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Rise Of The Machines: Millions Of American Jobs Will Be Wiped Out In The Next Five Years

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) On the one hand, the idea that human jobs are being replaced by machines is quite disturbing. On the other hand, wouldn't it be a better use of humanity's time and energy to limit progress in favor of maintaining mundane under-stimulating jobs? Wouldn't it be better to use the innate power of the human mind for innovation, art, science, philosophy, and intrepidness to explore the unknown and master existence in a harmonious way?

Of course, every individual has the right to do with their time what they want, so long as it doesn't harm others. But I think the vast majority of jobs in the economy wouldn't be needed if we used our energy and resources better. One of the problems with an economic system based on profit and money is that there will always be an elite and a working class. In order for there to be rich people there must be some population of poor people who have less, and are therefore motivated to work jobs that they otherwise wouldn't. The rich enjoy the benefits of the poor's labor in the same way a parasite enjoys the energy of a host.

Today, the creation of jobs has taken on a sacred reverence, but people rarely ask whether the job is truly of benefit to the individual and society as a whole. For example, we could eliminate customer service jobs in companies like Walmart, using the Amazon Go technology discussed in the below article. Patrons could simply purchase their products using automated systems tied to their bank accounts. And while there are certainly other concerns about using RFID chips to track a person's whereabouts, the point is most people in the customer service industry don't really want to do this work, they are forced to do whatever they can to earn a living. Thus, it is this deceptive fallacy of people feeling driven to earn a living that must be addressed.

Human beings have an incredible untapped potential for mental and emotional stimulation and creativity. Yes, we could maintain certain job sectors that provide people income, but if the work is greatly limiting to one's personal evolution and life goals, does it really make sense to do this? Furthermore, if jobs are nothing more than busywork for people to earn a living, this practice also limits the progress of advancing human society as a whole. We wouldn't expect horse-drawn carriage businesses to be maintained under social welfare if it meant the reduction of progress—yet this is exactly what society has done for most of human history. Limiting innovation and advancements that could benefit the whole of humanity is a common practice. The energy industry has quietly worked to suppress innovations that would have ended the oil energy paradigm. 

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The Venus Project developed by Jacques Fresco proposed in the 1960s that technology would eventually change life on Earth as we know it. It would eliminate the need for people to toil away in meaningless jobs that are essentially busy-work, like spending ours in a mine pulling raw materials out of the Earth. It would create a Star Trek-like society where people can actually pursue their passions and help maintain civilization at the same time. But in order for this utopian world to come to fruition, we must redefine what the monetary system is and how we use it.

Presently, people who contribute almost nothing to society enjoy incredible benefits, often more than they could hope to use in a life time, while other people on Earth work their lives away in horrific conditions just to earn enough to feed themselves and their family. The current definition of ownership is not balanced by the realities of what an individual can reasonably use. When a person, family, or corporation claims ownership of something to the extent that it prevents other people from reasonably using it for their survival, despotism and monetary slavery is the result. Consider that as I type these words, the people of Flint Michigan are being forced to drink polluted water, while Nestle Corporation drains the clean water supply for corporate profit. 

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Almost everywhere we look in the economic systems of this world, corporations and the ultra rich have claimed more resources than the vast majority of the population, wherein everyone on Earth has essentially become a debt-slave and surf on land owned by others. When someone claims to own more than they can reasonably use, they commit a crime against humanity, forcing their fellows to become land slaves while the landlord contributes almost nothing to society as a whole.

Clearly, without changing this little-recognized way of life and the insidious nature of absolute ownership rights, a mechanized machine world would be a dystopic hell. If we, as a people, continue to give our power away and never redefine ownership, the rich will continue to get richer, and the poor will continue to be hopelessly dependent on them. Income disparity is a symptom of oligarchy and the world that has forgotten the essential need for balance. The indigenous peoples of the world, many of which have no concept of absolute ownership or monetary systems, would never allow one person to own more than they can use—the idea of owning the Earth seems insane to them.

