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Band Blink-182 Broke Up Over Leaked UFO John Podesta Emails & Delonge Admits he Worked with Military Industrial Complex Asset about "Watertown" or Area 51 (Video)

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by Emily Zanotti, October 10th 2016

Millennials may not care that Hillary Clinton’s husband spent most of his Presidency searching out hot chicks, but they may be interested to know that Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, appears to have been instrumental in breaking up everyone’s favorite band from their angsty high school days, Blink-182.

According to a trove of emails from Podesta’s private account, which Wikileaks obtained and published on Friday, Podesta and the band’s lead singer Tom DeLonge, routinely corresponded about UFO theories, with DeLonge even inviting Podesta to take part in DC-based UFO conferences and meet with UFO experts.
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The emails, which date from 2015, show DeLonge telling Podesta that he had information “relating to our sensitive topic” (UFOs), and that DeLonge has military advisers that he’d like Podesta to meet when everyone is in DC.
“I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic,” DeLonge writes. “Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics. Other words, these are A-Level officials. Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way out to you.”
Podesta didn’t respond by email, but further communications reveal that DeLonge wanted to meet Podesta “casually,” and “in person,” and that Podesta had worked with DeLonge on a UFO documentary, reportedly due out in 2017.

Both Podesta and DeLonge are long-time armchair UFO investigators. Podesta told the New York Times that his biggest regret from the Obama Administration is that he was unable to get to the bottom of the government’s UFO knowledge. He’s said that he will pressure a Hillary Clinton administration to come clean about what exactly happens at Area 51 in Roswell, Nevada — and she reportedly agrees.

DeLonge’s UFO obsession was what reportedly broke up Blink-182, which released a new album July 1, 2016, but with a different lead singer. He spent hours doing his own research, and claiming to work with “at least ten people,” which alienated his bandmates and led to speculation that DeLonge was paranoid, or suffered from a mental illness.

When the two other members of Blink-182, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, gave DeLonge an ultimatum — lose the aliens and stick with the band for six months so they could produce another studio album — DeLonge picked the aliens.

When DeLonge published an alien investigation novel in April, VICE investigated DeLonge’s claims of speaking with high-profile members of the American government and couldn’t pin down exactly who was passing DeLonge his information.

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It seems like it might have been John Podesta — and if it was, it’s possible he’s to blame for DeLonge’s obsession and the band’s eventual breakup (though the new album seems to be doing quite well, even without the original lead singer).

[In this preview for Tom Delunge's "Sekret Machines" Documentary, he admits to having met with military industrial complex assets and subsequently visited areas learning of the UFO cover-up, Special Access Programs, and a history of government secrecy going back at least 70 years.]

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Source - Las Vegas Now

Tom Delonge looks to lift veil of UFO secrecy
by Staff Writer, May 6th 2016

The UFO mystery has inspired so many movies, books and tabloid TV shows, it is difficult to discern whether there was ever evidence it might be real. That is no accident according to a rock star-turned UFO investigator.

This is a topic where it is very tough to separate wheat from chaff. A lot of information is simply concocted. A lot of disinformation can be traced directly to government agencies that cannot seem to make up their minds.

What if someone came along and offered them a way out of the corner in which they've painted themselves?

Tom Delonge has done that, and he says he's been told some pretty amazing things.

The atmosphere is laid back at the headquarters of Delonge's To the Stars transmedia company. The store sells all manner of merchandise related to the UFO theme. Delonge's sister Kari is the product manager and keeps the former Blink 182 front man somewhat in line.

“That's the seat where I sit and say, ‘I've got an idea.’ And, she goes, ‘Get out of my office,’” he said.

Flying saucer imagery is everywhere in the building. Delonge's office is packed with mementos from fans and spacy keepsakes. He lived the life of a rock star and admits he's said and done some crazy stuff, but is serious about efforts to pierce the veil of UFO secrecy.

“Why it's been kept secret? When we bring that out, people are going to step back and go, ‘Whoa. Holy cow. Now, we understand,’” he said.

Delonge has made his own pilgrimages to Nevada's UFO Mecca, Area 51 – camping out so he could record images of whatever is flying around out there.

The plot of his first book, Sekret Machines, culminates around the Groom Lake facility. But, he learned much more by introducing himself to a few music fans who happened to work for a defense contractor with a long history at Area 51. That conversation led to NASA, the military and a shadowy group of about a dozen “deep throat” insiders who now give Delonge information.

“Not only do I know for a fact that there are groups, high level groups, within the DOD and national security divisions of our country; not only do I know it is real, you know, I am starting to get a clear picture of why it is kept secret,” he said.

That reason is global security. The U.S. government has been all over the map on UFOs. In classified documents written before public records laws existed, the topic was a legitimate concern.

Since then, the military has officially ridiculed flying saucers and denies having any ongoing interest. The interest is very real, Delonge says, and ongoing. He offered his advisors a chance to tell their story through him, a bit at a time. So, what have they told him?

“He says, ‘We found a life form,’” Delonge said. “’We found a life form,’ and then that conversation changed my life.”
“I was told there were crashes. We took that, probably got pretty freaked out, pretty scared. We scurried it away; created what they call a pickup game of counterintelligence to keep people away from asking hard questions we didn’t know the answers to; and we created a crash program, much bigger than the Manhattan Project, to figure out how this stuff worked and how to build our own defense system against it should there be more,” he said.

Delonge says he was told there was a plan to release the information over time, but the trigger was never pulled. Decades passed. Disinformation was sewn to defuse public interest.

The Nevada desert really is a place where ultra-exotic technology has been tested, but he was told there are other locations like Area 51, places unknown to the public, some in Nevada.

So, why him? He has a platform with young people, and because the time seems right.

“One of the reasons why it works is, like you said, they have been backed into a corner and need a way for this to get out,” he said.

Lead email from Tom

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