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Updated: Is the Establishment Retaliating Against "Anti-Establishment" Trump? Using Psyop (False Flag) Tactics? -- Anti-Trump Rallies Surge, 5 Shot in Seattle Near Protest

by Justin Deschamps

Not even 24-hours after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential race, anti-Trump rallies have sprung up all over the U.S., in "Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., St. Paul, Minn. and several other cities."

Over 2,000 protesters in Seattle chanted "not my president" and "the whole world is watching" clearly galvanized as a result of his unexpected win on Tuesday night.

Some news outlets reported that an anti-Trump rally in the Seattle area became violent, as an unknown shooter (who is still at large at the time of this writing), gunned down five people, injuring two seriously.
But a Seattle Sherrif said that the shootings didn't appear to be connected to the rally, although the mainstream media was quick to use the proximity of the violence to fan the flames of anti-Trump sentiment.

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The shooting did not appear to be connected to the anti-Trump demonstrations but instead stemmed from a personal argument, said Robert Merner, assistant chief of the Seattle Police Department.

"It appears that some type of argument took place. This individual began to walk away from the crowd, then turned and fired into the crowd," Merner told reporters. (Source)
Although it isn't clear that Trump is truly an anti-establishment (non-Cabal) candidate, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, was likely the establishment pick.

Clinton had ties to organized crime via the "shadow government," met the infamous Bilderberg group, the Rothschilds, was selling uranium to the Russians, as well as a litany of Wikileaks disclosures all suggesting she was the anointed powers that be candidate.

Now to be clear, the question isn't, should Trump be president—you can decide that for yourself.

Stillness in the Storm doesn't support any candidate, we research truth (in any form) and follow it wherever it leads. And in this case, the question is, are these protests and violence, part of a psychological warfare tactic as a result of losing the oval office to a non-establishment candidate?

Are these rallies being organized, sponsored or facilitated—indirectly—by those Cabal forces that wanted to see Clinton win the election?

If so, it would mean that a kind of retaliatory false-flag style campaign is being waged against Trump. Whether or not he is actually "anti-establishment" isn't known, but to some, he represents an anti-establishment symbol that the shadow government cannot tolerate.

Here is a Craigslist screen capture supplied by a reader further suggesting that there could be a coordinated effort to encourage upset against Trump by disgruntled Clinton supporters.

Again whether you love him or hate him isn't the issue, the point is, are the powers that be trying to create so much hate and division that a civil war level of confrontation begins to foment in the U.S.—enough to demand he step down for "everyone's safety?"

For those well versed in false-flag tactics and manipulation of the elite against the people (psyops), it is a definitive possibility.

The powers that be seem to be creating a climate wherein a Trump supporter would have the motive to commit crimes against anti-Trumpers, at gatherings or elsewhere. Rallies would be an excellent place to stir up violence, and sacrificing a few anti-Trumpers would further antagonize an already intense climate of division in the nation—blaming everything on a "crazy" Trump supporter.

Remember that some of the politicians who said they would never support Trump likely had ties to the shadow government. One such example was Senator Ted Cruz who met with Henry Kissinger during his bid for the Republican nomination.

Image Source.

Some sources have reported that criminal syndicates behind the Cabal in the U.S. wanted Clinton to win and would stop at nothing to ensure—if Trump beat the former Secretary of State—he would be killed or forced to step down before taking office. Is that contingency plan being put into effect?

Here are a few examples of extremism from twitter, which indicate some have been highly charged by anti-Trump bias.
Threats of this nature would normally be cause for immediate investigation and/or detainment, but whether or not authorities respond remains to be seen. If no response occurs, this in and of itself would be revealing.

The anti-Trump hatred could be used as a set up for an outright assassination attempt, pulling a patsy from the infuriated masses, selling it after the fact to the public as a "horrible tragedy." Recall the cover story used by the media for the Kennedy assassination.

And here is another example of anti-Trump violence blatantly brandished on YouTube. The original was taken down, RT News shared the following.

At this point, it isn't clear if these rallies are forming organically or—like the violence that broke out at Trump rallies during his campaign—they are sponsored at the behest of unseen figures that wanted to see Clinton take office.

But what can't be denied is that anti-Trump rhetoric is reaching a fever pitch, providing ample cover for shadowy forces to dethrone or assassinate the president-elect.

We'll be following this story as it develops. Please report anything you see or hear to
- Justin

P.S. Thanks to Yvonne Palermo for sending me the articles that led to this post.

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November 10th, 2016: In an earlier version of this article, the Seattle shooting was connected to the anti-Trump rallies per initial reports, which was later corrected after more information was received. 


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