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Vatican Connections to the Dakota Access Pipeline and Truth that We're "All Enemies of the State" - The Standoff between Corporate Kleptocracy and the Enduring Spirit of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The native peoples of America and elsewhere in the world are considered "conquered" within most countries and their respective legal systems. This status allows these oppressed people the right to occupy their land but not exercise any discretionary power over it. In other words, they are tenants on the land their forefathers spent generations caring for. 

The legal instruments that make the Dakota Access Pipeline possible trace their origins back to the Vatican, under what is called the Doctrine of Discovery. These are a set of decrees known as Papal Bulls, which declare that in order to preserve and save every soul on Earth, all living creatures and their lands are subject to the authority of the Roman Pontiff—which includes the oppression of all people and creatures under the guise of spiritual benevolence.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article detailing these connections to the Vatican, which are applicable to the Dakota discussion. Here is an excerpt. 
Vatican and Roman Curia Law is Recognized and Adhered to in All Countries

For those who may not be aware, the existing legal structure of contracts, constitutions, letters patent, and treaties between and in nearly every nation on the planet is founded on the Roman Curia. What this means is that the Vatican, and the Pope as the figurehead, are the centralized head of all corporate bodies on the planet. This is not acknowledged by the media or even spoken of within schools of so-called law.

But by their deeds we shall know them, that is to say, there is well-documented legal case precedent that proves nations are beholden to the Vatican.

This is not some wild conspiracy theory.

As an example of this, consider the Doctrine of Discovery, which is a series of Papal Bulls or edicts that provided the legal basis for the colonization of the planet during the late Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment. The United States and many other so-called independent nations acknowledge and adhere to the doctrine when dealing with legal matters in their local jurisdictions.

Incorporation of nations (which occurs via letters patent, treaties, and constitutions), connect to the Vatican, on one level, because these founding documents do not rebut the Papal Pull Unam Sanctam (1302 CD), by Pope Boniface VIII, which states: “We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman pontiff.” (Source)

What this means is that the Vatican claims supreme authority of all authorities on the planet and unless this claim is rebutted, it stands as a cured fact in law. Since none of the nations on Earth have rebutted this claim within their founding documents, they acknowledge, via implied consent, the authority of Unam Sanctam. This means they are vassals of the Vatican, beholden to it, and subject to its decrees.

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Here is an excerpt from the article, The Papal Bulls’ Infamous Legacy: “Doctrine of Discovery,” by Dr. Nancy Ash, set to be published in issue 4 of The Sovereign Voice, which unequivocally proves that the U.S. (and all other nations via admiralty and maritime law) is subject to the Vatican and Roman Curia. 
"In other words, per United States property law in use today, Indian nations are still subject to this ultimate authority of the “first nation of Christendom” (based on the issuance of old Papal Bulls) to claim possession of a given expanse of “discovered” Indian lands. This means that they don’t hold title to their own “discovered” territory. Therefore, indigenous people are still declared as only tenants “occupying” their beloved ancestral homeland—bullThe widespread use of the antiquated, false Doctrine of Discovery in American law means that the U.S. is a vassal of the Vatican. Therefore, the Vatican actually controls corporate entities such as the United States, via Roman Curia law (the administrative apparatus of the Holy See). This is an outdated religious-cultural judiciary logic that has provided a framework for influencing contemporary legal, social, intellectual and major policy decisions. Think about it realistically, cases are still being decided based on the norms codified in early nineteenth century considerations of doctrinal discovery.
This is evident as recently as in 2005, during a U.S. case, City of Sherill v Oneida Indian Nation of New York. The court ruled that “under the ‘doctrine of discovery,’ fee title to the lands occupied by Indians when the colonists arrived became vested in the sovereign - first the discovering European nation...and later the original States and the United States.” [Bolding emphasis added.] 
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This means that the government's current policy with respect to the Dakota natives and their protests is that of an occupying force. The US government conquered the local tribes during western expansion and the natives only enjoy rights as a conquered people—enemies of the state. In short, everything the US government is doing is legal within the present existing structure and traces itself back to the Vatican as its source. All made possible by the Doctrine of Discovery. 

