Sunday, November 6, 2016

Corey Goode Mini Update: True Disclosure Offline, Goode's Home Computer's Attacked, Drone Flying Around Home, Partial Disclosure, Drone Usage Will Peak Soon, and More

Source - Sphere Being Alliance Facebook

by Corey Goode, November 5th 2016

Mini-Update: Very soon after posting my new update article It seems that went offline. We have the host working on getting it back up and giving us an explanation.

At about that same time my home computers began firing off intrusion alerts like crazy.

Someone was definitely trying to hack into my home computers. I don't know if these two incidents are related or not but will update you with what we find out.

At about 1PM CST today Stacy came in the back door and told me a drone was flying all around the back of the house.

I ran outside to see a white drone flying around getting a good look at our house and the parking lot behind us. It then suddenly flew off quickly to its apparent take of zone which had to be pretty far away.

I had recently learned that the way drones operate and are controlled there are similarities to electro-gravitic craft. It was further communicated that some of these exotic craft have flight control systems that mimic game controllers or radio remote controls.

I was told that in our near future we will see our skies fill with three and four rotor aircraft that look very similar to the drones that are so popular right now. I was also told these Tri and Quad-Copters would be almost completely automated with advanced collision avoidance and auto-pilot features.

This scenario of course would be part of a limited and partial disclosure program. This would result in the humanity not being disclosed to the anti-gravity technology until sometime later. I was told that the rotors and motors can be replaced by these technologies as they become available.

These craft will be used quite a lot in the Military, Police as well as by various Civilian Industries.

My interest was peaked to the point to where I decided to purchase a drone of my own to learn how to fly them for myself. Since I purchased a cheap drone that doesn’t have GPS, all I have done is crash it repeatedly.

I don't think it was a coincidence that this drone was performing open reconnaissance of my house in the same week I purchased a cheap drone at a local electronic toy store and 12 hours after my most recent report.

If you have read my recent report then you realize that a shadow revolution is occurring in the USA and it is being supported by the Earth Alliance. So much of this battle is occurring in the background and over the Internet that only now are we beginning to see it bubbling up into the open.

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I think we should all be meditating on a smooth transition and a full disclosure for humanity. Never before have the masses been so fed up with the corruption that is carried on blatantly in front of our eyes with no accountability.

We are witnessing the beginning of a grand transition. There will be growing pains for sure but the end result should make it all worth it.

If we can navigate through this time period honorably we will have set ourselves up for the Consciousness Resonance that we have been robbed of for millennia.

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