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Exopolitics versus Exospin - A Response to Dr Steven Greer - An Exploration the Multiple Perspectives on the Process of Disclosure

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, October 21, 2016

By now, many have come to realize that the process of Full Disclosure is both complex and multifaceted. Additionally, there are numerous people who have different perspectives on this process as to how it ought to progress, and what the end result should look like.

Complete paradigm shifts are nothing simple. So it is understandable that there would be a difference of opinion as to how such a shift should take place. We may have noticed that there are a number of well-known figures involved in the disclosure process and that not all hold the exact same views. This difference of opinion is fine as long as we can all work together toward learning the entirety of the truth for the good of our planet.

This article is an examination on two particular opinions we may find on the subject of disclosure. These are the viewpoints of Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Michael Salla. Both of these individuals are highly respected and well-versed in their areas of study. They also have the same goal of learning the entirety of the truth.

The key in this discussion, I believe, is not necessarily to take sides, seeing that we as truth-seeking individuals are all on the same side. Our goal must be to determine the entirety of possibility about the information we might find as we search for truth. In this search we must also remain objective and free of fear so that we can better see the truth the moment it is revealed.

Two Points of View

As we may know, Dr. Michael Salla is well-versed in the detailed study of ETs and UFO encounters. He first dedicated himself to the study in the early 2000s and has continually advocated for Full Disclosure. Salla is the founder of a specific field of research which he terms Exopolitics. This is the study on the possibilities of developing peaceful relationships between Earth humans and ETs. Dr. Salla continued his work into the present and now devotes his time to the promotion of open disclosure of all credible information on the subject of off-world life.

Exopolitics with Dr. Michael Salla - Global Elite Prepare for Massive Solar Eruptions claims Secret Space Program Whistleblower

We may know Dr. Salla's work from his website, Exopolitics.org. This is the site where Salla has collected his analyzes on the various whistleblowers he has interviewed. It stands to reason that in the development of peaceful relationships with ETs, the compilation of data is the first task to complete. This way, the progress of positive relationships can take place from a state of knowledge as opposed to one of ignorance.

Dr. Steven Greer is a well-known figure in the area of ET disclosure as well. His work ranges from the area of medicine to research on UFO encounters, and the development of a specific contact method which he has termed the CE-5 Contact Protocols. Dr. Greer has held many conferences and has briefed many individuals on the subject of ET life. He has worked hard in the past to compile the data gathered on different encounters from a variety of people. Though I personally do not subscribe to the specific belief systems which Dr. Greer maintains as true, I consider his research to be a valuable contribution to the goal of Full Disclosure.

Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications‏ - Behind the Scenes with Dr. Greer - Plus Radio Interview and Commentary

Both Dr. Greer and Dr. Salla have somewhat opposing viewpoints on the possibilities of what we might find in space. Dr. Salla seems to be open to any possibility, while Dr. Greer believes that there are only positive ETs and that negativity is an entirely human condition. The following is an excerpt from the conversation of interest. It is an informative debate which details each point of view and reveals the reasoning behind why these men hold their own opinions on the matter of ET life.
In January 1994, I remember visiting the Jakarta office of Mr Irawan Abidin, the former Director of Foreign Information in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I had just arrived from a two week field trip to the former Indonesian territory of East Timor researching alleged human rights abuses. I had found ample evidence of abuses through the traumatized testimonies of many East Timorese I had spoken with. Mr Abidin assured me that systematic human rights abuses were not occurring in East Timor and that such claims were spurious accusations orchestrated by discontented Timorese expatriates who were the former ruling elite. I politely explained to him what I had been told in my fieldwork involving interviews with dozens of private citizens, but he insisted that such claims were gross exaggerations and people were basically content in East Timor.

He handed me a Ministry publication to support his position and exhorted me to tell the world how content people were with Indonesian rule in East Timor. In reading Steven Greer's recent public statement, "Exopolitics or Xenopolitics" where he openly criticizes me as someone supporting xenophobic approaches to Exopolitics, I had a feeling of déjà vu with my earlier meeting with Mr Abidin concerning my research into alleged human rights abuses.

In his May 2 statement, Greer claims: "While there are certainly diverse opinions regarding why any given extraterrestrial civilization may wish to visit Earth at this time in our history, recent public comments by Michael Salla have added a virulent strain of fear-based xenophobia, based on the flimsiest of documentation." Dr Greer further states: "He has maintained that a nefarious and injurious group of ETs have made a secret pact with covert humans - and have a harmful agenda towards the human race." This, and more. The Disclosure Project has over 450 military, government and corporate insiders who have first-hand knowledge of actual UFO/ET events and projects. We find it odd that not a single one of these insiders can confirm the xenophobic rumors proffered by Salla."

It seems obvious that Dr. Greer is extremely opposed to the idea of any ETs being negative in nature, and that is fine. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. We as human beings typically form our opinions based upon our experiences. However, many times there is an emotional component to the formation of these opinions.

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