But wait, it gets worse. 

Everyone is an Enemy of the State

The US government's position of treating people as enemies of the state goes beyond just Native Americans. Every citizen of the US is considered an enemy of the state, because on March 9th, 1933, The Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 was amended to include the general citizenry. Prior to this, the citizens were considered subjects of the federal government under a commonwealth system originally developed after the Roman Pontiff declared ownership of all souls on Earth. 

The following proclamation by Roosevelt explicitly defines the people as enemies. 
Proclamation 2039 - Declaring Bank HolidayMarch 6, 1933 By the President of the United States of AmericaA Proclamation 
Whereas there have been heavy and unwarranted withdrawals of gold and currency from our banking institutions for the purpose of hoarding; and
Whereas continuous and increasingly extensive speculative activity abroad in foreign exchange has resulted in severe drains on the Nation's stocks of gold; and

Whereas those conditions have created a national emergency; and

Whereas it is in the best interests of all bank depositors that a period of respite be provided with a view to preventing further hoarding of coin, bullion or currency or speculation in foreign exchange and permitting the application of appropriate measures to protect the interests of our people; and 
Whereas it is provided in Section 5 (b) of the Act of October 6, 1917 (40 Stat. L. 411), as amended, "That the President may investigate, regulate, or prohibit, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, by means of licenses or otherwise, any transactions in foreign exchange and the export, hoarding, melting, or earmarkings of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency . . ."; and

Whereas it is provided in Section 16 of the said Act "That whoever shall willfully violate any of the provisions of this Act or of any license, rule, or regulation issued thereunder, and whoever shall willfully violate, neglect, or refuse to comply with any order of the President issued in compliance with the provisions of this Act, shall, upon conviction, be fined not more than $10,000, or, if a natural person, imprisoned for not more than ten years, or both . . .";

Now, Therefore I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, in view of such national emergency and by virtue of the authority vested in me by said Act and in order to prevent the export, hoarding, or earmarking of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency, do hereby proclaim, order, direct and declare that from Monday, the Sixth day of March, to Thursday, the Ninth day of March, Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-three, both dates inclusive, there shall be maintained and observed by all banking institutions and all branches thereof located in the United States of America, including the territories and insular possessions, a bank holiday, and that during said period all banking transactions shall be suspended. During such holiday, excepting as hereinafter provided, no such banking institution or branch shall pay out, export, earmark, or permit the withdrawal or transfer in any manner or by any device whatsoever, of any gold or silver coin or bullion or currency or take any other action which might facilitate the hoarding thereof; nor shall any such banking institution or branch pay out deposits, make loans or discounts, deal in foreign exchange, transfer credits from the United States to any place abroad, or transact any other banking business whatsoever.

During such holiday, the Secretary of the Treasury, with the approval of the President and under such regulations as he may prescribe, is authorized and empowered (a) to permit any or all of such banking institutions to perform any or all of the usual banking functions, (b) to direct, require or permit the issuance of clearing house certificates or other evidences of claims against assets of banking institutions, and (c) to authorize and direct the creation in such banking institutions of special trust accounts for the receipt of new deposits which shall be subject to withdrawal on demand without any restriction or limitation and shall be kept separately in cash or on deposit in Federal Reserve Banks or invested in obligations of the United States.

As used in this order the term "banking institutions" shall include all Federal Reserve Banks, national banking associations, banks, trust companies, savings banks, building and loan associations, credit unions, or other corporations, partnerships, associations or persons, engaged in the business of receiving deposits, making loans, discounting business paper, or transacting any other form of banking business.

The emergency powers invoked during the crisis of 1933 have never been relinquished. If one carefully reviews how the government has acted towards the citizenry over the past 80 years it should become clear that the people, in general, are the enemies of government. In fact, all elections within the US—specifically registering to vote—gives tacit consent to this false occupying government that replaced the organic republic long ago.

