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Alien and Military Abduction: More than a Journal Entry - An Exploration of the Phenomenon of Abduction and Human Experimentation

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal,  October 2nd 2016

In the past I have written on my history of experiences with what many refer to as alien abduction. Those who read about such subject matters may know how unpleasant and life-altering these experiences can be. Moreover, when these abductions span the course of a lifetime and contribute to numerous physical health issues, they take on a whole new dynamic entirely.

Over the past few weeks, I have had numerous synchronistic experiences which gradually convinced me that it was time to write on this topic once again. Among these synchronistic occurrences, was the repetition of the idea that there may have been much more to my abduction ordeals than just unpleasant medical procedures performed by Greys. I would learn that there was a complexity of cooperate politics behind these experiences which I had not initially known.

It is never easy to write on these subjects. This is not only due to the level of personal vulnerability they require, but to the various experiences I commonly have as a result. These are particularly unpleasant in nature and take a good while to recover from. However, the enormous amount of growth that these writings seem to provide goes far beyond any negative repercussion that might result.

There have been numerous reliable sources which have simultaneously covered this topic of abduction which have shed new light on the true nature of this phenomenon. Consequently, I chose to evaluate my own experiences in terms of new whistleblower testimony. As it turns out, there may be much more to these abductions than even I was aware of.

Understanding the Phenomenon

Many will know my story of past abduction experiences and how for the majority of my life, my body and mind were not completely my own. I would wake up in states of extreme panic for no apparent reason. Sometimes strange pains and spots of blood would appear on my skin over night with no explanation. Some mornings I would wake to realize that my back was hurting. I would then look into the mirror to realize that my pain was accompanied by small pin-sized scars near the center of my back. The most telling of my experiences was waking up at night to realize that I was being carried out of my room by 6 to 8 Greys.

These experiences would leave many scars, most of which were completely unseen. Yet despite the trauma that I faced for the majority of my life, I found these experiences to be a collective catalyst for accelerated awakening and expansion of my conscious awareness. After I had come to terms with these nighttime occurrences, I would realize that all of the stories I had heard over the years on television and in movies about abduction were based on true events. I would later learn that there was much more to my ordeal than any Hollywood production could depict.

Cosmic Disclosure: The Message for Humankind

In both past and recent episodes of the Comic Disclosure series on the network, the subject of MILAB, or military abduction program was addressed. This was a program which selected children at young ages to be groomed for different purposes, whether for use in military operations, or for simple human experimentation purposes. These abductions were carried out in various ways and took on a number of characteristics. Overall, these programs would turn out to be much more harmful than they were helpful in the lives of any of the children they affected.

In the early to mid-2015, the online world would be greeted with the ground-shaking revelations of Corey Goode who was the first of several credible whistleblowers to come forward with information on their experiences in special access programs both in space and here on Earth. These programs would deal with matters ranging from classified science, to communications with E.T. intelligence, and even creating advanced technology to be used in the operations of what is termed the Secret Space Program.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Validating the History of the Secret Space Programs- With Dr. Bob Wood

One of the subjects Goode spoke on was this MILAB program. During different episodes, Goode would further share that these programs included an ongoing effort that involved both human participants as well as various E.T. groups, and could account for a number of the abduction experiences which some people reported having. Below is an excerpt from an early episode of the Cosmic Disclosure series in which David Wilcock and Corey Goode discuss the subject of what many within the off-world community refer to as the “Grand Experiment.”
CG : Okay. For me, it started at the age of six years old when I was brought into what is known as the MILAB, some pronounced it MILAB programs. I was identified as an intuitive empath.

DW : What does that mean exactly ?

CG : Intuitive, you have a deep intuition of things that are possibly about to happen.

DW : So like psychic ability ?

CG : Yeah, precognitive abilities. And empathic, being that you have a strong emotional connection with others around you. You can feel what they're feeling and connect with them emotionally. That was a skill-set that was desired. And I was trained, and that was enhanced. And it was enhanced to a point where I was around 12 or 13 years old, me and a few of the people that I was training with, being brought into a program to we were what they called IE support for the Earth delegation in a super federation. And this was a federation of a large amount of ET federations that met to discuss the grand experiment.

DW : What was this experiment? What were these ETs doing?

CG : There was a group of 40 human-looking ETs that were pretty much always present, and up to 60 at other times that were present. There were 22 genetic programs that were going on.

DW : What does that mean ? What's a genetic program ?

CG : Programs of them mixing their genetics and manipulating our genetics.

DW : That was ongoing ?

CG : Yes, it's ongoing right now. And this is what this was all about. And the earth delegates had been trying to become a part of this for a long time. And they were finally able to get a seat. And as the intuitive empaths, when we were sitting there, we didn't know what was going on. Because a lot of what was going on was happening in this ancient ET language that's real monotone that we didn't understand. And some of what was going on was going on telepathically. So we were just sitting there, and we were given this device that was a glass smart pad – that's kind of like an iPad - that had access to the ET, basically, database. And we were told to keep our minds occupied by looking through all this material, and this also helped us with our intuitive empath abilities in detecting danger or deception.

DW : What kind of stuff were you able to look at on these pads ?

CG : It was, mainly they wanted us looking at the information about these 22 genetic experiments that were going on, but we had access to all types of other information. And depending on, each of us - we all had own interests - we would look at all kinds of information. And there's so much information that I looked at, it's almost like looking back at your college days, all the books that you read and all the information you looked at. How much of it do you retain? You know, like that? There was just so much information.
The various disclosures on were among the numerous sources which convinced me that there was much more to learn on the topic of abduction. They would teach me that to a large extent, someone or some group was planning these events which have created numerous challenges in my life. I would realize that among many people, my DNA (and possibly many other aspects of my being) was somehow interesting enough to study (not that I consider that interest a blessing, by any means).

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