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CGI Errors in 9/11 Footage? Examining the Evidence and Walking the Path of the Razor's Edge

by Justin Deschamps

A reader sent me a short video of Flight 175 crashing into the south WTC building on September 11th, 2001, which has some peculiarities that suggest it could be CGI or special effects. After doing some more research to discern what was presented, I found a second compelling video. But as one would expect from this kind of research, nothing is certain.

In the first video, the left-hand side of the plane's wing appears to weave impossibly between a building in the background that looks like it is behind the South Tower.

The video presenter states the only plausible explanation is that the video was fabricated, but is this true?

In the second video, the aircraft approaches from the left-hand side and a large portion of the wing disappears just before making contact with the tower.

Here is the first video with the plane's wing weaving through two buildings.

Here is the second video of the wing disappearing before impact.


In my search to verify these claims, I found the following debunking of some of the data presented in the first video.

Take a look before I offer comment.

The debunker's perspective explanation seems plausible in reference to the building's placement in relation to the Towers—unless they fabricated Google Earth data. But there are two other points from the first video in this article that the debunker didn't comment on.

Watching the first video again at the 01:13 to 01:16 mark, the left-hand wingtip of Flight 175 disappears or dematerializes into a blue sky. Later in the video at the 02:00 mark, the right-hand wingtip similarly dematerializes into the corner ridge of the tower just before it crashes.

Take another look.

I can't claim to be a video professional. Like many of you, I am just someone trying to understand the truth.

It could be that for this second video, the two other anomalies cited could be video compression effects, wherein the process of making the video size smaller, footage is distorted causing sections of color to overlap. Anyone who has watched videos online has probably seen this kind of effect before.

Here's an emphasized example:

Another explanation is that the original theory of CGI video fabrication could still be true, even though the building placement explanation appears to be valid.

The second video in this article showed a similar type of strangeness, as Flight 175's wing momentarily disappeared before hitting the South Tower. But I was unable to find any debunking material to explain this effect.

Conclusions on CGI Planes

For those seeking definitive answers on the CGI question, I have none to offer.

Assuming the videos were fabricated and then used by the propaganda media, it was probably done as part of the false flag event.

However, I am not suggesting that planes didn't hit the towers at all, as some have put forward. Although considering I was not personally there to witness the event, I can't discount this from being a possibility.

Taking into account that false flag attacks are psychological warfare campaigns by design, then it stands to reason those behind the event would want to ensure the footage they needed to cause the maximum fear would be used by the media. Instead of leaving this critical moment to chance, they could have manufactured video evidence to ensure that people who were glued to their television screens on that day saw movie-like scenes of carnage and mayhem in news reports.

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BBC Reports Collapse of WTC 7 Before it Happens

Of course, don't forget the BBC reported that the Solomon Brothers Building WTC 7 collapsed before it actually happened.

Here's that infamous clip.

The BBC cut the video feed claiming it was due to a scheduled satellite loss of signal. They also claim that the news report that led to the story was received in error. But to add to the confusion, the BBC also "lost" the original news tapes, which were later found after being misplaced in the wrong storage rack.

Jane Standley was the BBC reporter who made the early WTC 7 collapse report. She claims that arguably the most glaringly obvious piece of evidence suggesting 9/11 was a false flag attack was nothing more than journalistic error.

Why Revisit the Past?

While the September 11th event is one of the most well acknowledged false flag attacks of our age, a deplorable example of clandestine machinations against the people of Earth, as truth seekers, we must strive to know reality with specificity or laser-like precision. And the whole truth about what happened that day is still a mystery.

Our skills as truth seekers can be improved as we strive to reconcile all data points made available through experience, forming a clear and highly refined tapestry of understanding.

Discernment is the process of taking all data and discovering how it is assembled to form the whole truth. The more aptly we can lay claim to the truth the more empowered we are as a result. Therefore, it isn't unproductive to contemplate well-established stories like this one.

The Path of the Razor's Edge

The path of the razor's edge is a gnostic concept which states that walking the path of truth is a dangerous one. It is like walking on a bridge the thickness of a razor's edge, with an abyss on either side. Each step we make needs to be placed carefully, else we will fall off the narrow path of truth. It is the recognition that the truth is precise and if we are to be empowered in life, our knowledge of the truth must also be precise.

If our comprehension of the truth is a photograph, then the more resolution it has the more detail can be seen. Similarly, our knowledge is an image of reality, one that we make clear through dedication and persistence of thought.

In other words, the path of the razor's edge is the ideal of striving for perfect knowledge of the truth. It requires us to constantly re-examine our beliefs, behaviors, and conclusions so that we are always making perfect our knowledge—an alchemical allegory of turning led into gold.

Here is a brief description that describes the founding principles.
Gnosis is called the path of the razor’s edge because to live with the level of integrity indicated by these teachings is a rare and refined path in this day and age. The experiential knowledge of Alchemy, Kabbalah, Esoteric Psychology, and Meditation can transform our common level of consciousness into the level of a Buddha, an Angel, a Master. This transformation, though, does not come about merely through beliefs and concepts or the acquisition of further research, book study, titles, and exoteric degrees. We are speaking of a total psychological transformation, a revolution of consciousness. Such transformation requires attention, guidance, progressive development, and the imparting of certain keys. (Source)
One who walks this path seeks to know what they don't know. One who strives for truth must be humbled by their own nescience. And a fool for wisdom is an adept of the divine.

Who would have thought 9/11 CGI videos could have such a profound spiritual lesson?

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

- Justin 

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