Friday, December 2, 2016

Gaia Portal -- December 1st 2016: Envelopes of Light push the barriers | with Interpretations by Justin

The raw Gaia Portal update is first, followed by my extrapolated meanings in black. For other interpretations of these reports see Rosalie Parker and Kauilapele. 

I haven't done an interpretation for almost three weeks. I decided to go deeper than normal in this update as I felt quite inspired during the writing process. 

Source - Gaia Portal

Envelopes of Light push the barriers.

Secrets unveiled to all.

Feminine constructs are completed.

Nourishment harbors are unveiled.

And now the analysis:

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. The meanings provided are not the only ones that can be gleaned; in my view, all meanings have value, especially when shared and discussed openly. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Interpretations: "Envelopes of Light push the barriers." - The phrase envelope of light is suggestive of two different things. An envelope is a term referring to a paper wrapping of some kind, used to cover or seal a document or letter, which are forms of communication—more on this in a moment. The term light is often symbolically representative of true knowledge or wisdom. And within the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, light is described as harmony or organization, whereas darkness is disorder or disharmony. Now consider that a message is a communication that seeks to transmit information from one mind to another. Therefore, a message of light or organization would be a communication that has the ability to help bring order or harmony to the mind and consciousness—if received. 

The mind is the metaphysical place where pure awareness and life experience meet and free will can choose where to place attention such that thoughts and ideas are explored—meanings are generated or created. Messages operate or do their business within the mind space of an individual's consciousness. For the purposes of our discussion, the mind is not just logical or rational, it is where all in streaming data is observed, whether intuitive and intellectual, or rational and emotional. When you experience a feeling or sensation, whether emotionally or physically, the mind is where you become aware of this feeling, where you seek to understand it and associate it with something you know to generate meaning. Written words in an enveloped document are symbols for meaning. Without a mind that has been trained to interpret those symbols, the writers intended meaning may not be generated within the mind of the person reading it. What this means is that all communication is a kind of information exchange using the catalyst of symbols and meaning generation, wherein the receiving party literally creates an image or mental object within their mind via the act of receiving the data—opening the envelope. 

This statement can be interpreted to refer to this process of information reception and expansion by way of free will choice and resulting generation. That is to say, all messages must be opened and explored so that the information they have the potential to in part can be recreated within the receiving party's mind. But when one places a barrier around themselves, meanings may not be generated even if words and symbols are observed.

For example, have you ever read a passage from a book or watched something on TV but your mind was elsewhere? Unless you're focused properly on what you are reading, the intended meaning remains elusive. For myself, it is very easy for my mind to wander and even though I am reading words on a page, the meaning can be lost to me if I am not paying attention. What this suggests is that meaning generation and interpretation is a holistic activity. But most importantly that the objective world is meaningless unless we give it meaning through the powers of our consciousness. I know this can sound strange or counterintuitive but consider that the subjective personal experience each individual has with respect to the same objective stimuli can produce a broad range of meanings. 

Looking at a piece of art is an excellent example of this. While there is a bell curve or group of similarities with respect to what meanings are generated, there are always areas at the fringes of interpretation that are different. If one thousand people were asked to imagine a sunset, each person would probably visualize a sun cresting the horizon, but the details within each image would be vastly divergent or different. This suggests that each individual's point of view on reality—whether the physical world of material things or the metaphysical world of ideas, feelings, and sensations—is entirely subjective and self-generated—governed by free will choice and past experience. How we choose to organize what we encounter in life ( the general totality of knowledge) determines what will be generated as a meaning for us. To someone who has never tried to read Spanish, the word Ojalá will not trigger a meaning that can be used to communicate. But to one who has entrained their consciousness with the language of Spanish, the word means hopefully, derived from the Arabic inshallah, meaning if God wills it. Therefore, lack of awareness, whether from nescience or ignorance acts as a barrier to the mind, preventing consciousness from expanding a seed or envelope of information into a fully formed idea and meaning. But envelopes of light, using the interpretation mentioned above of organizing triggers, will push through these barriers to a certain extent. 

