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Another Insider Democrat Arrested for Pedophilia… How Deep Does #Pedogate Actually Go?

You won’t read about this in the real fake media outlets like the Washington Post because the mainstream press protects its chosen political ideology, no matter what they do, but yet another insider Democrat who has been arrested for sexually abusing a child.

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by JD Heyes, December 14th, 2016

As reported by the Conservative Post, during the course of the long presidential campaign cycle that finally ended with a Donald Trump victory Nov. 8, whistleblower web site WikiLeaks released thousands of documents that exposed a great many things, ranging from money laundering to tax evasion and even proved that Hillary Clinton helped fund ISIS.
Indeed, one of the odder revelations from the released trove of documents regarding Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, was his alleged involvement in “spirit cooking” and involvement in a global sex ring. Besides Podesta and Clinton, the documents released also implicate President Obama.

Two birds of a feather

They identified a man named Terrence Bean, a fundraiser and a “bundler” for Obama and Clinton (a bundler collects, or “bundles,” vast sums of money for a political candidate and are highly coveted). Bean has traveled at least twice aboard Air Force One with the president.
In 2014, Bean was arrested for raping a child. He and his 25-year-old boyfriend were charged with a pair of felony counts of having sex with a minor (a 15-year-old boy) the previous year. They allegedly took turns molesting the boy while Bean was campaigning with and for Obama.
This would be the second pedophile linked directly with the Clintons and, indirectly, Obama. The first was billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who has flown the Clintons to his private island where it is rumored to be a haven for sex with young and underage boys and girls.
Obviously the implication of these allegations is important: Epstein and Bean, known child abusers, have working relationships, politically and socially, with the Clintons and Obamas.
The Conservative Post noted further that some speculate that the Podesta emails discussing spirit cooking are really just code for child sex trafficking; the emails contain curious mentions of cooking recipes that can be deciphered with kinds of food.
“Julian Assange claimed that the WikiLeaks would send Hillary Clinton to prison,” Mike Cernovich wrote. “The releases initially disappointed people, this reporter included, as the evidence of corruption was slim. Assange was right. The real story was hidden in view.”

Clinton flew more times on ‘Lolita Express’ than previously reported

Though the child sex trafficking and pedophilia connections to the Clintons remain unproven and no charges have been filed, there is at least an established connection to Obama now, as well. There is factual evidence from WikiLeaks that not only demonstrates that Podesta and Clinton were captivated by spirit cooking and Epstein’s sex island, and now there is an established connection between Bean and Obama. And this would also help explain why Obama has remained so loyal to the Clintons, though there has been friction between the two families since Obama beat her out to win the 2008 nomination (and resulting presidential election).
As for Epstein and the Clintons, Fox News reported that Bill Clinton visited the island many more times than was previously known. According to flight logs, the former president took at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” – the nickname of the Epstein plane – even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail on at least five of the flights.
Clinton’s presence aboard Epstein’s Boeing 727 on 11 occasions. However, flight logs obtained by Fox Newsshow that the number is at least twice that. Also, trips between 2001 and 2003 included trips around the world with Epstein and other passengers identified on manifests by their initials or their first names, such as “Tatiana.” The plane apparently earned its nickname because it reportedly has a bed where passengers have had group sex with young girls.

found on Discerning The Mystery
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