Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Updated -- RIGGED: Trump rally violence was STAGED by Clinton campaign operatives... stunning video details the criminal network working for Hillary

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Try and look past the sensational language in this article for the raw data it contains. 

The below video is quite compelling. It seems to unequivocally demonstrate that the DNC and Clinton campaign engendered violence at Trump events. The video, which was released only 2 days ago, has over 3,000,000 views at the time of this writing. This in and of itself is a good sign because people are being exposed to the corruption, and hopefully re-evaluating their fervor for the "American democratic process."

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Update: Part two of the video series was added to this article.

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Source - Natural News

by Mike Adams, October 18th 2016

And now the rigging of the U.S. elections takes yet another leap into the realm of astonishment as a stunning new video from Project Veritas reveals how Trump rally violence was staged by the Clinton campaign.

Yep, Clinton operatives were paid huge sums of money to stage acts of violence at Trump rallies so that the lying media could blame all the violence on Trump.

This is the same way in which the leftist terrorist bombing of a GOP campaign headquarters building in North Carolina is also being blamed on Trump!

The real violence in America is carried out by leftists who support Hillary

Remember: Leftists are terrorists. They lie, cheat and steal their way to every position of political power. They will bomb buildings, murder police officers, beat up senior citizens and do whatever is necessary for them to paint their conservative opponents as being "extremist." And then they claim Trump supporters are violent, bigoted gun owners. Yet as this Project Veritas proves, it's really the leftists who are deliberately carrying out the violence in order to achieve a strategic political outcome.

Remember, this is on top of the astonishing fact that the FBI rigged its investigation to protect Hillary, the media is almost 100% rigged to cover up all the crimes of both Bill and Hillary, the votes are being rigged for Hillary by making sure huge numbers of dead people vote democrat, and the internet gatekeepers like Google, Facebook and Twitter are all 100% rigged to censor opposition of Hillary. Wikileaks' Julian Assange is being silenced, James O'Keefe is being censored by Twitter, and Michael Savage is being cut off the air when he gets too close to the truth.

At every level, your country is being stolen from you by a corrupt, criminal, totalitarian police state regime. And as I openly stated in this hugely viral article, if Hillary Clinton wins this election, this all ends in the mass murder of conservatives by genocidal leftist extremists unless we stop the Clintons and their reign of criminality. I do not see a way that America can avoid open, armed revolt and mass bloodshed if Hillary steals this election.

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Watch this shocking video from Project Veritas to see just how evil and corrupt the democrats have become in America today... and learn how they will do ANYTHING to win an election... including committing acts of extreme violence against innocents. (This is completely compatible with the total lack of ethics routinely demonstrated by the political left.)

Click here to watch the astonishing video or view here:

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