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Compelling Debate Manipulation Evidence -- [Bush is Voting for Clinton] Further issues casting doubt on the Presidential Debate and the Presidential Election

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following article is by Dr. Blair Reich, who delivered another compilation of very compelling evidence to suggest that the first Trump-Clinton debate was probably rigged in favor of the former first lady.

I received evidence from a reader (Sherry) in relation to a listening device Clinton used during the debate that could be seen on her back (images below) which was also used by Bush during his run for office. 

I passed this data along to Dr. Reich who was able to find the same type of device on Obama during his debate with Romney. He also found many examples of flesh-colored earpieces for all three of the aforementioned individuals, which presents a strong case of overt manipulation and deception that has at least a 12-year history.

Now it appears that Trump wasn't in on the ear piece rigging—at least there has been no evidence that has surfaced as of yet. But as Dr. Reich suggests, and I have mentioned before, it is doubtful that if Trump was elected he would be able to affect any major change. 

That being said, the debate rigging in favor of Clinton does suggest that Trump maybe—as some have suggested—a truly non-establishment candidate and that Clinton is most assuredly the Cabal's top choice as the next puppet president. If she looses, it would indicate that the Cabal's ability to manipulate the masses has waned considerably. But a Trump presidency isn't a solution as the powers that be still have many effective ways of ensuring those in office do as they are told—Trump is no exception.

If we needed any more evidence to suggest that the presidential elections were manipulated then this article is it.

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Please share this with other so that this fraud can be recognized. 

- Justin

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by Dr. Reich, October 2nd 2016

The Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was an insult to everyday Americans on many levels. The debate featured only two of the candidates that are on the ballot in enough states to win the presidency. This limits the potential scope and viewpoints to a very narrow range of topics. Additionally, roughly a third of the debate was on tax returns and birther issues while meaningful discussion and questions were mostly absent. Hillary Clinton has scandals a mile long. Where were those? It was a terrible display by both candidates, and the idea that one of them won the debate pales in comparison to the sentiment that one lost less badly than the other, but the American people seem to have lost the hardest.

The two candidates that were at the podiums are two of the most hated candidates in American history. Furthermore, it seems that the debates attracting millions are acting as a sensationalized smokescreen to cover the inclusion of the Chinese Yuan in the international basket of currencies, the reissuing of SDR as a super sovereign currency, and that's laying the foundation of global governance. These are epic times that are barely getting coverage.

Here's Forbes talking about the financial moves. I don't see a lot of others covering it.

Add in the stupid Branjolina nonsense and I can't help the feeling that we're all being played. Badly!

No where did that come across more strongly than in this picture of the Bushes and the Obamas cuddling. Bush and Obama in theory couldn't have been further from one another on the political spectrum. Yet, I can't stand the fact that Obama's presidency looks like the 3rd and 4th term of George Bush. We've bombed seven countries. We're still at war with Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact we surged in both those countries. The Federal Reserve is still in power, and Obama stood up and said during the financial crisis that the banks have done nothing wrong! Guantanamo is still open. The war on drugs is still going strong. We're currently in a proxy war in Syria where US airstrikes are aiding ISIS!!!! There are more blacks in prison than there were slaves back in the day. It's all so wrong and it all has to change, but it won't as long as this charade goes on.

If that's not enough for you consider George Bush Senior is supporting Hillary Clinton.

So, this rant was in part inspired by Justin Deschamps of Stillness in the Storm because he sent me two articles alleging that Bush Jr. was wearing an earpiece during his presidential debates. So, then I looked up Obama and it seems there are claims that he was wearing an earpiece. We just saw Hillary clearly being wired. The swirling shit storm of the media being in tank for Clinton and modifying polls left and right to show her lead despite support dropping out from under her every day that goes by, debate moderator Lestor Holt and Hillary signalling back and forth, the use of body doubles that are covered up, and just so many data pieces make me upset, queasy, and outraged.

What's the point? Here's circumstantial evidence of the "big club that we're not in" at work. I'm about to make the case that Bush, Obama, and HRC have been wired in their debate performances the same way. It's another piece of circumstantial evidence that the same approach is being used by all three candidates and I see it evidence that those 3 candidates/presidents are all on the same team. Is that team American People? No. Is that team globalist corporatist kleptocracy? Yes. We're all getting played.

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So, in case you missed the presidential debate here it is.

I covered part of this story in a previous article about debate irregularities. Here's a quick summary.

There's the folder that gets passed from Hillary's podium to the gray haired dude on the right and then passed to Lestor Holt. Most people are speculating she had debate questions early and had responses to everything ready to go. Who knows, her team and handlers probably wrote the questions themselves.

There's the hand signals that go back and forth between Lestor Holt and Hillary Clinton where by all appearances she's signalling him so she can get her zingers in or stop his line of speech.

