Friday, August 12, 2016

Gaia Portal -- August 12th 2016: Paradigms of assistance come forth | with Interpretations by Justin

The raw Gaia Portal update is first, followed by my extrapolated meanings in black. For other interpretations of these reports see Rosalie Parker and Kauilapele. 

Source - Gaia Portal

Storms of transformation create the movements in Energetic Gaia space.

Selectives are monitored as Gaia arises.

Fortunes of Peace are collected.

Paradigms of assistance come forth.

And now the analysis:

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. The meanings provided are not the only ones that can be gleaned; in my view, all meanings have value, especially when shared and discussed openly. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Interpretations: "Storms of transformation create the movements in Energetic Gaia space." - The phrase storms of transformation are suggestive of the dynamic occurring between transitions. When one state of being or motion makes contact with another state, an equilibriumization takes place, a synchronization, a universal technique of intercourse creating newness. Drop cream into coffee and a storm of transformation takes place, the black coffee, and the milky cream, being of two difference substances, mingle and slowly combine. The finished product incorporates the unique attributes of the two substances to form a new blended thing. This process should sound similar to a co-creative undertaking wherein, two or more beings come together to pour their energy and inspiration into a collective undertaking. A storm within weather occurs when two systems with differing pressure and humidity meet at a convergence zone, generating rain, thunder, and sometimes tornados. When two people who love each other come together, comprised of unique and divergent attributes (unique diversity), they birth a child into the world who is like them yet unique unto itself. In each of these examples, the dynamics of genesis and co-creation are at play, the universal process of manifestation through the act of synchronization or entrainment. Biologically, two beings of the same species yet opposite polarity (male and female) come together to form a union (unity) which allows their co-creative potentials to come into an actualized manifestation. The male alone can not birth a child. The female alone cannot fertilize her eggs. But together, they can do more than they could as individuals, and in the process of forming this union they are transformed. 

The male aspect of the universe and the female aspect come together in the same archetypal way to produce a child of creation, an evolving soul. The matter (mater) mother of the universe is that prima materia, the dust from which life springs, the unmolded clay that is open and receptive to the fertilizing energies of creation; this is the female pole of creation, in this sense, the physical stuff of the universe. The energy of the cosmos is pouring into and influencing this matter as the male force of fertilization, generating a son of the divine, a living creature who possesses consciousness, awareness, and free will.

As an aside, within this system of interpretation, a son of the divine is not male, as in only males can be sons of the divine, no, within this definition the normal concepts of male and female must be transcended to form a new understanding. That being, within each of us exists a male and female attribute. Depending on the circumstances in life we are either acting as male or female, we are either giving (male) or receiving (female). But women are not meant only to receive, nor are men meant only to give. In truth, like a dance, we change our roles so that we can experience both polarities, a union of the male and female archetypes hidden within each of us.

Getting back to storms of transformation, the dynamic of genesis is being described here. Given what was just discussed, when two individuals come together and mingle, their union is transformative. Consider that when meeting someone for the first time that impression alters our consciousness, a storm of transformation. The potency (volume) and polarity (positive or negative) of this storm's fruit (the manifested result) are dependent on our choices, our ability to be open to what is birthed. When we are receptive (female modality) to the fullness of what emerges from a storm of transformation we experience positive emotions and consciousness upliftment, so long as we can weather the storms initial turbulence. In this way, when we hear of the divine feminine energy influencing the Earth at this time we are speaking of the capacity to be humble and receptive, to receive the whole truth pouring in via experience in fullness.

In the most general frame of reference, a storm of transformation occurs anytime we experience newness or novelty. This can happen with others, as we just described, or as individuals within experience itself. Life transforms us because it is new and different. While on the surface, things seem the same day to day, literally each moment is a wellspring of novelty. The Sun moves through the galaxy—not in endless repeating cycles that never change—but in cycles that are always different; meaning, the position and energy state of our star is constantly in flux, with respect to the galactic center. Life is no less novel. The sun rises every day in the east, and to be sure, to the undiscerning eye it looks just like it did yesterday, but there are subtle differences. A flower blossoming may look the same but each is unique, and the same is true for all things in life. All experiences are new and novel, a splendor of mystery and intrigue waiting to inspire us if we dare to receive it fully. This is important to understand because the mind is ultimately the gateway for allowing newness to affect us, and once this occurs, we experience a storm of transformation. Therefore, any time two or more things come together a kind of sexual intercourse takes place generating a new thing, and these processes of intercourse are happening at all times and at all levels of creation. The tantra of the universe unfolds but if we've closed our hearts and minds, we won't be able to see the children of creation and embrace them with unselfish love and support. Without an open mind, we can't stop to smell the roses of novelty constantly blossoming around us.

