Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hillary ain't Hillary Anymore, Open Your Mind -- Evidence of Body Double

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here's more about Hillary Clinton potentially using a body double after recent episode last week. 

This kind of information is can sometimes be treated as a wild conspiracy theory, but there seems to be a growing body of evidence suggesting that this could be the case, she maybe using a body double. And if even one body double, or dare I say it, clone, is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to exist, it opens up a can of worms that the media has been reticent to explore.
- Justin

Related SENSATIONAL: WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports "Hillary Clinton's DEATH" -- she was Replaced by a Body Double?

Source - Operation Disclosure

by Jeff Rense, September 15th 2016

Hillary ain't Hillary 'cause she's dead Fred... so is Bill... open your mind to the possibility.... - OD
Hillary's Body Double…It's All In The Nose! They Are Gambling People Won't Notice

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Looks Like They Are Going With A Body Double! Where Is Hillary? Questions!

Did She Die On 9/11 After They Dragged Her Limp Body Into The Van? If True, The Brazen Arrogance Of The Controllers Is Astounding

'Hillary' On Her Jet With The Press Today, Thursday, 9-15-16…Just Four Days After Her Total, Complete Collapse. Now, look At The BOTTOM Of The Nose, The Septum, Where It Joins The Upper Lip. The End Of The Nose Irrefutably Extends DOWNWARD...Farther Than Hillary's Does. Furthermore, The Nostrils Are Also MARKEDLY Differently Shaped.

Look At the END OF THE NOSE. The Tip Of The Airplane Hillary's Nose Today Is MUCH LARGER. It Overhangs, Is Clearly Larger, Droops Down And Actually Ends BELOW The Nostrils. This Is NOT Hillary's Nose.

This Does NOT Look Like THE SAME Person. This Double Is About 30 lbs Lighter, Younger, Thinner Overall And FULL Of Energy.

Have 'They' Been Using A Double At Times During The Campaign To Get People Used To The Differences In Appearance? ANYTHING Is Possible. The Technology Of Today Is Far Beyond What Most Could Imagine...

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