Friday, September 23, 2016

UFO and Orb Contactee's -- September 23rd, 7pm PST | Hosted by Yvonne Palermo, with Derrick Faust, ChucksTer, and Justin Deschamps

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I will be co-hosting a radio show this evening with Yvonne Palermo on the topic of UFO and Orb contactees, joined by our guests Derrick Faust and the ChucksTer. 

To listen live to the show use the below link.

When the show begins (7pm PST), the below Spreaker player will display the current show and stream the audio live. Be sure to refresh the page after the show begins in order to initiate the live stream.
- Justin
Source - Groovie Bean

HONORED TO SIT WITH WHAT I CALL FAMILY! Discussion on Orbs & then some!!

Derrick Faust
     Orb Inter-dimensional Contactee:: youtube channel Derrickslightfriends

Charles Raymond Pemberton
    Intergalactic Rock Warrior, orb being/UFO experiencer
    Media manager for FDN Youtube channel, lover of cats, and
    student of the truth!
    from Walloon LK Michigan
        Age 39
    I work with my parents doing window cleaning. Family business . reluctant slave labor.
    My orb/UFO experiences
    A few early sightings when i was a kid. once at 12-13, saw one over head camping.
    saw a couple of times as a teenager.
    About two years ago i got an urge to download youtube videos and learn about everything
    i was ever interested in. I watched everything i could find on the wars, Nazi camps,Guantanamo
    bay, dinos, animals. was always disturbed by the way people violates nature. I finally
    came to topics like UFOs and crop circles, the UFO community in general. 
    Now i believe i was guided to the information.
       When i started learning I went out to see if i could see a ufo :::P and i DID! almost right away
    It was an orb star light like im seeing now, only i didnt know what it was then.
    Eventually, they would start to subtly appear in little bright flashes in the sky at certain moments.
    then, I would see them cruisin ! I started seeing them openly when i started going out for 11:11
        my birthday, the blue streaks
    lots of distinct little behaviors I've witnessed. blinkers, flashers, little teleporters, streaks, half speed streaks,
    power ups, response to thoughts.
    the incredible day time sighting over petoskey. david lee roth and skittles were involved..
    and the enthusiastic greeting that night
        Ongoing nightly sightings since like half way through may. going on, like 4 months by the time the show is going to be on.
    The thought forms i send to them
    Lucid dreams where i would see lots of will things in the sky, blue spheres etc.
    information that comes from others...

Justin Deschamps
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