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Dr. Bob Wood and William Tompkins - Part 2 of an Intriguing Interview - Video, Commentary, and Links

by Shem El-Jamal, November 7, 2016

We may remember the information revealed from the early days of the Disclosure Project. This project represented the effort to push for openness and honesty about the truth of ET life. At first it seemed that there wasn't much more to learn on the topic of disclosure. However, as time went on it became apparent that there was quite a bit more to the story.

Dr. Bob Wood is one of numerous whistleblowers who were on the panel of witnesses and participated in the Disclosure Project hearings. It was assumed that the floor was completely open to whatever these witnesses intended to disclose. However, it has been revealed that whistleblowers such as Dr. Wood had more to say than allowed to be said.

Dr. Bob Wood and William Tompkins - An Interview to Remember - Corroborating the Accounts of Two Seasoned Veterans - Video, Links, and Commentary

As it turned out, there was a good deal of testimony that was nixed from the Disclosure narrative. Any further information beyond this narrative was not allowed to be revealed during the interviews or the hearings. Fortunately, many of these whistleblowers authored their own autobiographies and memoirs so that the whole truth could be known. In many of these accounts, we find corroborating testimony to that of William Tompkins.

Dr. Wood is just one of the many credible witnesses who have substantiated Tompkins' account, and in this second part of the two-part interview, both of these seasoned veterans give further detail on what they experienced.

Video - Robert Wood and William Tompkins Interview - Part 2

Many of us may have noticed at this point that there are intensive and continuous efforts to discredit alternative media. It seems that the powers that be are doing everything they can to spoil the rapid disclosure that is currently taking place. This suppressed information includes disclosures on the nation-wide pedophilia scandal and official corruption which exists at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Though it may be upsetting to learn about such efforts to hamper disclosure, these latest efforts are not the only attempts at suppression currently in play.

Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children for Sex

There is also reported to be a constant effort to discredit valid whistleblowers who threaten the intended narrative of partial disclosure. As we may have heard, personnel in the Secret Space Program and elsewhere have been hard at work attempting to discredit veterans such as Tompkins and Dr. Wood so that partial disclosure can proceed unhindered. These personnel do this only for the sake of maintaining their own power and influence over humanity. This is not at all fair or ethical in my view.

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