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WATCH: CNN Warns Reading WikiLeaks “Is Illegal” And You Must Get That Information From CNN

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) If you needed any more evidence that the media is full of hypocrisy, this is it. The whole point of journalism is to reveal the truth to the people—that's the ideal every journalist should be striving for. But when so-called reporters and their corporate facilitators try to become the arbiters of truth, saying "... it's illegal to possess these stolen documents, [but] it's different for us ..." you know integrity has been sold to the highest bidder. 

Furthermore, the golden rule of law applies to all people, regardless of who they are or what they claim to be doing. Granted, privacy is something that should be maintained within high ethical standard. But when private discussions have a deleterious effect on other people, those affected people have a lawful right to seek and discover the truth. 

If people in your town conspired to poison the water supply, a whistleblower revealing this to the public is not acting unethically or unlawfully. In fact, it is their moral duty to stop harm when it is discovered—this is our responsibility to each other as free and sovereign individuals. When a person or group seeks to harm others and requires secrecy to do so—which is a backbone of corruption—those who gain knowledge of this are heroes when they reveal this harmful activity to those who would have been harmed.

But to be clear, this doesn't mean no one has a right to privacy and that we should be scrutinizing everyone in some kind of all-powerful, watchdog police-state. But when experience reveals that individuals could be acting nefariously, it is well within ethical bounds to investigate such people, preferably by using overt means (like upfront investigation)—asking for disclosure about correspondence before covert means are employed. 

- Justin
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Source - Activist Post

by Jack BurnsOctober 17th 2016

The mainstream media’s thought police are no longer hiding their movements as they patrol what readers can and cannot read, possess, or access. Chris Cuomo now even says as much.
The high society’s veteran news anchor of the Cable News Network, which many critics jokingly refer to as the “Clinton News Network,” told viewers Wednesday“Remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents,” he said referencing WikiLeaks’ latest hacked emails, apparently trying to scare the general public away from searching WikiLeaks’ database.
The stern warning coming from Cuomo no longer disguises what the mainstream media has been doing for decades: control information to which viewers and readers have access. Cuomo continued,“It’s different for the media, so everything you learn about this (latest WikiLeaks’ revelations) you’re learning from us.”
But don’t hold your breath at the notion reporters like Cuomo and news organizations like CNN will do their jobs and delve into the WikiLeaks database to uncover any scandalous information which could possibly paint the Clintons in a bad light.
If you don’t know already, as The Huffington Post reported, Time Warner, parent company of CNN, is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters, having already given Clinton’s campaign over $400,000. And that’s what we know.
But it’s not just money CNN gives Clinton, it offers up a healthy platter of good press as well. The HPreported CNN played politics with its own polls, polls which showed Sanders having bested Clinton in at least one of the debates, polls which were quickly replaced by a message stating, “Clinton triumphs in Democrat debate as rivals compete to lose.”
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As the Free Thought Project has reported numerous times in the past, Clinton’s friends in the corporate media will go so far as to cut their own reporters off the air who dare portray her in a negative light.
But it’s not just CNN the Clintons are in bed with. As reported in July, when WikiLeaks leaked their first batch of DNC emails, it was revealed the Democratic National Committee appeared to have a cozy relationship with NBC’s Chuck Todd. The relationship was so cozy that DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz called Todd by his first name and demanded an end to bad press. Schultz, in an email to Todd, wrote in the subject line, “Chuck this must stop.”
The head of the DNC addressing Todd by his first name was enough for critics to put two and two together to see what was going on, and they’ve concluded the Democrats have the mainstream media in their pocket.
And now, it seems, they don’t want you poking your nose around within the contents of WikiLeaks’ database, which happens to be a searchable database that anyone, including the Free Thought Project’s readers, can easily navigate.
Judging from just the leaks the Free Thought Project has discovered, it is entirely clear why CNN would attempt to scare people into not reading the emails. But if Cuomo thinks warning and advising viewers to get all of their information about WikiLeaks from CNN will work, he really has no idea how powerful the free thought movement really is. And free thinkers are tired of being told what to think, and who to vote for, as if voting for billionaires, and propped-up candidates funded by multi-billion dollar corporations will change anything, let alone make America great again.
No, true and lasting change happens when people have all the facts, and begin to demand change. And for far too long, those facts have been hidden, spun by the media, and downplayed. A free-thinking movement and awakening appears to now be at work, and so If you’d like to search through the DNC emails, John Podesta’s emails (HRC’s Campaign Manager), and Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails (illegal to delete btw, Mr. Cuomo), by all means, you may do so by clicking here (link to WikiLeaks).
In the Land of the Free, the media has officially declared transparency — illegal.
Jack Burns writes for TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared.
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