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"Anonymous" Has an Urgent Message to Humanity for the Rest of 2016

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I cannot confirm if the below video is actually from Anonymous or not. But the ideas presented therein are worthy of contemplation nonetheless. 

- Justin
Source - Collective Evolution

by Joe Martino, November 9th 2016

2016 has been an absolute ride so far. There have been a number of world events that took place this year, but let’s focus this back to the collective for a second: we are waking up, in a big way.

Many people are very fearful right now with the election of Donald Trump for president. This is understandable given what the media has portrayed to people over the last 6 months. I can empathize with the confusion, the fear, the angst, the worry.

But the truth is we should be just as fearful if Clinton won. Why? Because the issue here is not a matter of the puppet that is chosen to run the country, the issue is the establishment and who’s really running the country behind the scenes.

At the same time, I don’t think we need to be fearful. Fear won’t get us anywhere. Now that isn’t to say you can’t feel fear and process it if that is your natural reaction, but staying in that state will not help us. We must look at what’s happening, accept it, step into a place of peace and begin taking action on what we can do to make a difference.

Special Times

3 years ago I made a film that explored the shift that is taking place on earth right now. I asked the questions: why now? Why do we seem to be going through such drastic changes right now? What is fuelling it? What might we expect to see? I found amazing things. It was one of the most inspiring experiences in my life and it helped to further understand something I could feel was happening.

Here’s what I learned: There is an awareness growing in people about how our world works, what’s really going on and what’s happening within ourselves spiritually.

The film explores this shift by tying together current events, ancient wisdom, science and spirituality. It turned out to be an amazing exploration that exposed millions to what is going on behind the scenes. You can watch that film here.

Anonymous had some words on these special times, and something we should all consider. Below the video are also some very important things to consider!

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The Elections Are Waking Us Up

People were devastated today, they were crying, and upset. Still arguing over the same of drivel. But the reality is, what evidence is there that going to the polling station and voting for someone will help you? Will make you feel good? Will create peace or change in our world? These people have been doing the same thing for decades; ruling the people based on their own interests and desires. Why expect something different when we keep playing into the same old game?

Ask yourself how things could look different. What system could we use instead? What reality do we want to create and project? Think deep! Don’t just think within our current structure or else we will just limit our creative potential to that. Expand your mind, expand your consciousness and look within at what YOU really want to see! This is a matter of humanity shifting its consciousness in order to create a world that works for us all. Don’t expect anything different if we don’t take those steps. Decades of evidence has shown us our current ways won’t create what we want.

What Can We Do?

No doubt this is one of the most asked questions out there and it’s something we get emailed about every day. There are many stages to helping. Some people believe it’s just about being aware, some believe it’s about taking action and some believe we can’t do anything. We always like to say it’s a combination of many things but it starts with consciousness, and this is exactly what I learned through making CE3 as well.

Awareness is a key first step because without it we don’t know where to go or what is even going on. How can you change something if you don’t know what to change? So raising awareness about these topics is key and doing so in a neutral state is important. If we are emotionally charged, stay angry or fight it, we go nowhere. We must become aware of what’s happening while being open to seeing how it has served us this entire time.

Once we know what’s going on and we are at peace with the fact that it has happened, we tap into the desire to take actions and bring about solutions to it. This is where we start to break down the system in place because we are are not only no longer supporting is consciously, but we are also armed with the actions and solutions to begin moving forward. Creating further awareness is taking action, starting something locally is action, beginning discussion on what we can do next is action.

Don’t underestimate the power of being aware and no longer supporting something with your beliefs and consciousness. Our consciousness around something holds up its reality like a foundation of a house. When we become aware of something that foundation cracks and starts to shake, as more and more people become aware, more cracks form and eventually it’s a simply push that can take that house down.

About The Author

Joe Martino

I created CE 5 years ago and have been heavily at it since. I love inspiring others to find joy and make changes in their lives. Hands down the only other thing I am this passionate about is baseball.

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