But what has the power to overcome ignorance, which is a choice to create a barrier within the mind so that meanings can't be generated or so that messages can't be opened? Arguably, if one is so hell bent on remaining ignorant, they will find ways to build bigger and bigger barriers, but an envelope is a wrapping or cover. An envelope is mysterious, and this triggers the curiosity drive. Beauty can be defined as a high level of organization, such as crystals, which are objects created by organizing base components into a holistic form. Fractals are holistic self-reflective and similar things that are by nature harmonic and organized, music is an example of a harmonic structure. The more self-organized and reflective (or fractal) the more beautiful it is from an objective standpoint. Thus, objects that are beautiful tend to stimulate consciousness when observed, enticing us to focus our attention on them so as to absorb and take in more of the beauty. In this sense, an envelope of light is a covering or veil that is beautiful, stimulating the drive of curiosity, which is by nature, a receptive mode of being. When we are curious we are receptive to information, also known as a feminine modality of reception. As such, if one has closed their minds via ignorance (the antithesis of receptivity)—whether from arrogance or trauma—beautiful things have the power to rouse such a being out of their state of non-receptivity. And since coherent or self-organized things are beautiful, and the truth in the grandest sense is the most coherent thing anyone can ever make contact with, then an envelope of light is a message or communication of truth hidden behind a beautiful or enticing veil. 

For example, we tend to wrap gifts or presents in paper that are beautiful, which is then removed to reveal the object that was hidden within the wrapping. Thus, the whole truth is veiled in beauty, and in order for the beauty inherent in all things to be perceived, one must open their mind and heart to the truth of all that is. This is one meaning of the phrase; the truth shall set you free—freedom from the self-imposed limits of fear and close-mindedness that prevent an individual from seeing beauty and consequently experience ugliness with respect to that which is feared. If truth is beautiful once received, then fear of truth (lack of knowledge) forms the basis of ugliness. Hence, beauty and fear are in the eye of the beholder.

I could speak about the concepts presented in this statement for some time, but drawing this section to a close, the statement can be interpreted to mean beautiful things have the power to break through our barriers of consciousness. The things we say we love we usually are receptive to. Thus, love is a receptive mode of being, and conversely, fear is a non-receptive state of being, a barrier. Trauma is a condition wherein a fearful state has blocked the mind and consciousness from organizing data within an experience. What we fear, we turn away from; and therefore, remain ignorant of. We can't understand or organize meanings if we are ignorant of the symbols (objects) they correspond to. This means when we encounter things we fear in life, we will have a choice to either feed more into the fear, building more barriers as a result, or bravely push through these walls of fear, opening our mind and heart to them so that the organizing  power of the mind and consciousness can do their work. 

As a final example, consider the concept of death. For most people on Earth, death is a great mystery, enveloped in fear via social conditioning or tradition. We tend to fear death so much that, to some, the mere concept of their own mortality is traumatic. As a result, the fear of death is paralyzing to many, and this causes more barriers to be shut up against it. But death is inevitable. We can try to ignore it, we can try to avoid it, but death will eventually find us. This truth about death, if avoided, leads to untold pain and suffering in our world, distorting consciousness and values in many ways—we tend to value youth and despise old-age. But by all accounts, death is not the end of existence; it is merely a step in the evolution of consciousness. 

Within the microcosm of a dream, death is that point when the time of sleep is over, and we must wake from the dream. Who we were within the story of the dream ceases to exist, growing and transforming beyond those limits created by the dream world. In this way, the death of the body and identity formed by the limits of awareness in this life has a similar effect. Those who go through out-of-body or near-death experiences (which can be induced biologically by stimulating the left amygdala of the brain, demonstrated by Dr. Persinger and Stanly Koren's device called the God Helmet) make contact with "the void." During such an experience, a person's sense of identity dissolves and they feel a profound state of connection with all things, feeling incredible love and understanding. This suggests several things that are quite fascinating and helps to dispel our fears of death. 