The American people have never enjoyed a truly de jure government, one made by and for the people. The constitution was only ratified by a handful of statesman and never submitted to the general public for approval—making it a de facto governing body. All the patriotic rhetoric we've heard over the centuries is part of an elaborate campaign to sell the now conquered people on the occupying force we call the government. By participating in government, we agree to our status as a conquered people—it's that simple. In fact, the US government—and nearly every other nation on the planet—are governments managed by and for the elite and hidden rulers of this world. The people of Earth, in general, are an enslaved, conquered race—this is the legal and lawful reality we face today. 

Voting for a new president, congressman or legal question won't change the overarching truth that the unlawful insurgent government itself remains in power. But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. 

The good news is that all governments are only as effective as the people who agree to participate in them. We've been deceived for generations to accept and work for these hidden powers, the very same people who get us to send our children to wars. The sobering truth is that by voting in government elections—of any kind—we provide consent or agreement to be ruled over by tyrants—this is a literal legal and lawful truth. Therefore the solution is to stop participating and begin the process of creating truly de jure social bodies. 

In our age of information, there is no reason why each individual's voice can't be heard and harmonized into a fair and honest social order. The governments of the future—if they are to be honorable and sustainable—must be run and managed by the people, not forced onto them via deceptive voting schemes and propaganda. The fact is, by our participating in these false governments, we help to enslave and oppress people everywhere—clearly something needs to change.

The Dakota Access Pipeline story highlights a problem every individual on planet Earth faces. Although people of all walks of life everywhere have been enslaved by the same system of false governance, the native peoples are still overtly treated as a conquered group—but as we just learned, this is the same for everyone. As a result, their plight can help spread awareness about the problems everyone on Earth faces, providing the basis for unity of all people everywhere.

We may like to think only the Dakota peoples are disenfranchised, but in truth, we're all united in that we are enslaved by the same fallacious system. The Vatican Papal Bulls define all living things as being subject to the Roman Pontiff, as such, in our pursuit of freedom and justice, we need to remember that we're all in this together. 

Don't think small; think big. 

Help spread awareness about the global issues raised through the Dakota Pipeline story. One day, the house slaves of the world who participate in tyranny will realize the truth, and seek for solutions. Those of us who see far down the path of time can take steps now to educate ourselves on what true law is so that fair, honest, and effective de jure systems of government can take the place of the despotic ones we've been oppressed by for generations. 

PS: I wanted to add an update about this story from September 12th, 2016. According to ABC news: 
A federal judge kept in place Monday a previous work-stoppage order on a small portion of the nearly 1,200-mile (1931 km) Dakota Access oil pipeline while federal agencies review construction permits for the site, which the Standing Rock Sioux tribe says is sacred ground.

But much has yet to be settled when it comes to the pipeline that'll run from North Dakota to Illinois, including whether the company will respond to the federal agencies' request for a voluntary, broader work stoppage in that area. - (Source)
- Justin

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, September 2nd 2016

The image of the peaceful protests seems to be commonplace in modern day media. We have witnessed protests against police violence, against systemic and societal racism, against rampant government corruption, and against the corporate destruction of the environment. All of these protests seem to have been placed in the media spotlight, at least to some extent. However, there is one specific protest which has largely been ignored by corporate media, and there may be a very specific reason as to why.

To a large degree, the topics of human rights and environmental responsibility have been overlooked in corporate media. It seems that unless an issue is useful in creating dramatic appeal and boosting ratings, it receives little or no attention. It seems that any coverage for such important issues as human rights is completely devoid of actual humanity, and the true motive of these reports is only exploitation of the plight of those in need. One specific story seems to be all but completely blacked out from the corporate media. This is, of course, the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Right to Exist

For the majority of the world's population, the general right to life is an absolute fact. By common definition of the any valid constitution (whether written or implied), the general right to live and to prosper has been a mainstay from ancient to modern times. However, in modern day America, this right has been habitually and increasingly denied. Here in the United States we find a government that only feigns the statutes of freedom, justice, and equality. This acting governance has historically violated and dismissed the rights of the people both domestically and abroad—using corporate wealth as a weapon against the impoverished.

