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Geometric Light and Fractal Consciousness - Exploring the Universal Pronunciations of the Infinite and the Infinitesimal - Commentary by David Wilcock

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, October 23, 2016

The more we examine the universe, the more we may realize the possibility that it is an infinite multidimensional expression of repeating geometric constants. Upon closer examination, we may find that these constants can be defined by one single geometric form. However, for some, this may seem impossible.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Pyramids and Photon Vortexes - Delving Even Deeper into the Science of Pyramid Technology

Some may look at the countless expressions of nature and see the virtually infinite diversity of species that exist, and think that there is no way that all of this variety could come from just one geometric form. We might look at the solar system along with the planets, planetoids, and moons, that compose it, and believe that there is nothing more to see than the same old randomly space planets orbiting our home star. However, upon closer examination, we will see that there are precise geometric constants which define the relationships between stars and their planets, planets and the organisms which live upon them, and within the various biological systems which conventional science previously considered random.

It is amazing to consider the possibility that our universe is the fractal holographic expression of one single form. Despite the profoundness of the statement, in many ways this possibility seems to very much be the case. From natural systems, to galactic rotation and evolution, the exact same geometry can be seen throughout the entirety.

The Photon - Seed of the Universe - A Digest of the Significance of this Foundational Particle - Commentary by David Wilcock

This article is an examination of the relationship between the various systems of the universe from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic. It is based on the subjects of two recent episodes from the Wisdom Teachings series on Within these discussions, David Wilcock studies the intricate universal detail which the Law of One maintains originated from one single photon. Along with these studies, I intend to examine the possibility that the original universal photon and everything that is based upon its design is, in fact, conscious.

Photonic Consciousness

As we may remember, the Mandelbrot set was discovered largely by accident. This function was stumbled upon by the Polish/French/American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot when he worked for AT&T. At the time, Mandelbrot was assigned to figure out why cross-continental transmissions were being hindered in different areas. By initial appearance, there was no reason why these signals were not equally efficient across the entire grid. It seemed that some unknown anomaly was causing this interference.

A magnification of the Mandelbrot set - a form based in multidimensional physics derived from a number which in conventional mathematics, is impossible to create. This number is commonly the square root of -1 (though there are other variations).

The Maverick Mathematician: BenoƮt Mandelbrot and the stunning beauty of the fractal universe

As Mandelbrot came near to completing his study, he found that the interference had a pattern to it. This pattern turned out to be the familiar graph and image we have come to know as the Mandelbrot set. However, this was not his only discovery. As he consulted with other colleagues of his, he found that this exact function could be applied to populations of foxes and rabbits in the wild. According to the study, the rabbits would reproduce at a certain rate and create a surplus of food for the foxes. When the foxes ate the rabbits, the rabbit population dwindled down. As the rabbit population decreased, scarcity of rabbits caused the foxes to begin to starve and die off. Due to the low population of foxes, the rabbits would then be able to reproduce once again.

The Paranormal Side of Pyramid Science - The Pineal Gland, Ghosts, and Astral Projection - Commentary by David Wilcock

As an example of the possibilities within the form of the Mandelbrot set, here are two videos on a project called the Mandelbulb. These computer simulations give us an idea of the countless ways in which this mathematical function could be expressed. To demonstrate the possibilities of diversity, here are two videos from the Mandelbulb project.

Mandelbulb Flight

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