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Decoding Dualities with Jack Coleman -- September 30th, 8pm PST | Hosted by Yvonne Palermo and Justin Deschamps

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I will be co-hosting a radio show this evening with Yvonne Palermo on the topic of Decoding Dualities, joined by our guests Jack Coleman

To listen live to the show use the below link.

When the show begins (8pm PST), the below spreaker player will display the current show and stream the audio live. Be sure to refresh the page after the show begins in order to initiate the live stream.
- Justin

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We'll be talking about concepts like the nature of consciousness, intuition, discernment, creating realities, societal programming, even conspiracy theories, and connecting them with the big questions like "What are we doing here, why are we here, and where are we going?"

Jack Coleman

My intention to share my information is to show our connection to energy (since it is this entire Universe), because when we have a better understanding of the energy we’re experiencing, we have a better understanding of what we can do with on multiple scales and dimensions. Basically, I want to empower in their relationships with people, places, and things by showing in various ways how they are energy in its complexity. 

My journey has been one of inquiry into many different aspects in life, while trying to maintain my personal integrity. You name it and there's something to be decoded in its process, which has led me to being a "life-hacker," coach, and spiritual artist. I like to grapple and tackle extreme concepts of life and incorporate them into my daily journey, creating a nice balance in the spectrum.

Throughout my life pursuing many practices found in athletics, art forms, and sciences, I have dealt with the emotional insecurity of trying to express my unique self in a society that teaches us to conform to the crowd. That conformity makes it very hard to fully pursue and express our interests in an authentic way. The Universal exploration we personally pursue can feel offensive to others and even ourselves. So often I would feel the relentless feelings of judgment from others who didn't understand what I was trying to understand and accomplish. This constant emotional battle led me to medicate in various ways, trying to remedy the pain I was feeling about expressing my personal passions in life. Even though most people would say the judgments from others shouldn't matter, I wanted to figure out why it did "matter," and came to the realization how it does matter and actually turns into physical matter in the Universe that we call energy.   

After diving into various conventional and extreme sciences mixed with my personal experiences in my journey, I've come to the conclusion there is no such thing as "right and wrong" until we believe it, manifesting as energy. Tapping into my heart and core, I found that process by realizing a fundamental aspect of this Universe; energy, and how energy works. I've been able to diagrammatically show how this process works no matter what aspect of life it is applied. But, how does this work in relation to the atomic and cosmic scales we might not be as aware of? I started seeing trends throughout each of the "bubbles" we all live in, as my feelings, perceptions, and consciousness were correlated with the reality I was experiencing. Tying them all together in one big picture, they all have common themes as to how they work from a deeper essence, which lead me to write about how to reach this insight and consciousness, pushing barriers, and "seeing outside of the box" of conventionally societal programs. Equipping myself with this Universal insight, I can now manage (negative and positive) energy much more fluently, allowing me to progress through skill-sets and realities with less hindrance of energies coming from others.
Showing our spiritual connection to physical energy and how energy flows throughout our relationships and reality, we can have a greater understanding of the dynamics within our relationships. I believe we all have this feeling and understanding there is no real right and wrong, but when that wisdom is applied to something in life outside our perceptual bubble of understanding, the wisdom disappears and we feel the need to argue between "this and that." In the end, we constantly live our spiritual journeys flowing in many different directions. Everyone has a different perspective rooted in different flavors of energy, creating an arduously beautiful piece of art. Though, that energy can be difficult to source, where it came from and where it can go, but that's what I enjoy; life-hacking and soul searching. My intention is to help others get closer to their core, where they can feel free to express and excel in their true passions. Just like trying to source music through the fog, I help in clearing the fog, so we can understand the music being played...

My offering of these insights is through books, workshops, Mentoring, and Life Coaching services for those who are looking to shift aspects, perceptions, and energies within themselves to move into a space they feel serves more of a purpose in their lives. The methods and techniques I provide in my message are ones I developed through personal experience in accordance with HeartMath's Life Coaching/Mentoring Certification, blending the mentoring and work of many others that helped me throughout my journey along with my own. I use these techniques for my day-to-day energies, as well as "the grander ones" spanning much greater depths in life. 


About Justin

I was born in Portland Maine, and grew up in the Boston area. As a Physics, Psychology and Spirituality student, I have been searching for truth all my life, looking to make sense of all the insanity in this world. In that time, I have developed a holistic body of knowledge linking science, philosophy and spirituality into a single framework of ever expanding understanding.

I want share what I have with the world, becoming teacher to some and student to all others. My goal is to help myself and others become better truth seekers, and with the wisdom gained in the process, make this planet the paradise it was meant to be. I am just happy to give back to a world and universe I have received so much from.

The path of truth in a world of deception is not a lonely journey; Together we can make this world a better place. Each of us is essential for gaining a complete picture of the whole truth. Once we set aside egocentric concepts of what is "right and wrong," we can begin to walk the path of truth as one people, united for change. To find that inner light and radiate it outwardly for all to see.'
Who are we? - Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles created SITS. Two beings staunchly devoted to discovering the truth in our own lives and making the world a better place through living that truth.

But what is The Truth? What is a truth? How do we tell the difference, and what does this ultimately mean for ourselves and what is happening on Earth?

Collectively we can discover this and more firmly place it within our understanding. Searching for truth, verifying it with persistence and open-mindedness is our primary goal.

The Stillness in the Storm Show and Blog is an ongoing conversation about world events, hidden truths, and empowering information; how our thoughts, emotions and actions mold our collective reality. A different perspective on MSM (mainstream news), practical knowledge, news on health and wellness, alternative history, science, law, and much more!

We attempt to understand our experience holistically, and as such share any and everything when appropriate.

You and your perspective is an essential part our collective desire to make the world a better place. As such SITS is for the people and works with the people to expand our collective knowledge of truth. We are all in this together, collectively generating the aggregate world we see. When we make our choices conscious we gain the power to direct events towards a beneficial end; one that honors all life in truth and love under will.

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Question -- What is the goal of this website? Why do we share different sources of information that sometimes conflicts or might even be considered disinformation? 
Answer -- The primary goal of Stillness in the Storm is to help all people become better truth-seekers in a real-time boots-on-the-ground fashion. This is for the purpose of learning to think critically, discovering the truth from within—not just believing things blindly because it came from an "authority" or credible source. Instead of telling you what the truth is, we share information from many sources so that you can discern it for yourself. We focus on teaching you the tools to become your own authority on the truth, gaining self-mastery, sovereignty, and freedom in the process. We want each of you to become your own leaders and masters of personal discernment, and as such, all information should be vetted, analyzed and discerned at a personal level. We also encourage you to discuss your thoughts in the comments section of this site to engage in a group discernment process. 

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. " – Aristotle

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