Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Compilation of Voter Fraud Reports and Evidence on Election Day | Pennsylvania Voter Fraud and Banks Warn of Volatility

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is a series of voter fraud articles and reports from today. 

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Source - Natural News

Black box voting machines PROGRAMMED to switch Trump votes to Hillary... blatant theft of democracy under way in Pennsylvania 

by Mike Adams, November 8th 2016

CBS News is now reporting that voting machines in Pennsylvania -- a hotly contested battleground state -- are immediately switching Donald Trump votes to Hillary Clinton.

Via CBS Pittsburgh:

Most of the issues came when people tried to vote straight party ticket. However, others said they specifically wanted to vote for Republican Donald Trump only to see their vote switched before their eyes to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I went back, pressed Trump again. Three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over. And she said you must be doing it wrong. She did it three times and it defaulted to Hillary every time,” Bobbie Lee Hawranko said.

We are then told that the machines were resolved after being "recalibrated," which means that, apparently, all the voting machines DEFAULT to steal Trump votes and turn them into Clinton votes unless they are caught and recalibrated.

"Officials have recalibrated the machines and are confident that the problem has been resolved."

IT'S OBVIOUS: Black box voting machines have been programmed to steal votes away from Trump

Friends, this is total bulls##t. Machines don't have to be "calibrated" to accurately record a vote. They are being programmed to switch votes to Clinton in the states where the election is close. Why is this happening? Because the criminal democrats don't trust the voters, and they refuse to allow voters to determine the outcome of this election.

This means, of course, that Donald Trump is going to have to overcome extreme fraud and vote theft in order to win this election. It's just one more reason to vote for Trump no matter what. Tell the establishment you REJECT their fraud and theft of power.

If he loses, Trump should contest the vote theft and call for an immediate investigation into the fraud.

Voter Fraud Caught on Tape in Philadelphia

by Paul Joseph Watson, November 8th 2016

Clinton supporters have been caught on camera committing voter fraud outside a polling station in Philadelphia by encouraging people to vote for the Democratic Party.
Footage shows two African-American men handing out campaign material within feet of a polling station encouraging voters to “push button number 1” to voter for the Democrats. The material is “paid for by the Democratic County”.
The two men deny encouraging people to vote for a specific party, despite the fact that their material openly encourages people to vote for the Democratic Party.
“You really should take a class, and you need to learn, you’re not going to disrespect anybody….I’m telling you what the law is,” states one of the men.
State law applying to electioneering in Pennsylvania asserts that, “All persons, except election officers, clerks, machine inspectors, overseers, watchers, persons in the course of voting, persons lawfully giving assistance to voters, and peace and police officers, when permitted by the provisions of this act, must remain at least ten (10) feet distant from the polling place during the progress of the voting.”
This is just one example of numerous vote fraud concerns being reported in Pennsylvania.
CBS News reports that numerous voters are seeing their votes flipped from Trump to Clinton.
Another video shows an African-American man in Pennsylvania attempting to vote for Trump/Pence, but the machine refuses to allow him to do so, repeatedly defaulting to Clinton/Kaine.
As we reported earlier, Trump supporters at polling stations in Philadelphia are also being harassed.

Source - Infowars

Voter Fraud Witnessed In Philadelphia

by Kelen McBreen, November 8th 2016

A poll watcher named Brittany Foreman witnessed a committee member, John Bush, assisting people with voting and handing out Democratic literature.

She called her father who is the ward leader and he told Brittany to call the number she was given for voter fraud suspicion.

Foreman claims Bush did not have a “poll watcher” certificate until the judge, Ms. Louise of the 19th division, showed up out of the blue with what Brittany says was a forged document.

Also out of Philadelphia a poll watcher claims he was threatened with jail by the judge of elections after he challenged a voter under Pennsylvania election laws.
More reports of fraud in “the city of brotherly love” are being documented and can be found here.
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