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The Paranormal Side of Pyramid Science - The Pineal Gland, Ghosts, and Astral Projection - Commentary by David Wilcock

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, October 6th 2016

When considering pyramids, we may think of these devices as advanced technology for use in creating healing energy. We may consider using them to create healthy environments or for producing healthy foods for ourselves and loved ones. We may use them to energize the water that we drink, to enhance plant growth in our gardens, or to help our pets live healthier. These are all possibilities for pyramid use. However, there is much more to these devices than physical health.

As we have heard in past episodes of the Wisdom Teachings series, pyramids can accelerate the process of ascension for any individual willing to go through this process. It is along these subjects which we find yet another interesting aspect of pyramid energy. The process of building up and storing photons in the body is one of the keys to this accelerated ascension. As it turns out, recent scientific research may have given us clues as to why.

Wisdom Teachings and the Practicals of Pyramid Science - A Breakdown of the Studies of David Wilcock - Learning the Specifics of How to Jump-start the Light-Body

The latest developments in theoretical physics have discovered that the photon may not simply be a particle of light, but a high-density information storehouse. It may be that each of these packets of light actually has the potential for holding an entire universe of information within them.

Secrets of the Photon

Conventional scientific research tells us that the photon is a singular particle of light which travels in a generally linear fashion through space. This is generally correct. However, as it turns out, the photon is much, much more. We have heard from the latest theory in physics that these particles are spontaneously manifesting into the universe via the sonoluminescent process from each white hole around atoms, stars, and everything in between. We further learned that these particles are a major component of the DNA of every living organism and have the potential to heal the body in profound ways.

It has been discussed that these photons—when absorbed in higher amounts via pyramid energy—have the potential to accelerate the evolutionary process, which is amazing in and of itself. As interesting as these principles may be, however, they are only the beginning of the story. According to the Law of One, photons are not only fractal particles of light. They are actually alive. In fact, these wave/particles may actually be the most basic form of life in our universe. Here is the Law of One with the details.
41.9 Questioner: Then what is the simplest being that is manifested? I am supposing it might be a single cell or something like that. And how does it function with respect to energy centers?

Ra: I am Ra. The simplest manifest being is light or what you have called the photon. In relationship to energy centers it may be seen to be the center or foundation of all articulated energy fields.

According to the text, the simplest form of life is not the cell as science has proposed it to be. The photon has all of the qualities of the universe compacted within itself. In fact, according to the fractal nature of the universe, the photon could be described as a seed with all of the information necessary to create an entire universe on its own. This seed is alive, according to the Ra group. This may explain the concept of the photon being the light in the light/love combination of every evolving being.

As we may remember, the light and love work together to create and continue life and consciousness throughout the universe. Another interesting aspect about the photon is that this fundamental element of life can be found in each density of existence, and within each of these densities, this photon takes on new characteristics. Here is the Law of One, Session 27.
27.16 Questioner: Then this vibration which is, for lack of better understanding, which we would call pure motion; it is pure love; it is— it is not— there is nothing that is yet condensed, shall we say, to form any type or density of illusion. This Love then creates by this process of vibration a photon, as we call it, which is the basic particle of light. This photon then, by added vibrations and rotations, further condenses into particles of the densities, the various densities that we experience. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

As the text states, each density is comprised of its own variation of the photon. The higher the density, the higher the information density is within the photon. This is likely one of the reasons why the Law of One beings call the various dimensions densities. There is one principle that David Wilcock speaks of which states that when you bombard a being in a lower density with higher density photons, that being will eventually ascend into the higher density.

The Big Wave of High Dimensional Frequencies is NOW Coming Through!

It is said that we are presently ascending into the 4th density or higher. It has also been proposed that we are being bombarded by high-energy particles from the galactic super-wave phenomenon, and that the particle density within this cloud is much higher than anything we have encountered in the past. This cloud of high-energy particles is said to be a large part of what is transforming the entire solar system into a higher state of being (though the people who choose otherwise will not likely experience this in the same way as those who do choose to evolve).

Law of One - The Frequency of Photons

Law of One - Photons Through the Densities

If these higher density photons are, in fact, conscious beings that exist at the quantum level, this would mean that they are symbiotically working with all of humanity at the quantum level to maintain health and to continue life. If higher density photons are able to help a soul ascend to higher states, this may mean that these high-density photons would gradually replace those of lower density. It may also mean that the lower-density photons could transmorph into those of higher densities.

In recent episodes of the Wisdom Teachings series, it was discussed how the collection of photons within the body was a significant part of the process of evolution into higher consciousness. This is most likely the reason why the pursuit has been referred to as the path of enlightenment. In last week's article I mentioned the biblical reference to the third eye. There are references within the King James Bible that refer to the Third Eye as the “lamp of the body” and that as we keep this lamp lit, we keep the entire body full of light. As we may know, the term “third eye” is a figurative reference to the pineal gland within the brain, and it is this gland which holds some of the greatest secrets in our connection to higher consciousness.

The Third Eye

At this point, most of those reading this will know the significance of the pineal gland, at least to some degree. This is the pea-sized gland that is located at the center of the brain which has a number of functions within the body. Conventional science tells us that this organ facilitates the primary mechanism which induces sleep, and this is likely to be true. However, there is more to this story as well.

