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Michael Tellinger's Facebook Account HACKED – Convincing Evidence that the Account of a Well-Known Public Figure may have been Compromised

by Shem El-Jamal, November 10, 2016

Currently, it is a well-known, but unfortunate occurrence when a person's Facebook account is compromised. When this happens to us, our information becomes vulnerable, our activities online are disrupted, and we have dozens of friends angry with us for posting and sending them strange material which seems out of character with our authentic personalities.

Most of us have either endured this type of infiltration ourselves, or we know friends who have gone through the unpleasant experience. Either way, the ordeal can be extremely disruptive and confusing.

Many of us are familiar with the name Michael Tellinger and his work in the Ubuntu movement. This is a man who has shown to be an accomplished author and presenter on hundreds of ancient sites, on global phenomenon and on numerous subjects in alternative science which mainstream science has only begun to touch upon.

Tips on Discernment – Discerning the Self – Discussing the Vital Lesson of Self-Evaluation

Those who follow Michael Tellinger on social media and on will know his studies and his stance on the various issues that we face in modern times. This is a man who is thorough in his research, responsible in his dialog, and well-respected in the world of alternative science. However, there seems to have been a significant change in his posts as of late.

This article is designed to help us question that which we see even from sources we trust. Within it I intend to prove that with investigation, we can see that the recent posts on Tellinger's page came from a hacker and not from the authentic personality we have come to know and respect.

A Word to the Wise - True Awakening vs. Belief Systems

Let's get one thing straight. The reason that some choose to cling so tightly to the idea of a disc-shaped planet is because we are looking for legitimacy. This is not legitimacy of a shape or an ideology, but a legitimacy of our own profound experience of awakening. We find ourselves in a new state of consciousness that we do not understand. We find our curiosity heightened and our interests drawn to that which deifies the mainstream.

Within this state we find our way to YouTube and eventually to a story that seems to make sense. However, in our state of curious naiveté, we fail to realize that not everyone who speaking on public forums holds our best interests in mind.

Understand this. Your experience of curious discovery is absolutely real. Your right and freedom to search for truth and newness is absolutely real. There is no need to cling to any belief system for the sake of legitimizing your right to search for this truth. Your right stands on its own. Your awakening exists on its own. It is a divine right, and is completely independent from any need for external justification.

Tips on Discernment – The Flexible Mind – Exploring the Benefits of a Multidimensional Thought Process

Belief systems will fail you. YouTube will fail you, but if you dedicate yourself to reliable, responsible, and independent study, and if you become an intellectually dependable person—realizing that you have the right—you will not fail. No belief system is more important than your own divine identity. Your idea of truth must come from your own identity, and until you know yourself, you will not know truth.

A planetary shape is not your identity. It never was. You are your identity, and it is your own identity that deserves to be discovered, studied and understood in order to comprehend anything and everything about the universe around you. I say this because in many ways, we will be disproving a belief system (though this is not the main goal of this article), but this belief system does not hold a candle to the infinite being that you are.

The Situation

For those who have not yet heard, there is presently an ongoing campaign focused on discrediting whistleblowers and public figures who directly threaten the establishment. More specifically, these efforts coming from the CIA and other official sources are intended to stifle the people's efforts toward Full Disclosure.

The Pitfalls of Partial Disclosure - Examining the Process of Disclosure and the Reasons Why a String of Half-Truths Just Won't Cut It

This effort of Full Disclosure represents the complete end to elitist rule—monetarily, socially, politically, etc. Consequently, public figures such as Michael Tellinger and others are having to deal with a significant amount of defamation attempts from these sources just to get through the day. So when we speak of incidents such as those discussed in this article, know that they are happening every day, and that it is up to all of us support one another and to ensure Full Disclosure becomes reality no matter how difficult the powers that be attempt to make it.

The Case

On November 6th, many of us found a strange post (or several) on Michael Tellinger's Facebook page. This post seems to contradict all of the work and success that he has had thus far. It contradicts his show on, it contradicts much of the book he has written, and it contradicts itself on numerous levels.

The post is on the narrative that many have stumbled over in recent times. This is the narrative and fixation on the Earth's shape as being flat. You can read the post on Tellinger's page here:

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