Thursday, November 10, 2016

So It Begins -- Full Disclosure Now Global Day of Action 11/11

Published on Nov 9, 2016

New FDN Video So it begins-Full Disclosure Now Global Day of Action 11/11. With intro by Emma Gold.

MSG from Emma Gold

Hello everyone- Its seems the timing to officially launch this movement could not be more prescient. Right now thousands of people are in the streets directing a misguided rage and it may grow and last into 11/11. If this happens there is a very real chance there could be mass sightings manifested by the work of us all. Also on a note to you activist types, right now the public consciousness is fertile to start the process of piercing the veils of Illusion. The first veil is politics and because people have been able to understand deeply this veil through the election cycle. There is no better time to join the groups on the streets and try to inform people past their worms eye view. If people can take a moment out of reaction and be open to looking deeper in this moment, the thousands in the streets could very well transmute their energy though the FDN movement.

NEW FDN VIDEO (other videos to come over the next 2 days) WARNING THIS MAY BE HARD TO WATCH.

The video is full of all sorts of hash tags and is meant to spark interest in the average person to dig deeper for the truth behind the veils. It is also meant to support the official launch of the first global truth seekers movement-Full Disclosure Now.

PLEASE SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT & HELP MAKE THIS GO VIRAL. This is quite a beautiful time to launch this movement I feel like we are all ready for this but we can only make it if we do it together. It is up to us!

#fulldisclosurenow #Iamreadytoknowthetruth
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