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Teaching the Controversy | Clinton Caught Cheating at the Debates, Weird Eyes Again, Side by Side Ear Pics, and Initial Survey Data from YouTube Audience

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I almost didn't post this article because it's so wildly sensational. But on Thursday night I saw Fox News do a segment about almost all the items listed below in an effort to debunk them. 

Usually, when the mainstream media gets involved in the conspiracy theory debunking business it means that (a) the story is gaining popularity and some kind of media spin is needed, and (b) there might be something to the theories. 

One thing I noticed while watching the debates was the way color was used. Blue was the most prevalent color, which has the effect of lulling one into a state of acceptance and passivity—something that is a well known psychologically. Red has the polar opposite effect, acting as a stimulator. Clinton was wearing very bright red clothing, which seemed to be part of a subtle conditioning tactic to get people to think she is strong, safe, and secure, oppose to Donald who was wearing a blue tie. The powers that be know about these effects and this event seemed to be layered with subtle conditioning devices to get people to switch from Trump to Clinton. 

For my part, I don't think voting for either of them will do much but shuffle some chairs on a sinking ship. Regardless of who we vote for, the shadow government always wins. And the argument that we need to vote for one person so another person doesn't get into power hasn't been too effective. 

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Of course, as with all things, discernment is advisable. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. " – Aristotle

- Justin

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by Dr. Reich, September 29th 2016

Many weird happenings follow the Clintons around everywhere they go.  in this particular one she's blatantly caught signaling debate moderator Lester Holt.  She's clearly got a wire on her back, and as far as I can tell she's not supposed to have it.  Her eyes go very wonky and there appears to be a sloppy edit done afterwards.  Respect to my Removing the Shackles friends who found me an ear picture to compare against a younger Hillary.  We'll see if it matches.
I would appreciate your participation in the Hillary Clinton guessing game. Please take the survey, which only takes 2 min.
Next, if you're new to this series it's actually the 12th post in the series.  I also have several satirical pieces on the blog.  Don't just dive in and say we are full of shit if you haven't watched at least the recap video and read the story.

Clinton has something handed to Holt (dude with papers is back right)
Clinton gives hand signals to Lester during debate for his intervention.

Clinton has wire and box tucked under pant suit
Clinton freezes during airplane conference.  Footage seems edited.

James Woods had previously exposed her use of an earpiece on Twitter, but that WAS NOT at the Presidential Debate.  Please notice the necklace.  Apparently she just likes red pant suits.
Here's the ear photo from the debate.
Here's a profile shot from a few years back-
Here's your side by side.
What's it mean?  Well the match looks very good to me.  Could it be surgically altered?  Yes.  Is there a non-zero chance, even if very small, she's a clone?  Yes.  So, it's a data point.  File it away, but you can for certain put it in the non-body double side for the debate.
After I asked you all for your thoughts on who showed up at the debate this is what came up so far.
For the clone theory diehards and those that want to check out the theory I'm posting thislink.
Here's a shot of a woman I believe is Double-2 (from Orlando event).  You'll note she's careful about showing her ears.  Here are more images from that day on Getty images.
Added a little bit to the Youtube Page and started a Twitter Account.
Here's the voice over.

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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. " – Aristotle

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