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Mandela Effect -- September 29th, 6pm PST (9pm EST) Guest Dr. Blair Reich | Looking out from WIthin: Hosted by Yvonne Palermo and Justin Deschamps

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I will be co-hosting a radio show on Thursday the 29th of September with Yvonne Palermo on the Mandela Effect, joined by our guest Dr. Blair Reich

To listen live to the show use the below link.

When the show begins (6pm PST), the below spreaker player will display the current show and stream the audio live. Be sure to refresh the page after the show begins in order to initiate the live stream.
- Justin
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Dr. Blair Reich is a PhD scientist with a personal interest in Mandela Effects.  He's been published in numerous science journals, education journals, and has published a 300+ page dissertation from a US State University.

The Mandela Effect is the difference between recollection of large groups of people and recorded history.  The effect was coined by para normal investigator and Harvard graduate Fiona Broome in 2010.  Google analytics show marked increase in interest starting in July of 2015.

Dr. Reich put together a series of 3 quizzes through  The first and most widely circulated one has received over 28k responses (9/9/2016).  There are 7 Mandela Effects that are reviewed and 2 control experiments were included as a way to gauge memory loss or mishearing.  Each effect had 3 accompanying questions: 
1. parapharased- What do you remember this thing as?  
2. How confident are you in your answer? 
3. How did you know your answer to be correct?  

While the general population demonstrated memory loss on the control experiments those who reported being extremely confident were between 95-98.8% accurate on the controls.  The controls are based on a show from the 90s and an historic event that was in the news from the 90s.  The point of having older experiences was to provide enough time to verify that if memory was a problem 20+ years should have been long enough.

The Mandela Effect questions were viewed through the lens of expecting an approximate 5% error tolerance due to memory gap even among the extremely confident quiz takers.  Overall, all of the Mandela Effects in questions came in well past the 5% memory loss threshold and numerous personal testimonials were included.  

Berenstein Bears is probably the most famous of the Mandela Effects.  Here we see that more than 80% of the population remember it as Berenstein as opposed to the "actual" name Berenstain.  Quiz takers have vibrant memories of learning it both ways.  Those that heard it as stain are quick to think of stains on a shirt.  Those that learned it as stein often cite the debate of is it pronounced "steen" or "stine?"  While the creators are decedents of Ukrainian Jews whose slavic language is known to be difficult for Americans to pronounce their pronunciation is perfectly clear as "stain" and would not be the source of the difference.  Some evidence has been gathered that Stein used to be the answer in the form of a limited number of official products that have both names on the VHS tape as well as internet archives that have use Stein.

In essence it is highly unlikely that memory or simple collective mishearing is the cause of the Mandela Effect.  What is the cause of the Mandela Effect remains unknown and further research is suggested for both Mandela Effects and Toto Effects (which cover more substantial changes such as History, geography, physical products, religion, and anatomy).

Lastly, timing of when people started experiencing this effect was studied using Google Analytics that show most searches for terms that have undergone the Mandela Effect begin in earnest on or about July 2015.

Here’s the short quiz:
Here’s a quiz used in a scientific study:
Here’s the quiz that covers the most topics in the most depth:
Will you please take one or more of these quizzes?
If you are interested in the results of the scientific study the written notes are available here: Not yet Available  and a youtube summary is available here:

Dr. Reich can be reached on facebook through the name blair reich, youtube through aggroed.lighthacker, and steemit as @aggroed.  If you find new effects the youtube channel, Facebook, and in answer spaces provided in the quizzes is an excellent way to contact him about them.

If you plan to watch the show please take the Mandela Effect quiz before researching the topic or listening to the show so as not to spoil your results.
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