Thursday, November 3, 2016

Podesta Files Part 27: Wikileaks Releases Another 1,100 Emails, Total Is Now 44,218 - Excerpts Included

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Source - Zero Hedge

by Tyler Durden, November 3rd 2016

With just over 4 days left until the election, and with Julian Assange coming out moments ago, and announcing that the source of the thousands hacked emails is not Russia, while Trump and Hillary find themselves in a virtual dead heat according to the latest ABC/WaPo poll thanks to a rebound for the Republican candidate that is very much courtesy of the ongoing Wikileaks release of highly damaging Podesta emails, Julian Assange's organization refuses to stop.

And so, in the final stretch of the presidential race which has just a few days left, Wikileaks continues its ongoing broadside attack against the Clinton campaign with the relentless Podesta dump, by unveiling another 1,114 emails in the latest, Part 27 of its Podesta release, bringing the total emails released so far to exactly 43,104.
There are now just roughly 6,000 emails left in the Podesta database, which will likely hit over the next 2-3 days.
Today's release follows dramatic revelations in which we learned that the DOJ's Peter Kadzik had colluded with John Podesta in the early days of the Clinton campaign, while in a serpate email we found more evidence of collusion between the Clinton campaign, the NYT and the State Department in drafting the "breaking" story that exposed Hillary's possession of a home email server.
As usual we are parsing through the latest release and will bring readers the more notable emails.
* * *
A March 2015, email from Nick Merrill, muses on Hillary's ability to joke:
I will say that I think one more joke couldn't hurt. What I liked about it is that it provided a rare opportunity for her to show some contrition and self-awareness but do it under the guise of humor so as not to cede any ground. The joke about her running against herself did that nicely I thought.
* * *
A February 2016 email shows the campaign's realization of just how important superdelegates will be in the war with Bernie Sanders:
* * *
March 2015 email which came out just days after the NYT article on Hillary's home server, has comms director Jenn Palmieri telling the Clinton campaign that "we are working with State to get emails released soon. Not sure where those discussions will land, but hope is either State agrees to release on timely basis or we pledge to release them ourselves in ten days/week. Assume you all would agree this is right move." To this, Jim Margolis asks "If there is a release of the 55K, are there others that are not being released" , which in turn has staffer Jim Margolis quickly respond: "Definitely."
* * *
An October 2015 email sfrom Eryn Sepp discusses Clinton's napping habit:

* * *
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