Friday, September 9, 2016

Heart Chakra Panel Discussion -- September 9th, 8pm PST (11pm EST) with Aug Tellez, Spencer E., Eric Raines and Justin Deschamps, Hosted by Yvonne Palermo

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Yvonne Palermo will be hosting a discussion on the Heart Chakra with a panel of esteemed guests this evening, at 9pm PST. 

Listen to Aug Tellez, Spencer E, Eric Raines, Yvonne Palermo and myself discuss the Heart Chakra. 

We will be taking questions from the audience via the chat. 

I will be adding an archive link to this post when it becomes available. 

To listen live to the show use the below link.

When the show begins (8pm PST), the below link will display the current show and stream the audio live. Be sure to refresh the page after the show begins in order to initiate the live stream.

- Justin


Guest Speaker Bio's

Aug Tellez:

Who am I?

This is a personal testimony of the experiences that go beyond the mundane limitations of mainstream ‘reality’.

I was shown many things by those who work behind the scenes.

I am here to assist in informing the public of “The Unveiling”
  • Deep underground military bases, D.U.M.B.s or DUMBS for short. In these bases various projects are carried out. These projects range from military abductions (MiLabs), genetic engineering experiments (cloning), mind-control and trauma-based (torture) mind-control, and the development of zero-point energy devices which can transfer the consciousness of a living human into a cloned body (Soul-Transfer), Programming The Mind and The Reality of The Soul
  • Multiple Factions of Space-Fleets, Solar Warden, Trauma-Testing and Programming, The Line In The Sand, Operatives and The Great Shift
  • Cloning Centers, Celebrity Cloning, Cloning, Supercomputer Sentience, and Human rights, Celebrities
  • Advanced Technology, The Unveiling of Human Cloning, Ascension Devices, The Unveiling and Ancient Hidden Technology, Physical and Energetic Bodies, Physicality and Higher Self, Technology of The Awakening, Dreams, Technology and Inner-Space Travels
  • My Personal Journey to Awakening, The Awakening of 2010, Update on Physical Situation and The Unveiling of 2016
  • DNA acceleration and the effects and process of increasing the efficiency of one’s neuronal processes until the brain is activated in a way which produces a spiritual effect over the matter of the body and even space and time.DNA Activation, The States of Brainwave Cycles
  • The Original Timeline, Rumors of Monetary Dissolution, The Dissolution of The Deception System
  • Everyone Can Be Healed, The Power of The Heart
  • Energy Vampirism,
  • The ranking of extra-terrestrial and ultra-terrestrial species on a high-dimensional spectrum of existence moving from the ability to alter and deconstruct spacial and temporal environments, to the ability to traverse or construct an entire timeline and Universal passage way.
  • Coming Events: The Energy Grid, DNA Mutations, Phones and Electrical Devices, The Mandala Effect, Strange Sounds From Earth and Sky, Electromagnetics and Plasma, Scalar Weaponry, Forest Fires and Underground Bases, Changes and The Cure-All, An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena
  • The Negotiations, Clearing Trauma, Carrying Traumatic Memory and Release
  • “The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge”, 3 Phases of The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge, The Shift of The Ages, The Grand Continuum, The Higher Dimensional Dream-Time,
Spence E.

Spencer A. Eskridge, truly an individual outside the confines and paradigm of conventional wisdom, has been offered many an opportunity to speak his heart on topics regarding his esoteric and occult experiences but has thus declined every invitation, until now. With just under 570 subscribers on Youtube, Spencer has made a name for himself openly discussing Donald Marshall's Cloning Center disclosure, his own experiences with the umbrella organization known as the Illuminati and proposing a passionate manifesto for anyone who seeks a progressive community of like-minded kindred kind. Though he no longer associates with Mr. Marshall and the information empire Spencer had a monumental hand in forging, he still networks with those who seek to only further their lust for information and help the hungry who strive to actively subscribe themselves to a more peaceful state of being. He does his sincerest to exist candidly, honestly and simply. Teacher to many but student to all, Spencer looks forward to sharing what he can in the time that's never enough.

