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Majestic 12: Is This Legendary UFO Conspiracy U.S. Air Force Disinformation? (VIDEO)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The Majestic 12 group remains one of the most obscure and enigmatic topics in Ufology. Some claim that the group was, and is, the organization behind the secret government projects involving extraterrestrials and related reversed engineered technologies, while others claim it is nothing more than government disinformation.

Because of the lack of certainty with respect to points raised in the fields of fringe research, most investigators never venture to find answers to their mysteries. But avoiding these topics doesn't make them go away.

To those who have studied the extraterrestrial phenomenon, UFOs, secret government programs, and related topics, disinformation is eventually encountered.

While the unaware masses foolishly believe the government can't keep a secret, those in the know realize that clandestine forces have long kept hidden their activities, in part, due to elaborate disinformation and compartmentalization schemes. One of which is to release information that is very close to the truth from a source that is later labeled a fraud. And because many lack discernment, they incorrectly associate the label with the information.

For example, Project Blue Book was a government whitewash or cover-up of extraterrestrial sightings from the mid 20th Century. It mixed genuine flying saucer sightings with a non-mysterious phenomenon, labeling the whole UFO issue nothing more than hype and fantasy. Before this cover-up, the UFO issues was a series line of inquiry for universities and investigators, but afterward, anyone looking into flying saucers was labeled a quack.

We know from government hacks what Gary McKinnon brought forward, declassified FBI documents, and insider testimony that the government has known about the existence of extraterrestrials and has obscured it behind a veil of official disinformation. We also know that part of the cover-up effort is to hide the truth in plain sight via various fictional portrayals of information, like what is shown in The X-Files television series. And this program of obscuration and normalization is hugely successful at keeping the masses largely disbelieving of the truth—but not unaware. That is to say; the public has been told about a great deal but all under the guise of fiction, and as such, we've been led to mislabel truthful information as fictional.

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The following article by Alejandro Rojas of is a case study of cover-up efforts using the methods that were just described. Majestic 12 documents were leaked to the Ufology community in 1984 and later labeled bogus by the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations via an FBI investigation. And to the uninitiated, this government decree would be enough to silence investigation, as clearly, the whole issue is bogus or false. But for those aware of how to cover up or compartmentalization schemes work, this fits the M.O. perfectly.

What better way to befuddle investigators than to provide them documents—that could be authentic or forgeries—dealing with a real secret government. The investigators will initially clamor over their apparent authenticity due to coming from a government source, drawing flies into the trap. And once enough people have associated themselves with the documents, later come out saying that they are bogus, discrediting everyone who previously believed in them. Such tactics won't deter hardened investigators, but the focus isn't on them, it's on the public.

Bystanders watching this display, those who are on the fence about even considering UFOs a genuine line of research, will be pushed into a close-minded reactionary state, for "big daddy government said that Majestic 12 is "bogus," so I shouldn't investigate it either." In other words, these tactics, like all false flags, are focused on a specific group for the benefit of the general masses.

To be sure, this technique works at all levels of society. In front of the public, a subset of the population is sacrificed like lambs to the slaughter—those who believed the lie. The victims of this display are both those observing from the sidelines as well as those who bear the brunt of the ridicule. But thankfully, the truth remains true regardless of this fallacious situation.

Whether or not Majestic 12 is real, as it has been described, is unclear. But what we do know with great certainty is that hidden forces have been acting from behind the scenes to shape society as we know it. As the famous line from Romeo and Juliet says, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," meaning the name of Majestic 12 isn't as important as what it represents.

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- Justin

Source - The Huffington Post

by Alejandro Rojas, August 4th, 2014

Majestic 12 is the name of an alleged organization created by President Truman to manage UFO and extraterrestrial investigations and maintaining strict secrecy in these areas. Many believe they have gone so far as to kill to keep secrets regarding interactions with the U.S. government and extraterrestrial civilizations.

The Majestic 12 (aka MJ-12) organization has become legendary in UFO circles, and has spawned a countless number of books and documentaries. It has even inspired TV shows and movies. The TV show Dark Skies was based on MJ-12, and MJ-12 thwarted Mulder and Scully several times on the X-Files.

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The question begs, if this group is so super secret, like they are represented on TV, then how do we know about them? The answer to that question is a tricky one. Most references to the origins of these documents refer to a TV producer who received a mysterious package in the mail on a roll of film in 1984. When developed, the pictures contained top secret documents regarding MJ-12 and their research, including the recovery of crashed space craft and alien bodies.

However, what is often ignored, glossed over, or has just been lost to obscurity, is the fact that the first mention of MJ-12 was in a document that was alleged by Richard Doty, an ex-special agent for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), to have been created as disinformation. He says he gave the document to UFO researchers while he worked for AFOSI, and was order to do so by his superiors. He says this was only one incident in a campaign that lasted years.

Hesitant to take his word for it, I requested documents related to his claims from AFOSI via the Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA). The documents I received supported some of what he said, but told a different story. They do document the interactions with AFOSI and one UFO researcher, but do not include passing him disinformation. In fact, they say two New Mexico state senators requested information about the nature of their interaction with the UFO researcher, to which AFOSI replied they received his information, but did not engage in any sort of formal investigation.

Doty says this isn’t true, and although the AFOSI documents do mention Doty as the person who relayed some of this information to the senators, he says all the while a disinformation campaign was underway. Whether or not it was, there is an abundance of information showing that, whether ordered to do so or not, he was dispensing disinformation. Some of which were the first alleged top secret documents referring to the elusive Majestic 12.

Could this AFOSI special agent have been selected as the pigeon to pass along these secret documents to UFO researchers as a government program to slowly disseminate the truth about extraterrestrial visitation to get the public ready for our inevitable introduction to the galactic neighborhood? Or could Doty have made all of this stuff up on his own? Or, as he suggests, could these documents have been made to make UFO researchers believe they were observing alien technology, when in fact they were catching glimpses of secret U.S. Air Force projects?

To be honest, I am not 100% sure what the answer is. Either way, the true history of the origins of the Majestic 12 documents is much more sordid than most are lead to believe. AFOSI did comment on the documents as part of a FBI investigation. They responded by returning the documents with the word “BOGUS” written on them in big black marker. You can find these document on the FBI’s website.

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This whole affair is very complicated, but to break down the details, me and my friends at have posted a video showing all of the players and the evidence. You can even download the documents at I implore you all to take a look and let me know what you think.

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