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Are We Ready to Know the Whole Truth? | Mark Passio: 2016 - Trump, Order Followers, Pedophilia, Satanism, Control Matrix, AI & Ascension

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) With all the talk about full disclosure, and being the change in the world, it's only appropriate we hear from a man that I think has a very clear, concise and sobering view of things, Mark Passio

He is an unabashed realist, who will probably push your buttons and make you rethink how much you really want to know the truth, which I personally invite and think is healthy in these times of change. While we need not beat ourselves up, we shouldn't also avoid self-reflection. After all, if we are to be the agents of change, we must be willing to seek the truth in all its forms. 

Passio's knowledge of what on earth is happening is prolific. He spent 10 years in the Church of Satan, getting to know the enemies of humanity first hand. He grew up in a dogmatic Roman Catholic family that never questioned authority, and always did what they were told. As a result, he rebelled and formed a metal band in high school, writing lyrics that were inspired by what he thought was a personal belief system of empowerment, LeVayan Satanism. Anton LeVay took notice of Passio and recruited him into the church, which Passio thought was simply a belief system and had no ties to crime or malevolence. But after attending grotto meetings in the dead of night, what he heard shook him to his foundations. 

In short, Passio realized and heard first hand from those he met in the organization that true Satanism has nothing to do with worshiping a red devil, it is a philosophy of egoism, deception, and manipulation that is so well entrenched in society that many of us can't recognize it for what it is. Passio was told by the Satanists he met during these meetings that almost all of humanity were considered cattle or spiritually dead, that they had been deceived into thinking they are good through proxy organizations like government, religion, sports, politics, education, and so on. He refers to these controllers as dark occultists, a term that highlights their use of hidden knowledge to gain power and control over those ignorant of the whole truth. 

Let me say that again to underscore the point, as it relates to the idea of full disclosure so well. The dark occultists use their knowledge of the whole truth against those who do not know it, and they actively promote ignorance in the masses—under many socially acceptable and attractive guises—to ensure the hidden masters of humanity remain in control. The present forms of money, religion, politics, the legal system, medicine, education, and much more are all different branches of the same dark occult system for keeping the masses enslaved through their own willful ignorance. And therefore, full disclosure to the dark occultist is akin to the end of their world. Thus, one who seeks the whole truth, one who truly wants full disclosure, is their enemy, but a friend to humanity and the universe of loving beings who promote self-mastery and sovereignty for all. 

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These dark occultists claim they have ruled over humanity for thousands of years and feel they have such a complete and total grip on the masses through social engineering and mind control that they are confident people will dismiss any revelations regarding the truth of their Satanic behavior—but this is exactly what Passio decided to do—reveal the truth about what they have been doing to mankind. He was so disgusted and shocked by what he heard that his sense of morality and righteousness was awakened. In essence, he told these deceivers that he would spend the rest of his life revealing their secrets (the Occult) to the world in an effort to wake up humanity—even if it cost him his life. In response, they told him to go ahead as no one would want to listen, no one would want to give up their sense of reality and comfort in society to face the hard truth.

Since that time, Passio has produced an incredible body of work that is what I would call the inner-circle of truth. Passio's website is

Many of the so-called awake people in our world shy away from such knowledge because it patently reveals that almost every sub-culture we know of today— libertarianism, social justice, religion, the New Age movement, politics, law, medicine, education, and so on—are all branches or honey traps meant to keep people docile and distracted, so that they never learn the whole truth. In other words, Passio is an agent of full disclosure that has gained such a profound knowledge of things it can humble the average awakening person. 

I have personally reviewed nearly all his work, over 192 podcasts, dozens upon dozens of hours long presentations, and I met him several times at two conferences I attended in 2016. 

In my opinion, the information and passion with which he speaks it is not for the faint of heart. It is for the true truth seeker, someone who is ready and willing to embrace the whole truth and be transformed as a result. If the truth can set us free, then when we have grasped it deeply enough, it should, and often does, compel us to change. We no longer want to do the things we did before that feed into the systems of control. We no longer want to turn a blind eye to crimes against humanity, and we certainly don't want to follow any more orders blindly—be they from the government or our own friends and family. 

One point that Passio constantly reinforces is that consciousness evolution, and the grand external changes that everyone wants in the awakening community, are not possible without the individual taking up that great work of personally walking the path of truth themselves. Before we can expect changes without, we must completely and utterly embrace the truth within, in all its forms. In the process, a clear and palpable conflict will arise between the shallow and often half-truth based movements that have swept the awakening community. 

The only savior Passio believes in is hard work in changing yourself. There will be no saviors other than thyself, and the sooner we face the whole truth of what this means, the sooner we can actually start making great strides in the world. 

To be clear, Passio's passion is unapologetic, in your face, and catalyzing. If you can actually muster the courage to hear and absorb what is discussed below, contemplating it deeply and using your personal discernment, I would argue, it should stir your passion too. And it will set you apart as who is really ready to know the whole truth. 

I just finished listening to the interview myself, and I was reminded that as human beings, we can be so easily deceived into thinking we don't need to do personal work because of a million different excuses. For Ufology, it's ET saviors and government disclosure. For the New Age movement, it's "just stay positive." For the unawakened masses, it's change through the political system. And while almost everything has a basis in truth to it, if the result of any belief system is passivity in the face of pandemic cruelty, harm against others and the environment, and most importantly changing oneself, then it's probably a program for maintaining the dark occultist's control. 

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As much as this might sound negative, it's not. It's not negative to point out that we've all had times when we've held ourselves back from realizing our true potential. Facing oneself in the mirror is difficult. It's hard to accept the whole truth but when we do, the sense of personal power and purpose, the feeling of inspiration and knowing that we can really change things eclipses all the years we spent feeling fearful, disempowered, and unsure of ourselves.

I hope that during 11/11 when the idea of full disclosure is so inspiring, we can bravely act within that intention with more than just our words. 

If we say I am ready to know the truth and full disclosure now!, this is our chance to face the hard truths of this world. When enough of us do this fully, the energy of change will fill our being so utterly and completely that we will be willing to give up anything that holds us back from being the change

To those of you who made it through to the end of this writing, I love you and encourage you to keep going. Know that your path along the mountain of truth is not a lonely one. We are all in this together, and while I can't say it will be easy, I can say it will be worth it. 

I am ready to know the whole truth, and I hope you are too.

- Justin

Published on Nov 10, 2016
Mark Passio: 2016 - Trump, Order Followers, Pedophilia, Satanism, Control Matrix, AI & Ascension
Interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre
What On Earth Is Happening
Interview Date: November 9, 2016
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