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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA’s Flying Saucer - From Scientific Breakthroughs to Entertainment Media Stunts

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Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal

There seems to be an incredible amount of information to discuss on the matter of partial disclosure. From the detailed revelations which David Wilcock continues to divulge, one may wonder how the year 2015 went by without more people noticing how significant these disclosures would be. More specifically, we may wonder how so many hints could be given on the reality of E.T. life without the entire world taking notice.

Upon viewing the countless hints which NASA continually hands out to the public, one might consider the secret to already be out. As we view this information, and as we see that the half-truths and coverups of the past are falling to pieces, it may eventually be that only those who are in deepest of slumber still believe that we are alone in this vast universe. Though we can look forward to the open and unhindered disclosure of the truth, these partial disclosure can easily telegraph the next moves which NASA and the cabal plan to make.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Drips of Disclosure

In this episode's discussion we have multiple topics ranging from the financial decline of the cabal's money scheme, to more bizarre facts about the planetoid Ceres, along with further signs that the cabal's propaganda machine is grinding to a screeching halt. There is even a detailed analysis and scientific proof which reveal the need for reexamination of many understudied, scientific principles, as well as one particularly strange public spectacle created by NASA which hints at some type of UFO disclosure which may take place in the near future. This episode was packed with detail, and there is much to discuss on each of these topics.

Further Hints at the Spots of Ceres

The discussion starts off with the point that during this time last year, the soft disclosure script had picked up significantly. Around the midpoint of last year, we saw the cabal crumbling to pieces. We witnessed their financial system failing, their Vatican powers restructuring in major ways, and we saw the Alliance dealing blow after blow upon what remained of the cabal's infrastructure. We would see this gang of criminals backed into a corner with no other cards to play other than the desperate attempt at saving their own image just prior to their utter defeat.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Illuminati Salvage Plan – The Cabal's Attempt at Damage Control from the World of Entertainment

We would also see the subject of space visited and revisited by the corporate media, and each time this happened, more and more information would be handed out to the public. David Wilcock has discussed in previous episodes how the planetoid Ceres has been the subject of great interest for astronomers. As it turned out, the subject of this planetoid would be revisited, as NASA continued their slow and yet obvious reveal of the long-hidden evidence of E.T. life.

The story comes to us from the Huffington Post, and details the fact that the famed bright spots on Ceres still hold more mystery than previously disclosed.

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft captured the image on May 16, as it was orbiting 4,500 miles above the planet’s surface. It had entered orbit on March 6. The space agency says the crater that harbors the bright spots is about 57 miles wide.

Scientists have been aware of the phenomenon since the Hubble Telescope captured images of Ceres in 2004. As the resolution of the photos taken has increased, so too has the curiosity of astronomers.

Current theories to explain the spots include ice — potentially exposed by the impact of another celestial object, or perhaps spewed out by some sort of icy volcano or geyser — or salt deposits.

“We have these bright spots that have the reflectivity of ice, and whose spectrum of reflected light is similar to that expected from ice. So ice is a good bet,” said UCLA astronomer Christopher Russell, principal investigator for the Dawn Mission, in an email to NBC News.

“How is the ice getting to the surface, if it is ice?” Russell continued. “Is it coming out as a water/ice volcano and making a mountain of ice on the surface, or is there a hole there which has dug down to ice or water? And what is causing all the little bright spots near the big bright spot? We are sure there is some logical explanation for all this, but for now, we are just scratching our heads.”

NASA notes that if Ceres’ makeup is just 25 percent water, it may have more water “than all the fresh water on Earth.”

As Wilcock states, the “mystery” of this phenomenon is that this spots are too bright. He goes on to propose that these spots may be the exposed outer portion of a base on Ceres. This planetoid has been bombarded over the millennia by thousands of meteors. If there were some type of substructure below the surface of Ceres, it may have been that different portions of this structure would gradually be exposed due to these meteor impacts. (These impacts may have also been caused by the destruction of the ancient planet of Maldek, as the Law of One describes it.)

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Super Earth

These spots on Ceres may be the partially-exposed rooftop of an illuminated, translucent ceiling, according to Wilcock. We see this collection of bright spots, as well as a number of semi-geometric craters on the surface of this moon. As we may remember from the accounts of various insiders which Wilcock has previously revealed, these moons and planetoids house technologically advanced structures which were built by the Ancient Builder Race. This particular base on Ceres is thought by some to include a sky-dome of some kind. This dome would include a large, natural environment complete with vegetation, flowing water, and animals.

If this is the case, that would mean that after numerous meteor impacts, part of the luminous ceiling would begin to be exposed, and the light from within this structure would be visible from the outside, according to Wilcock.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA's Quiet Disclosure Part 1

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA's Quiet Disclosure Part 2

Personally, I have considered a number of possibilities. One image we find on the BBC website depicted a close-up image of the bright spots of Ceres, and as we can see, this clearly defines a domed, pentagonal structure housed within the largest spot on the planetoid. In a previous article, I presented this as the true nature of the spots. However, I do consider the possibility that those images may have been slightly altered for the sake of giving a subtle hint at the truth behind the spots. Whatever the true nature of these extra-planetary bases is, I consider these images extremely telling of the nature of the partial disclosure which is presently taking place.

Financial Woes and Titanic Debacles

The discussion moved on to the subject of further evidence of the downfall of the cabal's financial infrastructure. For years now, we have been sold in image of the financial world as a fair, stable, and legitimate entity. However, after the crash of 2008, this viewpoint changed for many of us. After this massive failure, and the revelation of the crooked banking practices which caused the crash, the world would learn that the oligarchs held more power and influence than any governing body on the planet.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock- Countdown to Full Disclosure - Examining End-Game Strategies in the Battle for Disclosure

We saw the ugly truth behind the deliberate mishandling of the assets of innumerable people, and yet after the smoke cleared, not one of these criminal conspirators faced major prison sentences. At that moment, the world was made aware of the fact that the system is rigged—though many still find ways to deny the evidence.

Ever since this infamous crash, the illusion of financial normalcy has been maintained by the mainstream media, and this trend continued for quite a while. However, in 2015, things changed, and the long-awaited honesty from the corporate media began to be revealed. Two articles on this subject were mentioned during this discussion. These came from the website,The Telegraph. Their contents were not discussed in so much detail, but their implications were far-reaching.

HSBC fears world recession with no lifeboats left

This image included in this particular article is fairly descriptive and indicative of the fact that the media is no longer sugar-coating the situation. No longer are they pretending that an economic recovery is possible. Instead, they are painting a grim picture of what seems to be the complete failure of the banking system which was originally said to be too big to fail. This was also reported to be said about the Titanic, making this imagery seem appropriate.

According to Wilcock, these revelations present further evidence which suggests that the cabal is out of time, out of money, and running on fumes. In my view, there is no reason to even bother with the financial game of Monopoly any longer. The ship could sink or float and it would mean virtually nothing to those who were no longer interested in pretending to be rich or poor. However, I do understand that many people see themselves as having quite a bit to lose, and though it may be a shock to have such a monumental change as a complete change-over of financial functionality, this may be the way the situation is resolved.

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