the theme of change that started a couple of years ago when Saturn and the North Node moved into Sagittarius and Virgo, but it will be less chaotic and a bit more pragmatic.

In 2015 and 2016 we had Saturn in Sagittarius, The North Node AND Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. No more of this chaos! In 2017 we will have less of the excess mutable energy which made 2016 so imbalanced. With the North Node ingress into Leo, of Jupiter into Scorpio and of Saturn into Capricorn (its domicile) the outlook of 2017 is definitely more balanced.
“All the love we need” –
Alina Noir
In 2017 we will also say goodbye to the Saturn/Neptune square that has been fooling with our hopes, dreams and general sense of direction in the last year. In 2017, we will want to do something about those dashed hopes and dreams. As our new reality finally begins to emerge, we will feel ready to act upon it. If we don’t like what we see, in 2017 we will either take action to change it or at least find new ways to deal with it.

Marked by mutable, cardinal, fire and water energy, metaphorically speaking, 2017 will be a quest for a new spiritual paradigm. In 2017 we will continue to question the status quo. We will no longer accept a society in which a few control the fate of the many, a society that excludes and discriminates and where the individual is just “another brick in the wall”.

But there is a danger here. Because we will be so much into spirituality and what is not to be seen, but felt with the heart, the risk is to lose our common sense. 2017 will be all about emotions, about inspiration, about jumping from one thing to the next in our quest to find meaning and fulfill those dreams we were too fearful to pursue. In 2017, we can easily lose our cool and even get fanatical about our version of the reality.

If there is one thing I recommend doing in 2017 when things go off track is this: go in nature. Meditate. Do something to keep yourself grounded and in the present moment. Build a shed or why not, a house, try landscape architecture or plant some new flowers or vegetables in your garden. Start crafting. Anything that is a combination of planning and researching, and then actually doing whatever is that thing you have planned for, will really help each one of us deal with 2017 in a healthy way.

Love and relationships

Love and relationships will be another trademark of this year.

Relationships will be in focus thanks to Jupiter opposite Uranus on the relationship Aries / Libra axis. We will also have Venus, the planet of love and relationships, retrograde in March and April. This important Venus cycle will bring to surface all unfinished businesses related to relationships of all kinds.

Romantic love and dating will be a highlight of 2017.

Firstly, the North Node of the Moon will move into Leo . After we did a lot of self-work in the last 1 year and a half when the North Node was in Virgo, now it’s time to have fun, express ourselves and go for whatever our heart desires. The North Node enters Leo in the same time with the Full Moon in Scorpio, more exactly, on the 10th of May. This cosmic reset is going to be intense!

Secondly, many of the New and Full Moons of 2017 are accompanied by some “love aspects”. Only to mention two of them: At the time of the New Moon in Aries on the 25th of March we also have Sun conjuncts Venus. This is the 1st New Moon of the Astrological year and the most important one, because it will set the tone for 2017. To have Sun and Moon conjunct Venus with the New Moon is just magnificent. In October we have another stellar event: Venus will conjunct Mars in the same time with the Full Moon in Aries. This is going to be HOT! Mark the date: 5th of October With so much fresh Aries energy some of us will experience love at first sight and completely throw caution to the wind.

But because thankfully Jupiter is in Libra most of us will fell a mix of the two energies: Libra-like “relationships and commitment come first” and Aries-like “I want some fresh romance to feel young and alive” – and this will make us want to keep our relationships fresh, in addition to honoring true love.

The top 7 astrological events of 2017 are:

1. Jupiter Uranus opposition – on 2nd of March and again on the 27th of September (the last aspect in a sequence of three) – which will move things forward, bringing progress and unexpected outcomes, especially in the areas of relationships, negotiations and deal-making.

2. Jupiter square Pluto – on the 30th March and on the 4th of August (the last square in a sequence of three) – calling for fairness, and asking us to stick to our values, and in the same time try to fit them in the existing structures. The Jupiter Pluto cycles activate and push forward generational themes. In essence, Jupiter / Pluto square speaks of what Darwin called “survival of the fittest”. The fittest will not only survive, but will also thrive in a Jupiter / Pluto environment.

3. Venus retrograde – from 5th of March until 15th of April, marking a phase of transformation in relationships.

4. North Node ingress into Leo – on the 10th of May.

5. Saturn trine Uranus – on the 18th of May and on the 11th of November (the last trine in a sequence of three) – a harmonious and constructive aspect which will reward adaptability and ultimately lead to sustainable progress.

6. Jupiter ingress into Scorpio – on the 10th of October, shifting the beneficial energy of Jupiter from relationships to intimacy and “other people’s resources”, either physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual.

7. Saturn ingress into Capricorn – on the 19th of December, and the real change of the world structures will begin. Saturn is in domicile in Capricorn and he knows what he is doing in his home sign.

Let’s not forget about the yearly eclipses. The Moon and Solar eclipses, or turning points, will take place in February and August. In 2017 we will witness a shift of the eclipse cycle from Virgo and Pisces to, for the most part, in Leo and Aquarius.

In 2017 we have 2 moon eclipses, 1st one on the 10th of February in Leo. The 2nd Moon Eclipse is on the 7th of August in Aquarius, inviting us to embrace and honor our uniqueness.

The solar eclipses will take place on the 25th of February (the last eclipse in Pisces!) and on the 21st of August in Leo. The last solar eclipse will be an extremely powerful one as it occurs at 29° Leo in close conjunction with the fixed star Regulus. This Sun eclipse will be visible across all the United States (this is the 1st eclipse visible in the US since 1979!) Something is definitely going to happen in the world (US especially in focus) around this date, so mark your calendars: 21st of August.

The Mercury retrograde periods (make sure you put them in your calendar) are:
  • 1st to 8th of January – in Capricorn / Sagittarius
  • 9th of April to 2nd of May – in Taurus / Aries
  • 12th of August to 5th of September – in Virgo / Leo
  • 2nd of December to 22nd of December – in Sagittarius
Every year comes with three of four Mercury retrograde periods, but what is a bit different in 2017 is that almost every Mercury retrograde will effect two signs (instead of one). We will be asked to integrate some practicality into our creativity with both the fire and earth being emphasized.

To recap, 2017 will be a very interesting and progressive year. Although this won’t be the case for everyone (some of us will always have challenging progressions, or some transits will trigger some delicate points in our chart) there is definitely a sense of optimism and hope which will help us get though almost everything , despite any obstacles that may arise along the way.

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