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Wikileaks Election Day Special: Part 35 Of Podesta Emails Released & Part 34 -- Total 58,375 -- Excerpts Included

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Source - Zerohedge

The Final Batch? Wikileaks Releases Part 34 Of Podesta Files, Bringing Total To 56,582 Emails

by Tyler Durden, November 7th 2016

In what is likely the last batch of emails, moments ago Wikileaks released Part 34 of the Podesta Emails, which added another 888 emails to the 3,200 emails disseminated this morning.

That said, with the elections starting in roughly 12 hours, absent a major smoking gun, it is unlikely that this particular batch will have much of an impact on tomorrow's outcome, especially in light of Sunday's FBI announcement to stop its criminal probe into Hillary Clinton, even as the real smoking gun, the Clinton foundation, continues to avoid all regulatory and enforcement attention.

As usual, if we spot anything of note, we will promptly advise readers.

Source - RT News 

#PodestaEmails34: WikiLeaks releases second batch on eve of election

by RT Staff Writer, November 7th 2016

WikiLeaks has released the 34th batch of emails from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton's campaign chair, John Podesta, on the eve of the election. This latest tranche includes 888 communications.

Much of the latest emails' content repeats from previous WikiLeaks releases, because entire email threads are not always released at once.

'Needy Latinos' considered for VP

In one leaked email, dated August 21, 2015 with the subject line 'Needy Latinos and 1 easy call,' Podesta writes to Clinton, "A few calls you might consider making," apparently in relation to potential vice president choices.

Podesta then names Federico Pena, Bill Richardson and South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges. The first two are presumably the "needy Latinos."

Pena, former secretary of the US Department of Transportation under President Bill Clinton, endorsed Barack Obama over Clinton for the 2008 election and served as his campaign chair. He is covered extensively in the email.

Podesta goes on to say that Pena's "Cabinet stints ripped up his family," and that Pena "gave everything to the cause and no time to his family, he went through a messy divorce in the late 90's and was left really down and felt like no-one reached out to him then so he felt pretty cut off from Clinton World."

Podesta, passing along all of this information after speaking with former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, gives Clinton four steps in completing a call with Pena, writing: "1) you really enjoyed seeing Cindy at the Chambers event and appreciate her support. 2) ask him how he's been doing 3) ask about his views on the race and what she should be doing in Colorado 4) ask that he consider publicly supporting you."

An email reply from Hillary Clinton herself reads: "Agree about calls. Just a few additional points: several Latinos have asked that I consider Pena for VP."

On Richardson, a former governor of New Mexico and US ambassador to the UN under President Clinton, Podesta writes that a recent phone call between Bill Clinton and Richardson went well, "not withstanding the fact that [Richardson] can be a dick."

"He had a good conversation with the President and has been good in his interviews since," Podesta says of Richardson, telling Hillary that a call to Richardson ahead of his upcoming appearance on NBC's 'Meet the Press' might seal an endorsement.

Donna Brazile

The extent of the cozy relationship between the Clinton campaign and CNN was revealed in an email from the former head of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, which contained, almost verbatim, the wording of a question Clinton was to be asked at a town hall in Ohio.

Sent the day before the televised event, which aired on March 13, 2016, Clinton is given the wording for a question she will be asked regarding discrimination amongst trade unions.

Also included is the wording of a question her opponent Bernie Sanders is to be asked on income inequality.

Source - Zerohedge

#PodestaEmails35: WikiLeaks releases election day batch from Clinton campaign chair

by Tyler Durden, November 8th 2016

Yesterday, when Wikileaks released its second for the day dump of Podesta emails, the so-called Part 34, we assumed that was it. We were wrong. Moments ago Wikileaks released an "election day special", dumping another 1,793 emails in Part 35 of its ongoing release, bringing the total to 58,375, and one which we can only assume is the definitive final release of Podesta emails, as it makes little sense to continue this dissemination after the election.

A quick skim of the emails reveals this interesting exchange from Podesta to Mills, in which he tells her to "think about" her raising her eyebrows when Podesta said he "liked working" with Obama.
* * *
Another email reveals the draft report prepared for Bill Clinton's meeting in North Korea.
* * *
December 2011 email from Clinton Foundation's Amitab Desai reveals that donors are not seeing big enough deals with the money they are willing to invest.
* * *
An email from March 2016 coaches Hillary Clinton on how to respond to requests for her Goldman Sachs transcript:
How to answer request for Goldman Sachs transcripts

“Well, Anderson . . . you know . . . I was the first candidate to release my health records. I was also the first [among the first] to release my tax returns . . . and I would note that some candidates still have not done that . . . and of course there are my work emails, over 50,000 pages . . . can you imagine what we would find if we could see Donald Trump’s emails? I’m the only one to release emails. And, our course, some want me to release all my personal emails as well. And now someone wants me to release the transcripts of all my speeches.

Why only me?

What about the other candidates? Why this double standard, Anderson? I have been more open and transparent than every other candidate in this race . . . more than any candidate in the history of our presidential elections. Enough is enough with the double standards!
* * *
Here’s how many world leaders will see it:  “We agreed to sanctions to bring Iran to the negotiating table.  They came.  They agreed to a deal.  And the United States turned them down and walked away, for no good reason.  So why would we keep the sanctions going?  Their purpose is now obsolete.  And it’s not Iran’s fault – it’s America’s.” 

In other words, if we reject this deal, Iran would get nearly everything it wants without giving up a thing.  No eyes on their centrifuges.  No inspectors on the ground.  No warning if Tehran decides to rush toward a bomb.  And the international sanctions regime would fall apart – so on top of all that, Iran would reap economic rewards.   
More as we see it

Source - RT News

#PodestaEmails35: WikiLeaks releases election day batch from Clinton campaign chair

by RT Staff Writer, November 8th 2016

WikiLeaks has released its 35th batch of emails from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, as Americans go to the polls in the presidential election.

The whistleblowing site has now released a total number of 58,375 emails in its Podesta series.

The leaks have revealed some of the inner workings of the Democratic candidate’s campaign, notably her team’s widespread manipulation of the MSM and cozy relationships with influential political journalists.

Accusations of Chelsea Clinton’s misuse of Clinton Foundation funds for her wedding, admissions of secret middle-eastern donations and concerns over Hillary's email scandal are just some of the topics discussed by staffers that are now open to public scrutiny.
Dislike of Obama
In a December 2014 mail to Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, Podesta hints that Mills showed some disdain for President Barack Obama.

“You raised your eyebrows when I said I liked Obama and liked working with him. Think about that later today,” Podesta says in the mail.

Errors with mails

The latest batch of leaked emails appears to be suffering some technical issues, with a number of mails uploaded by WikiLeaks returning the error “Internal Server Error”.
Bill Clinton labels Jeremy Corbyn ‘mad’

UK Labour supporters elected the “maddest person in the room” as their party leader, according to President Bill Clinton.

The former commander-in-chief made the comments at a private fundraiser in October last year, according to speech transcripts revealed in Tuesday’s email leak.

The remarks were made at the home of key donor Pennie Abramson, where Clinton also likened Jeremy Corbyn to a “guy off the street” and said a shift towards left-wing politicians was a response to people feeling “shafted”.

“When David Cameron thumped him [then-Labour leader Ed Miliband] in the election, they [Labour supporters] reached the interesting conclusion that they lost because they hadn’t moved far left enough, and so they went out and practically got a guy off the street to be the leader of the British Labour Party,” Clinton said.

He added: “[T]he same thing happened in the Greek election – when people feel they’ve been shafted and they don’t expect anything to happen anyway, they just want the maddest person in the room to represent them.”
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