Firstly, that our biology is literally programmed for the death experience, and secondly, that our sense of identity, the ego, emerges from the boundaries or barriers of life experience and the way we organize it. Thus, to embrace death is to embrace transformation, a conscious choice to peel back the envelope of mystery about mortality. For those who have done this, death is no longer feared.  And an envelope of light or a shroud of beauty can penetrate the barriers of ignorance, no matter how entrenched or powerful. But it is up to use to peel back the paper and reveal what is inside.

"Secrets unveiled to all." - A secret is an idea or concept that we define as non-sharable, something we consciously decided not to share with others, usually on the basis of a fear of some kind. If we don't like how old we are, we might try to keep our age secret. If we don't want others to see our body, we will keep it secret by wearing clothes. If we don't want to reveal our sexuality to others, we will keep it secret. Anything we fear about ourselves that we try to hide from others manifests in our lives as anxiety, trepidation, disempowerment and blockage, leading to physical, mental, and emotional diseases. Arguably, our world is filled with secrets of a personal, social, and cosmic nature, producing a host of problems. And anything we keep secret out of fear leads to disempowering states of consciousness and being. Therefore, to unveil our secrets to all is to make what is non-sharable shareable, and this requires inner-work. 

Consider that most small children have no shame when it comes to their physical body. Many children go through a phase of wanting to remove their clothes and walk about naked, to the embarrassment of their parents. But eventually, they become aware of the fact that there is a social condition in this world wherein it is acceptable and promoted by tradition to hide our natural forms from each other. Society teaches us to fear our body's and shield them from the world. The innocence and acceptance of youth are eventually replaced by the program of bodily fear and shame, so much so, that as we enter adulthood we sometimes begin to actually hate and find our own form disgusting and revolting. Lack of acceptance or rejection of reality, in this case, our bodies, leads to distortions in the mind that cause significant emotional anxiety. Thus, what we fear or reject, we try to keep secret. 

But when we choose the path of love instead of fear, we seek to find ways to unveil our secrets, making ourselves shareable in the process, which reverses the effects of secrecy. Have you ever had the experience of bearing your soul and sharing a secret with someone? How does that feel? If the other person receives it and does not judge you, it can often feel incredibly healing and cleansing. Even if the other person doesn't accept it, for you the sharing party, it still has the power to release trauma and pain. This statement seems to be suggesting that the secrets we keep must be unveiled to all, and that in doing so transformation will take place.  

"Feminine constructs are completed." - As was discussed earlier, the feminine modality of consciousness is receptivity. When we are receptive to things, especially the truths we make contact with through experience, we allow our consciousness to organize them into coherent meanings. The more we expose ourselves to reality to the more coherent and empowered we become. Hence the truth shall set us free. Therefore, a feminine construct can be interpreted to mean a state of being wherein we become receptive to reality. As an example, developing a gratitude practice wherein we consciously choose to accept and receive experience fully helps us when facing things that are commonly labeled unacceptable. This statement seems to be suggesting that, likely as a result of the previous statements, humanity is currently going through a phase of personal transformation leading to greater states of receptivity. 

Consider that the awakening and apocalypse (unveiling) is unearthing many dark and often disturbing truths, like Pizzagate and pedophilia. For many, these things are so horrific the temptation to turn away from them is great. But it is only through the power of awareness that, as a people, we can collectively change the holistic conditions that allow for the acute manifestation of pedophilia to be healed. For those aware of holistic medicine, the following analogy will resonate greatly. 

