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Download ALL of Nikola Tesla’s PATENTS (pdf)

Source - Ancient Code

by Ivan, August 2016

Have you ever wanted to go through all of Nikola Tesla’s patents? This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the world and mind of Nikola Tesla and go through all of his patents. Download all of Tesla’s inventions and go through the work of the man who electrified the world.

Nikola Tesla is commonly said to be the man who ‘electrified the world.’ But honestly, Tesla did more than just electrify the world. He is the man who envisioned the future and what our planet should look like before anyone else.

His ideas and projects were incomparable to anything over a hundred years ago, and many argue that still today, we have not caught up with all of Tesla’s ideas.

He was a futuristic mind that invented over one hundred years ago, the foundation of today’s technology.

Have you ever wondered about Tesla and what would have happened if the genius never existed?

It is questionable where our technology would be today.

In fact, if Tesla had not invented and patented everything he did one hundred years ago, today we would not have: Radio, Television, AC electricity, X-Rays, Radar, Microwaves, the Tesla Coil, Radio controlled devices, robotics, and hundreds of other things that make up today’s way of life.

Before anyone else, Nikola Tesla envisioned the world where mankind has access to limitless and free energy.

Among one of Tesla’s most controversial patents, which not many people are aware of is his anti-electromagnetic field drive or Space Drive which basically allowed the formation of what we today call ufos.

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Most people agree that had Tesla not been censored the way he was, we would be traveling among the stars by now, colonizing other world and enjoying free energy.

He was one of the most revolutionary inventors the world has ever seen.

After Tesla’s death, the United States Government rushed to find all of his research papers, and notes before anyone else would get their hands on them.

According to reports, Sava Kosanovic, Tesla’s nephew reported that before the arrival of the OAP, someone accessed Tesla’s belongings and tool ‘ an unknown amount of Tesla’s personal notes, and research papers.

In this article we bring you a fascinating file of ALL of Nikola Teslas registered U.S. patents which are also freely available at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

But, instead of searching and going through Tesla’s patents one by one, we present you all of his revolutionary patents in a single file.

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