Here are some examples of storms of creation: Universal energy making contact with universal matter begets a son of creation, a living organism. A male and a female human being come together to beget a child. An individual experiences something new and this generates feelings, emotions, and insights. Sunlight hitting the moist Earth wherein a seed has been planted enables life to flourish. High energy particles coming from the cosmos interact with the atmosphere to produce cosmic rays that influence living things on the planet. The solar wind interacts with the geomagnetic field to produce storms on the surface and infuse life with the Schumann resonances; and so on. Each of these is an example of this universal process of genesis or co-creation, an example of synchronization or entrainment. And the storm we experience the most is the storm of life the dynamic between the universal father and mother who work with supreme power and grace to generate the world and cosmos for us to explore, and in doing so, evolve and grow. We are literally the children of the cosmos, but also what we experience within and without is also a child of the divine, a son or sun.

In this statement, these storms of transformation are creating the movements in Energetic Gaia space. Movements, in this case, most likely refers to the fruit of these storms. The fruits of music playing at a party are people dancing. The phrase Energetic Gaia space is suggestive of that metaphysical region of activity within Gaia's field, this could be in the electromagnetic region, the Astral (mind) or Etheric, and is most likely in all of these and more. This is because ultimately the different harmonics of existence, which we refer to as dimensions or densities (realms of existence), are interconnected and cannot be truly divorced. Much like we can't really separate the mind and heart, they are two sides of the same coin.

Given all this, we can assume that the storms of transformation referred to in this statement imply co-creative activity, genesis, which as we discussed above, is happening at all times and places, it is never not happening. So while we can't stop transformation, we can play our part in it so as to effect a beneficial change. When music plays we can either dance or sit still; but the former choice is more fulfilling in most cases. Narrowing down the discussion, what we do with these new experiences (storms of transformation) determines how we contribute to the creation of movements in Gaia's energetic grid. 

Our choice to reject new experiences causes us to feel negative emotions of fear, that lead to discordant or disharmonious energy patterns within the fields of Earth, at all levels. In contrast, if we accept these experiences in fullness (female modality), allowing them to transform us, positive emotional states can be generated which form harmonies in energetic grids. We know this to be the case because synchronized global meditations have a marked effect on reducing violence in human life, but more than this, they can also reduce storm activity and earthquakes, although mainstream science is only beginning to make its first steps in this regard. But behind closed doors, through the advances of Nikola Tesla and Scalar wave physics, we know that emotional and mental states send high-frequency energetic waves out in hyper space (time-space) and electromagnetically as coherent auras. These coherent fields mingle with the fields of the Earth (a storm of transformation in its own right) healing blockages and reducing violent upheavals. When humanity has finally realized their awesome power of mind and consciousness, they will be able to control the weather with a thought and heal a storm via a co-creative act of love and support. Our destiny as a species was never meant to be victims of the environment, so much so, that we lock ourselves away in concrete buildings. No, our destiny as a species, in my opinion, is to become custodians of the planet, to walk hand in hand with all life as guardians of the earthly planes. If these storms are being received fully, if we become wives of the universal father, then will help to ensure that Gaia is assisted by us instead of hindered.

"Selectives are monitored as Gaia arises."
- The term selectives refers to the act of choosing the best option or the most qualified person for a given task, making a choice that effects change efficiently, with a minimum of deleterious side effects. One who is selective is said to make choices that are sound and reasonable, as well as effective. Here, the term selective is used contextually to refer to a person, agency or group. Given the aforementioned statement in relation to storms of transformation creating movements in Energetic Gaia space, this statement seems to be referring to those individuals who have embraced (female modality) these transformations and as such are contributing to Gaia's rise. 

As we loosely outlined above, each individual is both male and female from an archetypal point of view. The female modality of receiving is our proper role in relation to the truth and the cosmos at large. This is what is meant by the phrases, a fool for god, or being married to god. When we receive the fullness of creation, we are invoking the divine feminine nature within each of us, which allows us to act as a Sun. Consider that when we embrace the truth and act in it, we become beacons of light and inspiration for others. A man who recognizes his duty to help others who are being harmed—receptivity to the truth of divine onesness (a female modality)—appears as a Sun to those looking on (inspiring them), who are receptive to this expression of truth. Therefore, when we are properly aligned within creation, when our poles line up male to female, we find our place in the universe as individuals in a symphony of co-creation. The oneness of the universe is not some homogeny wherein our sense of self dissolves completely, and we are locked into some kind of hive mind. Oneness is the individual choosing to align themselves so that they become a co-creative partner with the all. As an example, consider that if one were to take 5 magnets and align their poles so that south pointed to south and north pointed to north, each magnet would be pushing away from the others, there would be chaos and disorder. Yet when each magnet finds its place and aligns opposite poles together, they form a singular entity, a new stronger magnet that is more powerful than their individual fields.