Jobs, to the vast majority of people, are merely a means to earn a basic living wage, becoming traps that destroy a person's passion for life. Mechanized replacements for jobs are one way to end this nightmare, but only if the underlying problem of despotism and plutocracy are addressed. If not, the plutocrats will invent new menial and meaningless forms of labor to maintain the earn-a-living paradigm of enslavement and control. 

- Justin

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Source - Activist Post

by Mac Slavo, December 7th, 2016
There is a paradigm shift coming and it is about to rewrite everything we know about economics, human labor, and government dependence.
Earlier this week Amazon launched its first Amazon Go store, which allows a customer to walk in, grab the items they want, and simply walk out. Everything is tracked utilizing RFID chips, so the second you step out of the store Amazon knows exactly what you’ve purchased and automatically charges your account:

Amazon Go is a system that marries physical stores with advanced algorithms and sensors to eliminate the need for a typical store checkout. Instead of packing all the things you need into a basket or cart and then dragged [sic] it through a tedious checkout process, you just grab whatever you need and walk out of the store.
It sounds like a shaky concept at first, but only until you see just how advanced the technology really is. When you first walk into the store, you use your smartphone to open you virtual shopping cart. As you make your way around the store, a vast system of sensor tracks where you are, what you pick up, and what you take with you. The system even knows if you pick something up and then put it back, and will only charge you for things you actually intended to buy.
(emphasis added)
Amazon’s latest move is simply the next evolution designed to make human labor obsolete.
As Mish Shedlock recently pointed out at Mish Talk, the transition to automated systems like Amazon Go, as well as technologies like self-driving cars and long-haul trucks, has been fast tracked.
We’re no longer talking decades but, rather, a few years before we start to see the direct effects on the labor market:

Once again competition is the driving force that will guarantee success no later than a 2022-2024 time frame. By the end of that period, if not much sooner, long-haul truck jobs will vanish.

Perhaps drivers will be needed for final delivery in cities and remote locations, but the need for long-haul interstate and major state highway drivers will vanish.
My statement that “millions of long haul truck driving jobs will vanish in the 2022-2024 time frame” is likely way off on the low side if one counts Uber, taxi, and chauffeur driven vehicles.
Take a look at Uber’s goal once again: “replace Uber’s more than 1 million human drivers with robot drivers—as quickly as possible.”
That’s just Uber. And those jobs will vanish. All of them. What about Lyft? Taxis?
(emphasis added)
We’re talking tens of millions of jobs. And they’ll be gone within half a decade’s time.
The immediate response to such revelations is that there will be widespread societal upheaval.
How will displaced human workers feed their families or keep roofs over their heads?
The answer, according to Silicon Valley, which is driving the new paradigm full force, is quite simple and has been detailed in the highly rated documentary Obsolete from Aaron and Melissa Dykes(available free for Amazon Prime subscribers).
It’s called “universal basic income,” or UBI, and essentially means that every member of society will be given a paycheck to meet their most basic needs.

Jan 1 2017 – Trigger Event for the US Dollar? (Ad)

Aaron Dykes of TruthStream Media explains what’s coming in Obsolete:

Basically, a general idleness, an aimlessness of people who could become revolutionary, who could be subjected to civil unrest… who will probably be on social welfare and benefits for the rest of their lives and have nothing else to look forward to.
That’s the direction that the people in this country are actually headed towards.
Just a week and a half after Bilderberg’s June 2016 meeting it was reported that [Silicon Valley tech startup incubator] Y-Combinator was running a basic income experiment.
Billed as the “Social Vaccine of the 21st Century,” in Oakland, California where some 100 families were chosen to receive $1000 or $2000 a month in order to collect valuable date in the pilot on how to implement, manage and scale further UBI incentives.
Obsolete Documentary Trailer:
The trend should be clear. Bilderberg members from around the world are preparing their governments and citizens for the inevitable.
Robotics and artificial intelligence technology are advancing at a pace that will soon replace tens of millions of jobs in key economic sectors that include food service, grocery, transportation and customer service.
What the end result will be is anyone’s guess, but we suspect the transition could destabilize the global economic system, complete with violence and revolution.
Hattip Johnny V
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