Saturday, September 3, 2016

SpaceX Rocket Explosion Linked to Secret Space War

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) We covered some this story yesterday, concluding that at least one of the objects captured in the footage was most likely a bird. Although it seems unfathomable that this could be the case, the study of optics as it relates to the speed of objects captured on film provides one with the basis to understand this point of view. 

In short, the reason why the object captured looks like it is moving so fast is because it is closer to the camera than the other birds seen on the film. This is one possible explanation. 

Many who viewed the original video assumed that the UFO was near the SpaceX rocket, but this remains unconfirmed. We do know that there were birds at the launch site, as shown by the below video, but the distance of this birds in relation to the camera is also unclear. 

This means that making a definitive conclusion for or against is not tenable. But we can speculate on what things could be given a set of conceptual premises otherwise known as assumptions. 

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But in general, our interest is in the process of truth discovery, not its ultimate end. As such consider the following from Dr. Michael Salla.

Dr. Salla provides other perspectives that assume the object is a spacecraft of some kind, theorizing why it destroyed the rocket and what possible benefit this could have.

- Justin

Source - Exopolitics

by Dr. Michael Salla, September 2nd 2016

A series of video frames taken of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion on September 1 show two UFOs in the vicinity, just before and during the failed pre-launch test. The video frames are hard evidence linking the SpaceX explosion to an alleged space war being fought between rival secret space programs according to whistleblower Corey Goode.

The SpaceX rocket was carrying a $150 million satellite belonging to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who was quick to tweet his disappointment:

Elon Musk tweeted an initial analysis that only identified where the explosion took place:

Screen capture of video showing close up of UFO
seen during SpaceX explosion. Source: 
Jim Stone
According to investigative reporter, Jim Stone, the way in which one of the UFOs interacted with the rocket just as it exploded suggests it was an attack, and not a case of a fuel tank breach in the upper stage:
This explosion started at the top of the rocket, right where the UFO was, and not near the bottom, where virtually all rocket explosions start. No malfunction caused this, if this started at the top of the rocket only a fuel tank breach in an upper stage that was not being tested could have caused this, and that means the rocket was most likely shot with something.
The attack was intended to prevent the satellite reaching Earth orbit to perform a nefarious purpose, Stone stated:
Before it blew up, a UFO showed up, fired something at the rocket, and then quickly flew away. The image here shows the UFO quite clearly. If Spacex can’t explain what this UFO is, then I am going to say that either off world help arrived to keep Facebook grounded or white hats in American intelligence destroyed this rocket to keep something evil from being launched.
An analysis of 10 frames from the video of the explosion (see BBC video below) show two UFOs appearing just before the rocket test, and one flying just above the rocket as it explodes.

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