Monday, September 26, 2016

Europa COULD support ALIEN life-forms, study finds ahead of NASA announcement | Soft Disclosure

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Soft disclosure is a term that refers to government or clandestine organisations carefully and slowly revealing aspects of the truth to the people in an effort to control a narrative of emerging information. Instead of releasing data in full, drips of information are released to the public. 

Some have claimed that this is part of a controlled change of society as we know it, which will ultimately lead to a paradigm shift and an official acknowledgement of extraterrestrial life. 

Europa appears to be one focal point of this soft disclosure effort as it has deep oceans of liquid water and appears to be geothermally active. 

Soft disclosure has also been described as partial disclosure. 

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The following is an article discussing some of these points in preparation for an announcement set to take place later today from NASA. 

- Justin
Source - Express

by Sean Martin, September 26th 2016

JUPITER’S moon Europa has enough oxygen on it to support complex life, a study has suggested just before a major announcement from NASA.

Research has shown that if Europa does have a subsurface ocean, which is expected to be revealed by NASA at a conference later today, then oxygen would be plentiful down there.

As such, there may be enough oxygen to support complex animal-like lifeforms, research shows.

Europa, one of 67 moons that orbits Jupiter, is an icy entity for which scientists have long suspected that there are liquid oceans beneath its freezing exterior.

The extra-terrestrial ocean is believed to be being fed a hundred times more oxygen than previous research had shown.

A view of Jupiter from Europa

This is because Europa is one of the newest members of the solar system being just 50 million years old – less than one per cent of the age of our galactic neighbourhood.

As a result, much of its surface is still undergoing formation, which at points is 160 kilometres thick, allowing oxidisers to seep through to the ocean.

GETTYAn example of an underwater gastropod

In fact, Richard Greenburg of the University of Arizona, who authored the book ‘Unmasking Europa: The Search for Life on Jupiter’s Ocean Moon’, said the rate of oxygen delivery to Europa’s ocean could lead to more oxygen being in Europa’s ocean than Earth’s in a few million years.

Mr Greenburg says that there is enough concentration of oxygen there that it would be enough to support three billion kilograms of “macrofauna” – organisms that are animal-like such as gastropods and insect larvae.

GETTYUp close and personal with Europa

At a meeting of the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences, Mr Greenburg said: "There's nothing saying there is life there now, but we do know there are the physical conditions to support it.”

NASA is expected to finally confirm once and for all that Europa does have a subsurface ocean at a press conference at 7PM UK time today after revealing it has spotted “surprising activity” on the moon.

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