The History and Culture of the Standing Rock Oyate

In third world countries across the world, this American governance has played accomplice to the crooked money launderers and corporate thieves of the world, standing by as these financial powers robbed the poor of what little livelihood they had. From Brazil to Venezuela to Syria and Ukraine, the American governance has overseen the financial ruin of millions of people, and assisted in the destruction of millions of hectares. This governance has stayed true to this assault upon human rights in the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The situation in North Dakota is significant not simply for one tribe of Natives, but for the entire United States, as well as all of those which government powers have exploited and abused. However, before we get to the details, let's gain a general understanding of the situation.

U.S. Government Bans Native American Tribe from Protesting on Their Own Land – Send In Police To Remove Protesters

Since April of this year, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe—along with a steadily growing congregation of supporters from other tribes—have taken up the resistance against a government which has historically and consistently abused and killed the ancestors of these people. This unified support from around the country consists of hundreds of members from numerous tribes, all who have pledged to protect the land from those who control the American government. These acting authorities seem to see this land as nothing more than a business venture—that which only exists to be used, abused, and exploited.

Dakota Access Pipeline Threat: What You Need to Know

The issues of this controversy go deep. However, despite the wide range of issues there are to the story, the corporate media seems to be lacking in its ability to report them in their entirety. Simply put, there is much more to this than has been presented, and we are here to get to the bottom of it. To start off, here is the website, Indian Country Today.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the International Indian Treaty Council have appealed to the United Nations for help in their fight against construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline under the Missouri River on Treaty lands a half-mile from the reservation.

“We specifically request that the United States Government impose an immediate moratorium on all pipeline construction until the Treaty Rights and Human Rights of the Standing Rock Tribe can be ensured and their free, prior and informed consent is obtained,” Chairman Dave Archambault and the Treaty Council said in their appeal to top U.N. human rights officials.

As a matter of extreme urgency, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Treaty Council jointly submitted an urgent action communication to four U.N. human rights Special Rapporteurs citing “ongoing threats and violations to the human rights of the Tribe, its members and its future generations.” The tribe’s water supply is threatened by construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, which was permitted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in late July, despite the objections of three federal agencies including the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

“Its proposed route is in close proximity to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and the Missouri River, the main source of water for the Tribe,” the appeal said of the $3.8 billion, 1,172-mile-long pipeline, which would wend its way through four states and carry up to half a billion barrels of oil daily from the Bakken oil fields. “This pipeline’s construction is being carried out without the Tribe’s free, prior and informed consent in direct contradiction to their clearly expressed wishes.”

“The Dakota Access Pipeline poses an imminent threat to the Missouri River due to potential contamination by oil spills directly impacting the Tribe’s drinking water,” the appeal continued. “Based on data from a large number of oil pipelines, spills of toxic oil are a near certainty. Most experts believe it is not a matter of if but when such a spill will contaminate the ground and river water upon which the Tribe depends.”

This explanation gives us a general idea of the ordeal in North Dakota. However, there is more to this story that must be uncovered. To add, here is a report from the news organization,Democracy Now with a special report on the plight of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman: Dakota Access Pipeline "Is Threatening the Lives of My Tribe"

So we see this situation initiated by the Energy Transfer Partners company and the Corp of Engineers. These organizations plan to construct an oil pipeline on Native land—specifically under the Missouri River—with no permission, and no formal request to the rightful owners of the land according to treaty standards. Though this represents a violation of human rights, violations such as this are sadly common in modern times, as the current establishment disregards the rights of the people and of the land to exist. Instead of honoring the rights of the people, this establishment habitually defaults to the wishes of large corporations which manipulate laws and regulations in their own favor while leaving the people to pay the taxes and clean the environmental turmoil these corporation leave in their wake.

