Thursday, September 29, 2016

Corey Goode Vlog Update: Living Happy and Healthy Adventure with Bridget Neilsen | High Vibrational Diet Retreat

Corey Goode - Living Happy and Healthy Adventure with Bridget Neilsen

Published on Sep 29, 2016

Stacy and I went to Sedona, AZ to attend Raw Vegan classes. Please visit the websites and subscribe to the YouTube Channels of our hosts.
Bridget Nielsen, Kirk Nielsen, Patrick Haize and Sandra Rolus are the founders of Harmonious Earth and Hybrid Children Community. Together they created platforms to assist new Earth templates (social, financial, spiritual, infrastructural, ar), ET Disclosure and spiritual awakening. As a physical expression of these concepts, they facilitate "adventures" (spiritual retreats) to be in heart-connected community to expand consciousness in Earth's sacred sites. The group creates a high frequency bubble to play, connect and raise each other's spiritual energy as living embodiments of a harmonious earth. This video is an example of their Sedona Adventure focused on high vibrational food/diet, living joyfully and coming together as a loving, unified group.
Bridget Nielsen, Patrick Haize, Kirk Nielsen & Sandra Rolus


YouTube Channels:

Bridget Nielsen

Patrick Haize

Sandra Rolus

Hybrid Children

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