Saturday, August 20, 2016

Putin: Russia will abandon the US Dollar [Video]

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Source - Fort Russ

by Inessa Sinchougova, August 14th 2016

In 2011, Putin alluded to creating a parallel financial system, based on the ruble, that will rival that of the dollar. This may mean that the US will no longer be able to live in debt and create perpetual war, given it will have less buyers of its treasury bonds. The US government holds the largest amount of debt in the world; at $19 trillion, it is guaranteed by nothing more than fiat money.

By contrast, Russia is the top buyer of gold in the world today, and has been steadily increasing its reserves over the past 15 years. This is being done, presumably, to disengage from the dollar system, using a gold-backed ruble system. Could this not be one of the core reasons that Putin is the enemy of Western elites?

US government debt to GDP

Russia's government debt to GDP

Now you may say - "this is a speech from 2011, and nothing has happened." It is worthy of consideration that the last world leader who posited such a thought - Muammar Gaddafi - was stopped dead in his tracks before he could replace the dollar with the gold-backed dinar.

Nothing to see here folks, just Hunter Biden as the Director of Ukraine's largest
gas firm

Similarly, in 2014, the US instigated a government coup in the Ukraine. Hunter Biden, Jo Biden's son, now sits on the board of Ukraine's largest gas producing company (Burisma), ensuring that transactions are unlikely to ever take place using the ruble (see 0.55 of the speech.)

Apologies for the signature in the middle of the screen, this was prompted by some unethical media outlets, who crop off the subtitles and watermark, replacing with own voice-over of the exact translation.

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found on The Event Chronicle
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