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In 1178, five Monks at Canterbury saw part of the MOON explode -- Evidence of Ancient Space Battle?

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following article details an account from five monks who saw the Moon suffer some kind of impact or explosion less than 1000 years ago. NASA claims that what they saw was probably the impact of a meteor, which created the Giordano Bruno crater. But the debris that would have been ejected from such a collision would have blanketed the Earth in week-long meteor showers, yet no accounts of that were recorded.

One whistleblower said that the skies were once filled with battles of warring extraterrestrial groups who have inhabited the Moon for thousands of years. It wasn't until 1500 years ago that they formed an agreement (known as the Mohammad Accords) to cease open conflicts on the Earth's surface. And yet, battles could still have taken place elsewhere, even as close as the lunar surface. 

Recall that in the Mahabharata, the Vedic epic flying machines known as Vimanas, operated by the gods are described. Superhuman beings warred against each other in airships that—according to ancient astronaut theorists—could be a record of ancient extraterrestrial battles. History Channel's show Ancient Aliens covered this story in the following segment.

The same whistleblower mentioned above also says that the Moon is littered with remnants from ancient extraterrestrial battles, left there as a reminder of the wars that once raged on the lunar surface. 

And another whistleblower claims that the Moon has been home to extraterrestrial races for a very long time, who use it as an outpost for observing the Earth. 

Could the monks have seen a battle raging on the surface of the Moon in 1178? 

With claims like these, it is almost impossible to determine what may or may not have happened. Some will dismiss these assertions out of hand, purely because they cannot be proven. Others will hold it as one of the many strange possibilities of history, which is overflowing with mysteries and clues yet to be reconciled. 

- Justin
Source - Ancient Code

by Ivan, October 19th 2016

“…Out of the middle of its division, a burning torch sprang, throwing out a long way, flames, coals, and sparks. As well, the moon’s body which was lower, twisted as though anxious, and in the words of those who told me and had seen it with their own eyes, the moon palpitated like a pummelled snake. After this, it returned to its proper state…”

The moon is without a doubt, one of the most enigmatic objects in the sky. Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations observed the sky, watching in awe Earth’s faithful companion.

Since time immemorial, the moon has also been the subject of numerous myths and conspiracy theories. All kinds of strange ‘things’ are connected to it.

Interestingly, in 1178, a group of monks from Canterbury observed how the moon ‘suddenly exploded’ into ‘sparks’, taking a ‘blackish appearance’.

If we look at history, we will realize that many times have astronomical events been mistaken for supernatural signs. In ancient times, these events were considered omens, and from time to time, strange lights observed in the sky were interpreted as evil signs.

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Mysteriously, on June 18th of 1178, monks in Canterbury observed a fascinating sighting. As they looked up to the sky, they witnessed a fascinating event which they described accordingly:

“…This year on the Sunday before the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, after sunset when the moon was first seen, a marvelous sign was seen by five or more men sitting facing it. Now, there was a clear new moon, as was usual at that phase, its horns extended to the east, and behold suddenly the upper horn was divided in two. Out of the middle of its division, a burning torch sprang, throwing out a long way, flames, coals, and sparks. As well, the moon’s body which was lower, twisted as though anxious, and in the words of those who told me and had seen it with their own eyes, the moon palpitated like a pummelled snake. After this, it returned to its proper state…”

So what did they observe in 1178? Did the moon really blow up?

According to researchers, they didn’t actually witness the moon exploding, but they observed a massive impact of a large body that smashed into the moon, forming what we today know is the Giordano Bruno crater.

However, there are others who disagree saying that an impact of such magnitude would have sent towards Earth debris that would have resulted in sightings observed by more people on Earth, and not just a few monks.

However, studies have shown that the impact would have launched 10 million tons of ejecta into the Earth’s atmosphere in the following weeks.

According to a report from NASA, such an impact would have triggered a blizzard-like, week-long meteor storm on Earth—yet there are no accounts of such a storm in any known historical record, including the European, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Korean astronomical archives. Withers reported his analysis and other tests of the hypothesis in this month’s issue of Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

According to many, if we want to explain what the monks saw from a scientific perspective, then the most plausible explanation is that the monks probably witnessed a massive meteor blow up in the atmosphere.

From the monk’s observational point—and only from there.

It would have looked as if the moon had exploded, while people from elsewhere would have spotted the phenomenon but only as a bright shooting star.

Paul Withers of the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory concluded:

“I calculate that this would cause a week-long meteor storm comparable to the peak of the 1966 Leonids,” he said. Ten million tons of rock showering the entire Earth as pieces of ejecta about a centimeter across (inch-sized fragments) for a week is equivalent to 50,000 meteors each hour. And they would be very bright, very easy to see, at magnitude 1 or magnitude 2. It would have been a spectacular sight to see! Everyone around the world would have had the opportunity to see the best fireworks show in history.”

“I think they happened to be at the right place at the right time to look up in the sky and see a meteor that was directly in front of the moon, coming straight towards them.”

“That would explain why only five people are recorded to have seen it. Imagine being in Canterbury on that June evening and seeing the moon convulse and spray hot, molten rock into space.”

“The memories of it would live with you for the rest of your life.”
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