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Soros Group ‘Trained’ Socialists to Combat Will of the People

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Social Justice movements along with other grassroots efforts have gained increasing popularity of late, most likely due to the advent of the internet. 

But how many of these movements were organically inspired from a population of people seeking redress of grievance?

George Soros is a known globalist and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that overtly makes no claim to power, other than as an advisory board; but in truth, this group works from behind the scenes to manipulate the consciousness of humanity. Part of that manipulation is the creation of social justice movements, or any institution in general, with the goal of altering the social climate so as to align with the aims of the NWO agenda. Divide and conquer is arguably one of the most easily recognizable programs of manipulation and control. 

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In light of this, when leaked documents from the Open Society Foundations are released discussing how socialists were "trained" to push programs of censorship under the guise of xenophobic populism, we should probably take notice. 

It's likely that the vast majority of social cliques, movements, and organizations, were originated by despotic institutions specifically designed to consolidate power in the hands of a few. In other words, these are manufactured political movements made possible via social engineering or mass mind control, of which, the only sure defense is knowledge of the truth.

When we discover that we've been deceived or manipulated, we often want to understand so that we can avoid such mistakes in the future. As such, gaining knowledge of these things is essential, and spreading this data is even more important. The masses have been deceived into becoming agents of the system, enslaving their brethren under various socially engineered guises—like bringing "democracy" to other nations. Gaining knowledge of the truth helps dispel this false belief so that the core intention behind so-called socialist movements—to contribute positively to society—can blossom. 

Most of us want to make the world a better place, but as a people, we've been denied the opportunity to do that because of social engineers. These masters of manipulation and propaganda take a genuinely positive and beneficial desire of helping others and twist it into a program of oppression, a dark vision of the future. A tyrannical new world order of technological enslavement—something that no one in their right mind (free of mind control) would agree with. Hence setting right the consciousness of our fellows by spreading knowledge and awareness is an instrumental part of the changes we wish to bring to this world.

- Justin

Source - The Event Chronicle

by Chris Tomlinson, August 17th 2016

Leaked documents from the Open Society Foundations show the group to have actively trained socialist MEPs to combat populist parties and shut down free speech.
A series of documents leaked from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations have revealed a number of startling revelations about the work of the NGO when it comes to combating what they refer to as “xenophobic parties” in countries around Europe. According to at least one document the foundations has been calling for the censorship of language in the European parliament they term as hateful and have been actively working with various socialist members of the European parliament to train them on how to combat “xenophobic populism.”

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The leaked document entitled, “The Open Society European Policy Institute Outcomes and Activities Update”from December 2015 to February 2016 describes the various topics and initiatives the Open Societies foundations’ European policy institute (OSEPI) is trying to push through the European parliament and other European governments.

Under the heading of equality and anti-discrimination the document provides insights into how the foundation operates and it’s relationships with politicians. Not only does the foundation claim to want to put a stop to populist parties but is also actively training socialist MEPs in the European parliament. The report states, “OSEPI organised a follow-up training session for Socialist MEPs on how to counter xenophobic populism in the parliament.”

Another leaked document showed that the xenophobic parties the group refers to are populists like the Italian Northern League who are well known for their staunch opposition to Islamisation in the north of Italy and cooperate with Silvio Berlesconi’s Forza Italia. In another leaked report form the OSEPI entitled “Presidential portfolio review: Equality and Antidiscrimination,” from April 21st of this year, the Northern League and leader Matteo Salvini are referred to as, “xenophobic.”

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Another telling piece of the report is the fact that the OSEPI admits to actively trying to shut down free speech in the European parliament. “Further meetings of OSEPI and ENAR5 took place with MEPs to advocate the re-drafting of the parliament’s rules of procedure to prohibit and sanction hate speech,” the report reads. Hate speech can be a broad topic, with many unable to define the limits of what constitutes hate speech.

Laws in Germany have gone so far as to ban criticism of migrants or insulting them and the legislation has led to multiple raids and arrests of German citizens who have posted speech on social media that the government has decided is hateful.

The leaked Open Society foundations documents were posted to the website DC Leaks on Saturday and have so far led to multiple startling revelations as to the extent and scope of the groups involvement financially and politically across the world.

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Source: Breitbart
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August 29th 2016: Minor grammar correction to introductory portion of this article. 


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