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BREAKING -- Man With Gun Arrested at Comet Ping Pong | Pizzgate False Flag Psy-op in the Making. Objectivity and Vigilance is a Must

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The Pizzagate scandal may have taken a new turn today as the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Chevy Chase was the scene of a gunman's attack on Sunday the 4th of December. One shot was fired and police arrived quickly on the scene after patrons called in authorities. Despite the fact that a host of circumstantial evidence suggests the pizza shop might be the center of a pedophilia ring, no concrete proof has surfaced. As such, a honeytrap is being set that could do serious harm to the alternative media and those fighting against the deplorable crimes of pedophilia and human trafficking. 

The Pizzagate issue has gone viral and has the potential to be used as a psychological warfare weapon against conspiracy researchers who acknowledge pedophilia and human trafficking is a real and serious problem. The shooter did not make any demands and police said that the attack was unrelated to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory. However, it should be noted that it will be very easy for the powers that be to manufacture violence, lead the public to believe that a conspiracy researcher was radicalized into acting out against alleged perpetrators. If successful, such an event would be used as a pretext to silence the truth-seeking community and stop a much-needed campaign of spreading awareness about the horrific crimes of pedophilia that are rampant within powerful circles on Earth.

In other words, those who are trying to suppress pedophilia and the Pizzagate story will capitalize on the reactionary behavior of conspiracy enthusiasts, to the great detriment of the truth revelation movement. The need to gather clear and concise evidence of wrongdoing before taking actions is essential so that a false flag style event doesn't silence the alternative media completely—something that already seems to be starting with the mainstream media's push to quash so-called fake news or Russian propaganda sites.

Some researchers have suggested that the Pizzagate story's lack of concrete evidence is part of an intentional false flag or psychological warfare tactic to draw out reactionary violence from the alternative media and truth-seekers in general. If they can get someone to act violently then this will be used as a pretense to usher in more draconian policies that silence the alternative media once and for all as well as convincing the public that a very real problem of pedophilia is just another wild "conspiracy theory."

Thus, we must not let our passion blind us to objectivity and careful tactical actions. We must not allow ourselves to fuel the fires of censorship by acting with violence against those we think have done wrong. In this way, any effort to use the Pizzagate scandle as a psy-op against the alternative media will not be successful. But we must do what our would-be masters cannot, we must be vigilant and patient, conducting careful and honest investigations with objectivity so that foolhardiness doesn't hinder our efforts. 

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- Justin

Source - Washingtonian

by Benjamin Freed on December 4th 2016

DC police arrested a man who allegedly walked through the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Chevy Chase with a gun on Sunday afternoon. The man, who was not identified, entered the pizza restaurant about 3 PM and proceeded to walk toward the back room where some patrons were playing table tennis. Other businesses in the neighborhood, including Politics & Prose, were locked down as police swarmed the block.

The gunman, who a witness described as a tall blond male who appeared to be in his early 20s. Police said he fired at least one shot into the ground, but no injuries have been reported. The restaurant’s staff moved quickly to call the police and evacuate the restaurant. In a tweet, police described the weapon as an “assault rifle.”

“A lot of us saw he had a gun and we all started getting our families out,” says Sharif Silmi, a Maryland lawyer who was at the restaurant with his wife and three children. “The staff came and got us.”

During the election season Comet became the unlikely center of a far-right conspiracy theory predicated on hacked e-mails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The restaurant, which also hosts music shows, announced on Thursday it would add security to its music shows following intense, mostly remotely conducted harassment of the venue and its employees.

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“There have been no hostile situations at the venue, and we do not anticipate any altercations as much of the harassment has occurred online, but as a precaution we now have security and police present at every show,” Comet wrote on its Facebook page. The venue did not have any music events scheduled for Sunday.

Silmi says his family stopped by Comet Ping Pong as part of a day trip to Chevy Chase that also included plans to stop by Politics & Prose and the Little Red Fox bakery, Comet Ping Pong’s neighboring businesses on its homey block of Connecticut Ave., Northwest, which have caught some spillover flak from Pizzagate conspiracy theorists.

Police, who Silmi says arrived about two to three minutes after the gunman entered the restaurant, have not released the suspect’s name.

Silmi says that since the November 8 election, he and his family, who are Muslim, have felt a bit more cautious.

“You’re a little bit more on guard, ” he says. “We stick to areas that are fairly progressive, multicultural. I’ve been overseas quite a bit in the Middle East. You’re on guard there. Chevy Chase, You don’t expect it.”

Acting DC Police Chief Peter Newsham told reporters that the suspect walked into Comet Ping Pong and did fire at least one shot into the ground. Police added that the suspect’s car is not registered in North Carolina. The suspect did not express any demands or motives during the incident or arrest, though Newsham said police are aware of the false conspiracy theories that have led to a proliferation of threats and harassment against the restaurant. But, he added that the incident is “not related to that.”

“Nobody was threatened or injured,” Newsham said.
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