Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BREAKING: Wikileaks Releases Fourth And Fifth Batch Of John Podesta Emails -- Clinton Lied about LGBT Support and Used Corrupt Funding, and More

Source - We Are Change

by Aaron Kesel, October 12th 2016

It all began last Friday, when the International Whistle-Blower Organization Wikileaks began releasing a new series of email leaks of Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. Assange has adamantly began leaking a couple thousand of emails a day. Assange pledges he has 50,000 emails in his possession, all of which he says will be released by November before the Election. Today Wikileaks released it’s fourth and fifth batch of John Podesta Emails totaling the number of emails released so far to be 7,199.

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So far Wikileaks has revealed collusion between journalists and the Clinton Campaign, coordination between the DOJ and Hillary’s closest circles, as well as coordination between the State Department, Illegal campaign coordination and John Podesta’s own obsession with UFOs.

It was also revealed that Hillary Clinton said in an email that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS, which she has still taken money from a country she believes is sponsoring ISIS, a terrorist organization while a few months back it was revealed the Saudis had a connection to 911. Hillary was also painted as hating everyday American citizens by John Podesta in the latest leak. Hillary’s hate of everyday American’s is also expressed by leaked Goldman Sachs transcripts in which she says that everyone needs a private and public opinion which she showed by saying she was for LGBT when in reality she wasn’t and it was just a persona. Which essentially means lie to your voters, sell them out for high paying donors in politics.

As we all sit and sift through these emails we will keep you up to date on what is found as journalist from all over the globe comb through these emails. Check out the breakdown on the previous three releases revelations. We are not supporting Donald Trump, we are non-biased against all political corruption and are just reporting the facts. We are all eagerly awaiting to see if Julian Assange has that smoking gun email that exposes how corrupt Hillary Clinton really is. Wikileaks tweeted an article on how Clinton friends cashed in on the Haiti earthquake which in a recent interview with Theova Milfort, a Haitian activist, Theova said the same thing, that the Clinton’s raped his country of its natural resources and jobs. Does Julian Assange have the email that can put Hillary Clinton behind bars? Does Julian Assange, have more then just John Podesta’s emails? Does he have the deleted emails that corrupt Hillary thought were gone?

Help us out if you see something major in the latest leak, say something! Use the hashtag #PodestaEmails4 or email me at or email our editor and chief Andrew Meyer to point us in the right direction, so we can get the story’s that matter most to you. The mainstream media won’t report on it, but we will. Remember We Are Change, and without you, we are nothing!
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Source - The Event Chronicle

by RT Staff Writer, October 12th 2016

WikiLeaks has released the fifth batch of emails from the private account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, containing 673 messages.

This is the first time the whistleblower website has published two batches of the Podesta emails in the same day, following the release of 1,193 messages earlier on Wednesday.

In August 2015, Podesta urged Clinton aide Jake Sullivan to take a “free trip to Taiwan with [Tom] Daschle”, referring to former US Senator from South Dakota who worked as a Washington lobbyist.
When Sullivan replied “I think we’re okay!” Podesta shot back, “Don’t be such a scrooge. One of your kids might like a free trip.”
When Dan Schwerin sends along a 515-word draft for a speech for Iowa, in January 2016, Clinton aide Huma Abedin replies with, “you know i love you people very much and you are the smartest minds in america but this is LONG. this will be impossible to nail without a podium.”

Podesta responds with, “How did we get from 45 seconds to this?”

Source: RT News
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