Cancer is a disease created by a holistic problem, lack of proper diet, probiotic compliment, and health overall, eventually degrading the immune system, which is always correcting cancerous cells when healthy. Malignant cells are identified, and through a process known as Programmed Cell Death, cancerous tissue is dealt with holistically and naturally by the body. But after years of poor diet and habits, eventually this natural process breaks down, and cancer begins to spread unchecked, leading to tumors. The solution is to holistically treat the body so that the immune system is restored to balance and the organic method of Programmed Cell Death can begin to take care of cancer. Many natural cures for cancer use this principle of restoring the immune system so that the bodies natural processes kick back into action. Pedophilia, like many other social diseases (such as murder, domestic violence, racism, theft, and so on), is a product of holistic degradation of society, the social fabric of competition culture. Secrecy, or the sequestration of knowledge, creates a condition within the human organism such that social diseases can flourish. And each individual who chooses ignorance, who willfully ignores the truth in an attempt to maintain their worldview and sense of peace, participates in the maintenance of a social climate wherein antisocial diseases flourish. But if feminine constructs are completed, then this can be interpreted to mean that each individual is being empowered with the structures of consciousness to actually receive the whole truth. This will lead to an eventual curing of the social cancers, like pedophilia, and others. In this vein, a monetary system is a tool used by society to maintain separation consciousness and the illusion that our actions do not affect others, but this is a topic of discussion for another writing.

"Nourishment harbors are unveiled." - As is common with Gaia Portal updates, the final statement is the culmination of the preceding ones. Here, nourishment harbors can be interpreted to mean a place where one can take refuge and regain strength, most likely referring to the cyclical nature of the truth-seeking process. Often, when encountering powerful truths, a season of absorption and contemplation is needed to nourish the transforming soul. The truth is unwavering and belligerent by nature; it is no respecter of persons. By this I mean, the truth will not change no matter how much we may want it to. As such, when processing a truth, we usually have to do so in phases or bite-sized chunks so that we do not get overwhelmed. When we do get overwhelmed, the emotional charge of the experience could cause us to turn away out of fear, leading to trauma. As such, the balance point is to find within ourselves or to unveil a nourishing harbor, where we can safely navigate the seas of unawareness without losing control of ourselves. This statement can be interpreted to mean that in the process of seeking the truth, we must keep our eyes on the final goal but also acknowledge we need not push ourselves too hard. This requires self-awareness and practice in navigating the threshold between awareness and unawareness. The storms of realization that come from the boundary between what is known and unknown—for us—can be turbulent and arduous at times. But when we find the stillness in this storm, all things can be safely explored, nourishing the evolving soul. In other words, we can develop the practice of truth-seeking, wherein the inner transformations that come from exploring the unknown need not cause fear and problems in our lives. 

PS - In December 2014, when Julian and I were discussing the idea of sharing these updates on the blog, he encouraged me to do more than just share the raw post. He said that we could offer our insights into what they could mean and in doing so create a venue for deep discussion and consciousness exploration. There were many times I wasn't sure if others found any value in these interpretations, but Julian and others continued to urge me on in this venture. This is just one example of the countless ways he helped me in my life path, for which I am eternally grateful. I want to dedicate these interpretations to him and his memory. I will love you always Julian, and know that your zeal for creativity and loving service of others continues on.
- Justin

Note about interpretations: The above text is meant to be an exploration of meaning and an exercise in how the philosophic process works. Instead of looking for hard and fast meanings to label as "true," the practice of contemplating meanings in general is one way to expand consciousness and make contact with the mysteries of the unknown. Reality is symbolic by nature, that is to say, meanings can be generated subjectively using any kind of objective stimuli, whether objects, words, or other ideas. The goal isn't to arrive at black and white answers, the goal is to explore any and all meanings, regardless of how accurate they may be, with the purpose of expanding consciousness and unearthing hidden aspects of ourselves in the process. In this sense, whether or not something is true or accurate isn't as important as how it affects us and what we choose to do with it. Consider that misinterpretation or so-called "wrong meanings," despite the fact they may not be coherently accurate, are still real for the person experiencing them. An illusion of a man disappearing, for the person believing it, is just as real as an actual man disappearing. Thus, let the fun and excitement of exploration take hold when exploring meanings in life, whether here in Gaia Portal, or out in the wilderness of life's myriad adventures.

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