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Scott Mandelker: "ETs, The Law of One, and Eastern Philosophy" (Video) and (mp4 Audio download)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) A colleague of mine named Ian told me of Scott Mandelker, who appears to be a philosopher and luminary that discusses the Law of One as it relates to other concepts like Eastern philosophy. 

I haven't reviewed all his work but the following video interview was quite intriguing. Much of Mandelker's descriptions of the ego or illusory separate self match my own understanding that I think are holistically integrated into other systems of study, such as law, sovereignty, the higher self and so on. He also discusses consciousness evolution, self-responsibility, morality, true karma, and other concepts that many would benefit from contemplating.

Given that the Law of One or Ra Material is arguably one of the most replete sets of works that is also difficult to understand, it would be helpful for the beginner and adept alike to review it through this presentation. 

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Note about Reviewing Information

Integration of new knowledge and experience can be accomplished by reviewing information, something that may not be entertaining if we are only digesting data at a surface level. But the mysteries of existence are infinite in scope and depth, yet only by pushing past initial understanding or shallow discernment can we excite that drive of curiosity and spark the inner fire of inspiration. 

To be bored in a universe of endless mystery is a state of being that seems to be a symptom of soul sickness brought about by trauma and indifference. Therefore, the opening mind can breathe life back into a soul striving for inspiration and this inspiration is the first step toward moving past a quick judgment. In this sense, the tools of philosophy and contemplation are our allies. 

- Justin

Scott Mandelker: "ETs, The Law of One, and Eastern Philosophy"

Download the mp4 (audio file)

Published on Oct 31, 2012

Born April 22, 1962 in New York City, Scott Mandelker completed his doctorate in East West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco in 1992. His Ph.D. combines eclectic Western psychology with intensive study of Eastern religions, and followed upon years of formal training in US and Asian Buddhist temples (in Japanese Zen and Thai Theravadan traditions).

After leaving monastic life, Scott earned a B.A. in Buddhist Studies from Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 1987. After receiving an M.A. in Counseling in 1990, he began a private practice in spiritual counseling, which he maintains in San Francisco and upon his travels. He has published over a dozen essays on metaphysics, Eastern religions, and the spiritual meaning of ET contact and the UFO presence.

His interest in the phenomenon of ET identity developed from years of meditation, personal experience, and extensive study of New Age material. Focusing on the reality of cosmic contact and human life at the turn of the millennium, his first book, From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, focuses on those who have uncovered their cosmic roots. His second book, Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan, integrates Buddhist and Eastern wisdom with the metaphysics of ET contact, UFO agendas, and global transformation. It includes extensive discussion of self-healing, meditation, and the principles of body-mind-spirit transformation.

Scott Mandelker was editor and publisher of the bi-monthly ET Journal from 1995-1999, and has presented at numerous New Age conferences, including Whole Life Expos, Rocky Mountain and Gulf Breeze Expos, and Star Knowledge gatherings. He has appeared on over 70 radio shows including Art Bell and Laura Lee, plus network TV shows such as Hard Copy, Strange Universe, The Other Side, and Mysteries, Magic and Miracles. His first book was translated into Japanese, Polish and Romanian, and his second, Universal Vision, was released in July 2000 by UV Way. Scott is based in San Francisco and offers regular teaching and counseling throughout the US and Japan.

The Law of One (Free PDF Books)

Interviewed by:
Kenneth Bok
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