Eric Raines

Eric Raines started his journey in the martial arts world at the age of 5. Using his body in specific motions, techniques and patterns connected him in on a body level to sensations, feelings, and awareness of the world inside and outside of him. Having been energetically sensitive as a young child, but without an awareness of what actually was going on, as he got older and went through his teenage years he carried this awareness, but had no way to express it naturally and rapidly fell into what we would call the shady side of life. There was even a point in time where , he was looking at joining the Navy SEALs, which we know now is the exact opposite of his calling, because he was lead to believe he was put here to become one of the most lethal people on the planet. Thankfully, this never happened.

He descended in a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol and dysfunctional relationships until on the exact date of December 21st, 2012 he lost all hope and plunged straight down to the bottom where he realized he didnt want to feel like that anymore. His whole life he knew that the rage, anger, jealousy, shame and disgust he felt all the time was NOT what he was on this planet to perpetuate, and with a simple choice, he stopped. Deep down in the dark, at rock bottom, he found the light, and it all started with one question. "What would you do if money did not exist?"

This question forced him to actually find what he was passionate about, and that was helping people. More than that, it was healing. In May 2013, he joined massage school and started to follow that path of Service to Others, and things started to move incredibly quickly for him.

Through the help of a friend who practiced Reiki, he unblocked his heart for the first time in 15+ years and actually began to be able to feel emotions besides negative ones, and that opened him up to a whole world he knew existed but had never experienced, not only emotionally, but energetically as well, and he began to practice Reiki.

Through a series of yoga workouts, energetic practices, sun gazing, meditation and shadow work, one night he unleashed his chakra centers and activated his heartspace in an explosion of energy that ended up with a bubble of heat about 35 degrees hotter than the ambient temperature that stayed that way for at least 2 weeks. During this activation, he became aware of a clicking, sliding sensation inside his head, that the further from the the originating point it moved, the more crazy, distorted and demonic his own voice in his head became, until with a flash of comprehension, he knew, "There is something inside my head that isn't me!!" After a 3 hour long energetic battle to remove it from his temple, there was complete silence inside of his head.

He had a Reiki session scheduled for the next day and while she was working on him, he could see these black bruises/spots in her energetic body that had the same energetic resonance as the thing he pulled out of his head the night before, and after a bit of explanation, he removed those spots from his friend. Immediately her head went silent, the negative self doubt and confidence problems alleviated, and the pain left her body.

He continued providing this service sporadically to people directly on the physical or remotely until he went to Robert Potter's Shasta conference in 2015 where he worked on Scott Lemriel, who told many people what had happened and how it felt afterwards, and that exploded into multiple extractions, a radio interview the week after, and he has been perfecting his technique and educating people on these subjects ever since.

Justin Deschamps

Who are we? - Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles created SITS, two beings, staunchly devoted to discovering the truth in our own lives. But what is The Truth? What is a truth? How do we tell the difference, and what does this ultimately mean for ourselves and what is happening on earth?

Collectively we can discover this and more firmly place it within our experiences. Searching for truth, verifying it with persistence and open mindedness.

The Stillness in the Storm Show and Blog is an ongoing conversation about world events, hidden truths and empowering information; how our thoughts, emotions and actions mold our collective reality. A different perspective on MSM (mainstream news), practical knowledge, news on health and wellness, alternative history, science, law, and much more!

We attempt to understand our experience holistically, and as such share any and everything when appropriate.

You and your perspective is in essential part our collective desire to make the world a better place. As such SITS is for the people and works with the people to expand our collective knowledge of truth.

About Justin

As a Physics, Psychology and Spirituality student, I have been searching for truth all my life, looking to make sense of all the insanity in this world. In that time, I have developed a holistic body of knowledge linking science, philosophy and spiritually into a single framework of ever expanding understanding. My goal is to share what I know with the world, becoming teacher to those who are ready, and a student of all others. The path of truth in a world of deception is not a lonely journey, each of us are essential to gaining a complete picture, and once we set aside egoic concepts of what is right and wrong, we begin to walk the path of truth as one people, united for change.

My website is or

Facebook is

All the other social media is here:
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