Selective are monitored as Gaia arises is suggestive of those who are making choices which effect the greatest degree of change but without also creating chaos. In other words, Gaia is watching those who are contributing the most to her upliftment, those who are aligning themselves properly to the creation and in doing so uses their energy in a way that benefits themselves and the planet. As we discussed, consider magnets as an example. We each have a male and female polarity within us, and when these aspects are not properly aligned, we cause ourselves to feel sick, unwell, unhappy and lost in life. When we lack purpose, we lack direction and we wander aimlessly. And sometimes this prevents us from seeing the better way of aligning with truth. But eventually, the truth forces us to see the errors of our ways, and in that storm of transformation, we have the opportunity to rejoin with Gaia and the cosmos as a partner, finding purpose, and restoring balance to our consciousness. In doing so, we play our parts alongside Gaia and all those allied with her, those high agencies of spirit who have worked tirelessly to assist humanity in these times of transition. So while storms of transformation can usually bring an initial phase of disquiet and turbulence, after our falseness has been wiped clean, we can find new and undreamed of ways of being that make our past fears seem unproductive.

"Fortunes of Peace are collected."
- The term fortune refers to a bounty or boon, the fruit of one's labors or something that is abundant. Here, the fortunes are of Peace suggesting that the other side of these storms of transformation are quiet and peaceful. Consider that a somewhat negative storm of transformation must be experienced when we have improperly refused the truth. When we reject experience in favor of our sense of reality, a dark Luciferian male archetypal expression, we are not a wife of creation, we are not receptive to the truth, and as such we must pour out falseness to balance the energies. I refer to this as building a wall of falseness within the mind as an attempt to shield ourselves from the truths transformative powers. And when we allow ourselves to build these walls, they eventually fall down on top of us, once the truth finally erodes them. It is much like a detoxification experience, which can usually feel intense, uncomfortable, and unsettling. But after this transition, a stillness within the storm can be found. If we are focused properly on the ideal of healing, detoxification can be seen as a positive experience and the fruit of this labor is a fortune of peace. When we finally have the courage to face our negative habits and behaviors, allowing ourselves to change and grow, a new way of being can be envisioned. At a collective level, all those individuals who are bravely receiving the truth in fullness, allowing the divine feminine energies to infuse them, help to collect the fortunes of peace that manifest on Gaia as a result. I suspect that this statement is suggesting that we are literally helping to make the world more peaceful and prosperous by changing ourselves and growing in consciousness. Considering that the matrix of control and enslavement is made possible by those individuals who are not aligned with creation, who are not allowing the truth to transform them and as such feed into the matrix of lies, this interpretation is quite valid.

"Paradigms of assistance come forth." - In the aforementioned statements, references to a population of individuals who are changing themselves so as to receive the truth more fully and become wife's of creation and the creator wasa discussed. This select population of individuals is chosen, not because of some genetic marker, or preconceived concept of superiority (the so-called "chosen race") but because through their choices become beacons of light, suns in their own right. In doing so, these brave souls provide assistance to others who are going through this process now. When we find the courage to accept the truth, we experience a storm of transformation and go through a phase of growth and development. Much like the way a butterfly enters a pupa or chrysalis so as to complete their transformation, so do these selective individuals make their choice to grow and become one with the all. Once complete, a new being is born able to act as midwife to those around them, offering love, support, counsel, and encouragement. This statement seems to be describing this next phase in the process of collective evolution, which is more focused than previous phases. 

A paradigm is a generally applicable modality of expression; therefore, a paradigm of assistance would be a phase of global love and nurturing that is unmatched when compared to previous epochs. In other words, as each individual finds the courage to embrace the truth, they become helpers for others, who in turn transform and add to the ranks of awakening ones. After an initially slow, but progressively building phase (an exponential growth curve) a critical mass is reached and leaps and bounds in progress can be made. This statement seems to be indicating that we are entering this new and more progressive phase of growth now. The effects of this growth will be transformative for all, and again depending on how much baggage of falseness we've created for ourselves, will feel uncomfortable for a period of time. But so long as we can stay the course, and continue to walk up the mountain of truth, overcoming personal fears and letting go of past grudges, the light at the end of the tunnel of transformation will keep getting brighter and brighter. Eventually, our forward progress will eclipse the darkness of the past, and we'll look back and wonder how we could have accepted such a disempowered state as our preference.

PS - In December 2014, when Julian and I were discussing the idea of sharing these updates on the blog, he encouraged me to do more than just share the raw post. He said that we could offer our insights into what they could mean and in doing so create a venue for deep discussion and consciousness exploration. There were many times I wasn't sure if others found any value in these interpretations, but Julian and others continued to urge me on in this venture. This is just one example of the countless ways he helped me in my life path, for which I am eternally grateful. I want to dedicate these interpretations to him and his memory. I will love you always Julian, and know, that your zeal for creativity and loving service of others continues on.
- Justin
Note about meanings: The meanings offered are my attempt to objectify the Gaia Portal updates, to give them a scientifically supported basis in reality. However, the subjective process of reading the update personally is incredibly valuable, and meanings generated in each respect are not mutually exclusive (in conflict with each other). I suggest reading the update, like a tool for divination as if it was written specifically for you; similar to a psychic reading. Your meanings may not match what I share, but that does not mean one is more 'correct' than another. All meanings have value, depending on the context which is applied to them, all perspectives have a place within the whole of what IS, and therefore, can be part of an exploration of one's self. Our perspective is intimately connected to all others.
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