Top Ten Abuses of Power Since 9/11

In recent history, we have watched both State and Federal Government walk on the rights of countless Americans with little signs of stopping. We've seen anti-Constitutional legislation dictated in the name of “national security” by way of the Patriot Act. We watched as our privacy was systematically violated in secret by the NSA for the same false reasoning. We watched as our trust was shattered when these NSA spying operations came to light along with the lies and cover-up which initially denied their existence. To add, we have seen our airports turned into virtual concentration camps, and our law enforcement transform into a domestic army deployed against the people.

URGENT Attention Needed: Homeland Security Pulls Water Supply of Dakota Protestors Despite Sweltering Heat (Appeal For International Observers)

We have watched this same violent governance punish these people for protesting on their own land. At the Dakota Access Pipeline, we have even seen military forces deployed against peaceful protesters under the claim that the state needed to be saved from these Natives—painting the rightful owners of the land as the threat as opposed to the corporate power who seek to steal it. However, we have not yet examined the evidence that any danger exists in the building of this pipeline. Let's keep digging.

A Dirty Business

For those who do not know the serious ramifications of oil spillage in natural habitats, the list is long. One need not look far in order to see just how detrimental petroleum is to the environment, and this is only before it is actually ingested. Further, the transporting of petroleum by way of pipeline is one of the most hazardous with regard to spillage.

This is not hearsay, or alternative media conjecture. This is a commonly accepted fact by the same corporate media which has avoided discussing such hazards in the small number of reports they have bothered to release on the Dakota Pipeline issue. In light of this, it becomes important for us to inform ourselves on the matter. For the details on the subject of petroleum and transportation, here is Forbes.com.
Crude is a nasty material, very destructive when it spills into the environment, and very toxic when it contacts humans or animals. It’s not even useful for energy, or anything else, until it’s chemically processed, or refined, into suitable products like naphtha, gasoline, heating oil, kerosene, asphaltics, mineral spirits, natural gas liquids, and a host of others.

The most controversial transport mode today is pipeline, mainly because of the Keystone XL debate and the recent Pegasus and Enbridge pipeline ruptures. The industry points to the generally good safety record in terms of percentages. Among oil pipeline workers, the rate hospitalization was 30 times lower compared to rail workers involved in transporting oil, and 37 times lower than for road transport, between 2005 and 2009, the latest period for which complete data exists (Intermodal Safety in the Transport of Oil).

But pipeline spills are inevitable. About 280 pipeline spills occur each year in the U.S. that are deemed significant (USDOT), that is, either there is a fatality or injury requiring in-patient hospitalization, it causes $50,000 or more in total costs (measured in 1984 dollars), there are highly volatile liquid releases of more than 5 barrels or other liquid releases of more than 50 barrels, or there are liquid releases that result in an unintentional fire or explosion.

Again, you’ll notice that these measures are in human health and property damage, not environmental effects. Environmental impacts are very difficult to estimate and, in almost all cases, are not even attempted.

In the end, all of these transportation modes can be made safer if stricter regulatory controls and modern technologies are emplaced, but the questions remain – can we make the industry comply and which ones do we want to invest in?

Finally, what brave reader wants to calculate the value of an acre of land destroyed by an oil spill? The EU recently allotted $100 per acre for removing pristine land for energy use, but this seems way too low. My muse suggests you start with Sierra Club, NRDC and EDF.

So we can see that with the pipeline-method of shipping crude oil, spills are inevitable. These lines are extremely difficult to maintain without some form of spillage. To add, the above article only refers to above-ground piping. When we add in the factor of water and marine habitats to the equation, the risk and assurance of spillage takes on a whole new dynamic entirely. Let's also consider the fact that spills are inevitable while piping oil, and that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe depends upon the Missouri River for their food and water supply. What would happen if we were to introduce a steady source of petroleum pollution to this vital resource of theirs? Let's find out. Here is the official website of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

CONTINUE READING @ discerningthemystery2000plus.blogspot.com
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The original version of this article had some minor grammar corrections within the introductory portion, which have been corrected.



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