It is likely that we have seen the numerous figurative representation of the pineal gland in the form of the classic pinecone in ancient art. This fixation and artistic representation of the pinecone from ancient to modern times seems to be a global phenomenon. Ancient cultures from every corner of the world seem to believe that the pineal gland holds major significance. These numerous cultures seem to hold the image of the pinecone as the center of wisdom and consciousness.

In Buddhism, the achievement of developing the practitioner's energy to the point of activation of the pineal gland, or enlightenment, is a goal of all practitioners. In the true teachings of Jesus, the building of light within the pineal gland was the goal as well. This concept is also a staple within the religion of Hinduism as well.

We see the representation of the pinecone spanning the distance of entire continents—stretching from the Asian Pacific to the west coast of Europe. Seeing that this theme and representation of the pineal gland spans multiple continents, it would make sense to say that this knowledge was common among the ancient peoples of the Earth. If this is the case, this may mean that this global occurrence of advanced knowledge may represent an ET component to the distribution of this knowledge.

Video - David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations

There are a number of sources which discuss the significance of the pineal gland. Among them, there are few who have done more research than David Wilcock. Below, I have included a rather well-known clip from Wilcock's lecture at the 2012 Enigma conference for an introduction (or a refresher for some) to the details of the pineal gland.

The Pineal Gland, DMT, Forbidden Knowledge - David Wilcock

To add to these revelations, here is a passage from a write-up on the subject of the pineal gland. This comes to us from the Divine Cosmos website by David Wilcock and includes some of the contents of his book, “The Source Field Investigations.”

The Source Field Investigations reveals groundbreaking new scientific research proving that the pineal gland is lined with cells that function just like the rods and cones in the retina of the eye.

Electrically, the pineal gland is wired into the brain just like the eye, via a “phototransduction cascade.” Some scientists have concluded there may be photons releasing inside the pineal gland that are picked up much like the eye, but they don’t understand how this could happen.

We do know the pineal gland is filled with a watery fluid that has tiny crystals floating around in it, including calcite and, quite possibly, DMT.

When DMT is synthesized in a laboratory and chipped out of its container, it emits massive bursts of colored light in a “piezochromatic” effect. This suggests that the crystals in the pineal gland could be expanding and contracting, and releasing visible photons, in a manner not unlike the function of a crystal radio.

Chinese scientists discovered that when a trained remote viewer accurately described a target inside a light-shielded room, up to 15,000 photons appeared.

Many people report seeing a “silver cord” between their physical body and “astral body” when having an out-of-body experience – and this cord seems to be anchored into the forehead.

It is possible that the “silver cord” is actually a sort of Einstein-Rosen bridge or ‘stargate’ that connects the physical and astral bodies. Photons detected by the astral body travel through the cord and vibrate crystals in the pineal gland, releasing full-color images that the retinal tissue then sends into the brain.

Many different ancient cultures placed huge importance on the pineal gland, using symbolism such as the pinecone to tell the story.

It may well be that the fleeting visual images we see in our “imagination,” or when “daydreaming,” are in fact direct perceptions of the Source Field via our astral bodies.

The ancient traditions strongly encouraged us to strengthen this perceptive system so we may become far more aware of who and what we really are.

There are numerous possibilities of potential of the pineal gland. This tiny, and yet highly central organ may be the center of conscious potential within the human brain. According to David Wilcock, this gland might actually be a gateway through which we may connect with other levels of reality.

The proposal that the melatonin within the pineal gland may form into DMT seems plausible in my view. This may actually be the mechanism by which mental pictures are formed during intensive though or meditation. We have heard the saying, “Picture this.” This statement is in reference to our ability to actually see that which we cannot physically perceive in the moment. If the rod and cone cells in our pineal gland are actually meant to sense the light within this organ created by piezochromatic DMT crystals, this might explain our ability to form images even with our eyes closed.

As amazing as these ideas may be, the abilities of the pineal gland may go far beyond imagination, dreams, or the inducing of sleeping state. We have discussed how this gland has been connected with ascension. To add to this idea, the pineal gland is said to be directly connected with our ability to heal ourselves. Here is the Law of One on this principle.
12.31 Questioner: Is there a best way for these entities to heal themselves of their physical ailments?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last complete question of this time/space.

The self-healing distortion is effected through realization of the intelligent infinity resting within. This is blocked in some way in those who are not perfectly balanced in bodily complexes. The blockage varies from entity to entity. It requires the conscious awareness of the spiritual nature of reality, if you will, and the corresponding pourings of this reality into the individual mind/body/spirit complex for healing to take place.

We will use this instrument as example. The portions of its ailment, as you call this distortion complex, that can be perfected in balance are due primarily to a blockage of the indigo-ray or pineal energy center. This center receives the intelligent energy from all sources lawful within the one Creation; that is, lawful in this third-density distortion or illusion. If there is no blockage, these energies pour or stream down into the mind/body/spirit complex perfecting moment by moment the individual’s body complex.

According to the text, the pineal gland serves as a gateway for infinite Creation. This energy flows into the being and actually creates the physical experiences the individual has. With regard to healing, it could be said that the pineal gland can be used to control any experience we have in our physical body. By my understanding, any health issue we may deal with must first be accepted through the energetic mechanism of this gland in order to be experienced by the individual (though there is likely much more involved in the creation of the 3rd-density experience). Along with these principles, there is another phenomenon which centers upon the pineal gland. This is the phenomenon of astral projection.

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