Friday, September 2, 2016

Space X Rocket Explosion "UFO" was Actually a Bird -- A Case Study of Communal or Group Truth Seeking

by Justin Deschamps

On September 1st, 2016, Elon Musk's Space X tested a rocket that ultimately ended in explosive failure. In the footage of the event, an object was seen flying by just as the explosion took place, leading some researchers to conclude that a UFO destroyed the rocket.

Some within the fields of Ufology were quick to run with the story. We shared the article with the original headline, with additional commentary saying that it was unclear if the object was, in fact, a spacecraft.

Shortly after posting the article, a reader provided a link to an analysis provided by Third Phase of Moon, revealing that, in fact, the object seen is nothing more than a bird flyby. This bird conclusion—at present—appears to be the most likely explanation for what was observed.

Review the original story below.

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The object in question appears to be in the foreground as the reddish light from the explosion does not reflect off the surface facing us. This would explain the seemingly unimaginable speed of the object.

If one had the proper information, an analysis of the speed of the object in relation to angular motion as it moves from right to left compared to the distance between the camera and rocket would provide an estimate of how fast it was moving.

It appears based on the video footage that the object is much closer to the camera than the rocket itself, and therefore its speed is not unreasonable.

But, keeping in line with objectivity, this conclusion is a best guess of what is happening. More information could become available that invalidates the bird flyby theory. For now, it remains the most plausible in my view.

The moral of this story is we must be open minded in general.

Benefits of Communal or Group Truth Seeking

I want to take the time to point out how encouraged I am with the community response to this event.

In our overly polarized and judgmental world, the tendency is to completely abandon or dismiss anyone who dares to make a mistake. But considering we've all demonstrated this capacity, it seems more prudent to work together as a collective than to badger or abandon someone who didn't immediately divine the truth.

I found it inspiring that those who shared the bird flapping video did not do so with disgust or dismissive commentary. These more skeptical individuals only wanted to provide a greater and more comprehensive presentation of the facts and in the process, all involved benefited.

I think we can learn from this example as in we are all players in the game of truth-seeking. We need not compete in this venture. We each have a perspective on the truth, and when we combine all these views together, we can each lay claim to a more complete vision of reality.

So in our desire to seek the truth and share it with our fellows, be as wise as serpents but soft as lambs. There's no need to attack or dismiss those who don't see what you do. Instead, let's help each other.

The would-be masters of this world want us to fight amongst ourselves so that we never band together to effect real change. And they are very successful at separating the awakening community using topics like this. We need only look at the Flat Earth topic to see how belief systems have been used as weapons to divide and conquer the masses.

But in reality, we are each unified in the pursuit of truth. We each seek for it as individuals and as a result, everyone has an interest in working together for the same cause. Surely we can agree that discovering the truth is the foundation for everything else, and on this point alone, all find common ground.

Here at Stillness in the Storm, this is our central focus. We're not interested in holding flags of truth, instead, we want to improve all our truth-seeking abilities. Instead of giving people fish, want to teach them how to fish.

As the adage states, "I'll watch your back if you watch mine." And together, we'll see more as a group than we ever could have as individuals.

PS: There was a huge reaction from this article, wherein many people thought I was crazy to suggest the UFO was a bird or that I was just parroting Third Phase of Moon. Here is my response:

Thanks for all the feedback on the Bird explanation of the Space X Explosion UFO article.

To be clear, no I didn't just run with Third Phase of Moon's explanation. I analyzed the video myself and concluded that a bird was the most likely explanation.

Feel free to read that article yourself and analyze the data.

If one considers that objects in motion in the foreground of a shot appear larger and faster than they seem, along with the lack of reddish light reflected after the explosion took place than the bird flyby theory is the most plausible.

If more data becomes available this conclusion could change of course.

I take no pleasure in sharing an idea that will be unpopular or cause others to question previous conclusions. But at the same time, my interest is in working with all of you to discover what the truth ultimately is, not what we want it to be.
- Justin

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About The Author

Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshowFacebook Stillness in the Storm, and steemit @justin-sits.

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September 2nd, 2016: Additional analysis text was added to this article. 

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