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Recognizing an "Armchair" Skeptic | NASA Under Fire After Cutting ISS Stream Video Allegedly Showing UFO

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) In early July, an ISS camera captured a UFO and shortly after cut the video feed, as the following article details.

What I wanted to highlight is the commentary from some of the "skeptics." The viewpoint offered is that because there aren't thousands of UFO videos pouring in due to the number of cameras available to the average person, the existence of genuine extraterrestrials must be false.
“Funny how the UFO industry, cuz that's what it is, has died due to the advent of cellphones. Where are the thousands of videos of spaceships and aliens?” a user called Nunsuch said.
This is a typical armchair skeptic response—a logical assertion founded on an unproven or properly defined premise.

The premise, in this case, is that:
(a) people are looking to the sky for UFOs;
(b) have devices capable of capturing minuscule objects with poor lighting conditions;
(c) are open minded enough to notice a UFO, let alone possess the technical acuity to take a video;
(d) and that UFOs are flying around everywhere at all times.
Using my personal observations as a guide, the vast majority of genuine UFOs are almost undetectable. Unless one is looking to the sky in search of one, these objects probably won't be noticed. And the vast majority of people aren't looking. They don't consider the UFO phenomenon real, and therefore, even if one flashed in front of their eyes, they wouldn't see it.

In psychology, they refer to this effect as an Inattentional Blindness, the tendency to not notice something even though its right in front of us. This effect can be caused by a lack of cognitive awareness; meaning if we can't acknowledge something with the conscious mind first, we can't recognize it in experience later. An excellent example of this are chemtrails which the average person literally can't see or even notice that artificial clouds are in the sky. When they finally do become aware of them, they begin to see them everywhere.

UFOs aren't as ubiquitous as some skeptics assume. Professional UFO hunters can attest to the fact that capturing an object on film is no easy task, and these researchers focus a great deal of time and energy on this.

On this issue of why UFO videos aren't blanketing the internet, there are valid points to consider. But of course, most armchair skeptics don't do any research to support their assertions, probably because they're more interested in derailing honest inquiry, and feeling right as a result, instead of getting down to the truth.

Armchair skeptics are important to become aware of in these shifting times because often people will look to the responses of others to determine if something is true or not. Just seeing the words "this is a hoax, BS, or a lie" in a comments section is usually enough to trigger our self-defense reaction. No one wants to be fooled or tricked, and therefore, tends to deny things they don't understand as a safety measure.

Thankfully, when we seek the truth with our own eyes, we can set aside such shallow conclusions for greater personal comprehension.

The key to recognizing an armchair skeptic is the rigidness of their conclusions, as in, they refuse to consider any point of view that could cast doubt on their claims. They often use sensational words and terms, name-calling, and emotional baiting techniques to create a fervor of Groupthink. In short, they present themselves as someone who knows it all but lacks humility, usually offering only polarized black and white perspectives and opinions. 
"Ignorant people see life as either existence or non-existence, but wise men see it beyond both existence and non-existence to something that transcends them both; this is an observation of the Middle Way." — Lucius Annaeus Seneca
As the adage goes, the truth shall set us free. In this case, we are liberated from those with a closed mind who unwittingly seek to suppress the honest inquiry of others.

PS: As one final point on this issue of how to spot an armchair skeptic, also consider that government agencies use the same psychological manipulation methods. All it takes is a handful of negative comments on an article, video or social media post, and Groupthink sets in. While most of the armchair skeptics out there are probably just fearful closed minded people, there is most definitely a contingent of co-intel pro, psyop disinformation agents, otherwise known as trolls, intentionally trying to steer the collective conscious with subtle conditioning tactics. As such, gaining the capacity to think for oneself and not rely on hazy opinions of others is essential to free oneself from the shackles of self-doubt.

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- Justin

Source - Sputnik News

by Sputnik Staff Writer

NASA has once again sparked an alien controversy after it cut off live streaming video from the International Space Station (ISS) earlier this month, once cameras spotted a bizarre unidentified flying object approaching the Earth.
But the mysterious object made it to Internet alien fans after the footage was uploaded on YouTube by a user nicknamed Streetcap1, presenting themselves as UFO hunter and conspiracy theorist.

Within a week since its emergence on the web on July 9, the video has scored over 2.3 million views. The popularity of the footage has dragged attention of a number of media outlets that questioned NASA if they were trying to conceal the existence of aliens from humanity by cutting off streaming video.

"The feed in question is the High Definition Earth Viewing [HDEV] experiment. Anytime the ISS has a signal that feed is sending down video," the agency spokesperson said to Popular Mechanics, adding that at the time the signal was lost and the video stream went dark.

HDEV is fully automated and cannot be turned off at a request, meaning that alien existence – or invasion — couldn’t be concealed from a human’s eye.
The agency speaker stressed that the ISS loses direct connection with Earth regularly. The station orbits the planet 16 times a day, occasionally getting out of reach of Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRS) that are used to send and receive video.
"We used a space-based data relay network. It gives us a very good coverage area, but you do lose signal occasionally—anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. It varies from day to day."

However, many internet users didn’t believe in agency explanation.
“With thousands of satellites NASA has deployed over decades, there would still be "blind spots" in communications with the ISS, with human lives aboard?” a user named Furd Helmer argued. “How can [NASA] claim to be on the cutting edge of space technology, [if] it can [not] solve the problem of ‘blind spots’?”
Many pointed to the extremely low quality of the footage, suggesting NASA could make it bad intentionally to conceal something from people.

“Why does every UFO footage look like its recorded with an original game-boy camera?” a user named Andrew Bergk asked.

"50 years of advancements in cameras, and quantity in cameras, and that film is still the best quality footage of Bigfoot," another user claimed.

Finally, the skeptics said that if aliens existed, they should have been captured on some device by this time.
“Funny how the UFO industry, cuz that's what it is, has died due to the advent of cellphones. Where are the thousands of videos of spaceships and aliens?” a user called Nunsuch said.
Still, the truth is out there!
Stillness in the Storm Editor's note: Did you find a spelling error or grammar mistake? Do you think this article needs a correction or update? Or do you just have some feedback? Send us an email at sitsshow@gmail.comThank you for reading.


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