Monday, October 24, 2016

Wikileaks Releases Part 16 Of The Podesta Files: Total Is Now 26,803 Emails

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Source - Zero Hedge

by Tyler Durden, October 23nd 2016

With just over 2 weeks to go until the election, today Wikileaks continued its ongoing Podesta files dump when it unveiled another 708 emails  in Part 16, bringing the total emails released to 26,803 total emails, or more than half of the 50,000 email set for release.

While this latest release was expected, Wikileaks made a more surprising announcement overnight when it said on Twitter that it would "release a statement tomorrow about Assange. Our editor is safe and still in full command despite reduced communications with staff."
* * *
Among some of the notable email highlights from the latest release is an email from November 11, 2014 in which Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook emails Cheryl Mills and John Podesta, hinting at pre-campaign collusion with Obama:
Cheryl-- I downloaded this to John about my conversation with Simas this evening, but wanted to make sure you were up to speed as well. Big takeaway--she should meet with POTUS at her earliest convenience. Simas is open to whatever we think is best for the DNC, but said that she will definitely need to meet with POTUS before any action can be taken. He said that in their last meeting she said she was "considering" running and he suggested she be more definitive in this meeting to help create some urgency with POTUS. There are a few other resources POTUS has (his time, his lists, etc) that we should brief HRC on before she meets, but John rightly suggested she only touch on those lightly and ask the best way to funnel requests. Simas also reinforced the turnout challenge, so we should make sure to brief her on that as well. Let me know when we should start a memo
* * *
Another email confirms that Alex Gerlach at the State Department is a involved, and serves as a leak for the Clinton campaign. On November 7, 2015 Brian Fallon tells Jen Palmieri that "Heather [Samuelson] talked to I believe Alex gerlach at State, who said they were hearing only one email had so far been ruled out as Top Secret." This is in response to a Jenn Palmieri email in which she says that Brian Fallon "has heard rumors that not only will ODNI not confirm but that they only think one email is not top secret so this may be not such a great story after all."
The truth, of course, ended up being vastly different.
* * *
Another email from August 8, 2015 reveals in an "Open Letter", that Hillary's email server handover was negotiated: 
"Just a factual point: we turned over the thumb drive on Thursday and are negotiating the turnover of the server. We should not give a specific day when she "decided" or "directed"."
* * *
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