Then Hillary is caught wearing a wire during the debate.

There's also previous concern about her wearing an earpiece at a presidential forum that was on a different night before the presidential debate. It's the pearly white thing in her ear.

I've put forward evidence that Hillary Clinton has used a body double at multiple campaign stops since her collapse on 9/11.

So, here's an image that finally convinced me the wired device on her back was likely an earpiece, which you can see in both the regular debate shot and even better in the close up.

You can combine that with times that during the debate she seems a little zoned like she's listening or her speech is choppy such that it seems like a stage actor repeating words put in her ear.

So, let's go back to 2004 Presidential debate. Here's Bush. What do you notice?

At the time this story was called Bulgegate and was covered by a few media outlets before the Bush team was able to orchestrate media silence regarding the issue and shut down a variety of reports that were supposed to be written about it. Eventually it made it into Salon about 30 days before the election.

“The Times reporters called me a number of times on this story,” confirms (NASA imaging scientist) Atkinson. “I was able to identify the object Nelson highlighted definitively as a magnetic cuing device that uses a wire yoke around the neck to communicate with a hidden earpiece—the kind of thing that is used routinely now by music performers, actors, reporters—and by politicians.”

The story also ended up running after the election in Mother Jones showing he had worn the wire in multiple debates (this is debate 3).

You can find more about that story here and here.

Ok, so, I'm convinced that Crooked Bush used a wire and an earpiece. Let's look at Obama.

Here's a group that looked at this for a while back in 2012.

Here's his 2012 debate.

Here's Bill Still talking about Clinton and Obama using the ear pieces.

So what does all this mean? I think the first picture of these guys that I posted as puppets is the right image. You're not voting or electing the person speaking. You're voting for the system behind them that props them up. These guys are incredibly deceitful and by all appearances Obama is extending Bush's 3-4th term and it looks like Hillary would be his 5-6th term, but who is actually calling the shots? I don't know, but it looks for sure like it isn't the people you're trying to elect. Someone off screen is telling these actors what to say and what to do when in power. Those people aren't looking out for Americans best interests.


Ok, well that's why we vote for Trump right? Everyone reading this or watching this is dying to know how Hillary is a lying cheating scam artist, so the obvious answer is to vote against her. First off it appears her ability to vote rig is off the charts. At least in the primary there are numerous accounts of her vote rigging and that's even before paperless voting machines or kids caught registering dead people. So, it starts looking like a vote for anyone is a vote for Clinton, because that's how rigged elections work. What about the chance that Trump is an ethical man?

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I'm less concerned about his tax return nonsense. I'm more concerned that he's hooked into the same pedophilia ring the Clintons are. The daily beast ran a pretty extensive article detailing the multiple trips, tight relationships, and long running visits that Trump had with Jeffrey Epstein. Those visits led to a lawsuit naming Trump and Epstein as defendants from a Jane Doe claiming that Trump raped her multiple times when she was 13. Trump denies the allegations. That said he acknowledges the friendship.

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years,” Trump told New York Magazine in 2002. Calling him a “terrific guy,” Trump continued, “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Here are the main allegations in the lawsuit-

Is he guilty? I don't know. I don't claim to know. His 15 year association with an extremely well documented pedophile doesn't make Trump look good. It's possible Trump's business was clean and this rape case is a tactic used to discredit an otherwise good man. It takes no effort on my part to believe the current party in power would do that to someone. It's also possible that Trump's a child rapist and that's why a lawsuit with a witness was filed against in court.

I'm not really keen on much of what Trump says. Blaming Mexicans, building walls, describing women in ways I don't want my kids to grow up mimicking, and "America First" is a line used by the KKK for years. There's evidence out there that supports his less than progressive racial stance and these aren't Sunday Best outfits...

Now, I don't normally share attack ads by candidates against one another because they are often just simply full of shit, but here's a compelling one about Trump's business practices. Namely, he stiffs the companies he hires. I understand that can be good business sometimes, but he has a pretty long history of it. Enough that I'm concerned about letting "him" be in charge of contracts, budgets, and salaries.

If I have a single glimmering hope that Trump is actually an antidote to the vicious crime syndicate that runs Washington DC. Here's a clip of Newt Gingrich going on TV saying that Trump isn't part of the secret societies and that's why the people in charge are absolutely terrified of him.

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That said, I don't have many data points in favor of either candidate.

I suppose I have two pieces of advice for those that are interested.

Consider alternatives to the 2-party system. Here's an entertaining look at it.

Withdraw your consent from the system. (George Carlin isn't really safe for work...)

Here's me talking about this.

About The Author

Dr. Reich is an open-minded science PhD that investigates controversial content to uncover what what appears valid and what appears bogus. He blogs at and can be found on youtube here:

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