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Grounds for Concern – Examining Possible Signs of Abuse and Attempted Defamation of Corey Goode by SSP Personnel

The title of this article may seem concerning to many of us, and I believe that it should be. Here is why. For several months now, we have been privileged to receive a new level of intelligence from one of the most experienced whistleblowers to come forward. Since July of 2015, Corey Goode has been delivering groundbreaking testimony to the forefront of our conscious awareness.

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, December 9th 2016

Goode has revealed some of the most detailed, the most intriguing, and the most shocking disclosures many of us have heard to date. Most of these disclosures came at his own expense. Goode has endured ridicule, danger to himself and his family, and even torture. All of this has taken place amid a steady stream of online trolling that would likely force the average person into hiding.

Since his introduction, Corey has endured a lot more than many of us have. Yet even with the constant opposition, he has managed to remain a reliable source on numerous counts. This has been consistent up until this point. However, recently it seems that Goode is under more uninvited control than he or any of us would want in our lives. 

This article is a deductive exploration of the recent changes to Corey Goode's relationship with the Secret Space Program personnel. Within this discussion, I intend to understand why the changes we have seen have taken place and to shed light on how we can help move the plan for Full Disclosure forward.


Before beginning, I want to make the statement that nothing I state within this article is done in complete certainty. Outside of the authentic quotes from Corey Goode, I have not received any intel on the situation from of Corey Goode other than that which he has stated on record in the Cosmic Disclosure series and on his website Sphere-Being Alliance.

The points made within this article are purely deductive and reflect no inside knowledge of the situation other than that which can be observed by the average audience member.

A Look Back

There has been quite a bit that Corey Goode has endured for the sake of delivering his testimony and doing everything he can to promote Full Disclosure. His testimony has multiple strong suits. It has been shown to be thoroughly consistent and has not changed at all over time. It holds numerous data points which are consistent with several other credible and experienced whistleblowers. To add, Goode's testimony has proven to be significantly consistent with ancient records of angels and ET contacts from the ancient past.

Up until this point, the accounts of Corey Goode have proven to be so foundational that there is no way to disprove the entirety. This is most likely why none of his attempted discreditors have bothered to do more than cheap attacks at his character. It is for these reasons that I consider Corey Goode to be a reliable source for one's search for accurate truth about black ops, ET life and the interactions between these parties from the past and present.

It is the consistency of Goode's testimony as well as the authenticity of his personality that can cause any inconsistency to stand out. One of these inconsistencies came out on the Cosmic Disclosure episode, Life After Disclosure. This episode did not necessarily hold untruth within it, but in my observation, it did reveal that something was definitely not right.

Up until this point, we have seen Corey Goode develop significantly in his poise on stage and on set. We witnessed him go from uncomfortable and insecure to a more confident persona. (According to Corey, this was also due to the multiple pain medications he was taking to alleviate the surgical pain he was constantly experiencing at the time.) This development was clear and an encouraging thing to witness. However, his recent change in tone seemed out of place.

Getting Things Straight

To be clear: No, I do not think that Corey Goode has been brainwashed. I do not think that he has undergone programming to make him believe that ETs are negative. It is also unlikely that he developed a split personality over night and is flipping between the two. (We have seen what this looks like and Goode does not fit that bill.)

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I do not think that Corey has been replaced with a clone, possessed by the devil, or had any other imaginative mishap imposed upon him. There have been many people who have suggested and asserted such things, but none of these people have ever offered the slightest ounce of proof or reasoning for making such assertions to begin with.

To add, there is absolutely no inconsistency that I have ever witnessed which could logically disprove the testimony which Goode has given thus far. With this said, I do believe there is a reason why we see a distinct change within Goode's tone and demeanor. It is my belief that this change is temporary and is the result of coercion by SSP personnel. Let's get to the bottom of this.

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The Setup

Over the past few weeks and months, we have received some extremely interesting intel from Corey Goode. We have received news of significant developments in solar systemic changes, in planetary liberation, and in numerous off-world activities. Along with this intel we received the news that Corey's disclosures were being censored to an extent. At first this censorship seemed harmless and with good intention. However, its presence caused me to question those who initiated it.

As we might recall, Corey shared that there were certain details of information that he could not discuss with anyone—not even David Wilcock. Corey shared that the information that he was told to withhold may never be cleared to share, even though it was his personal desire to share all that he could. This level of secrecy from the SSP stuck with me specifically because if Goode were to ever be mistreated, these people might simply force him to remain quiet about it, just as they forced him to comply with their tests on at least two different occasions. (As we may know, secrecy and isolation are the keys to establishing and maintaining an abusive relationship.)

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