Monday, July 18, 2016

Six Actionable Steps to Continuous Improvement of Student Learning

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here is a rather short but insightful article about how to maintain continued learning. The six steps provided are generally described so that they can be applied to an individual or groups for effective results. 

I have adopted similar methods in my own efforts to gain knowledge and skills in life, which is something we each can do to become empowered. And in our world of pandemic disempowerment and victimization, finding the time to improve oneself is arguably the most important thing we can do to prepare for the outer work of healing this world. 

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- Justin

Source - Life Hacks

by Akshay

Most classification research paper topics on learning processes show that learning processes involve systematic and gradual approaches and most a times that learners do not gain all the required knowledge or skills at the end of the learning process. This article explores six steps that are essential for the continuous improvement of students learning.

This step ensures that there are well-outlined goals that students work to attain. These goals should define the skills, knowledge as well as the value that learners are required to acquire in a certain program. These goals need to be measurable to ensure effective evaluation.

Objectives formulation.

Having realised the goals that the students should achieve, measurable levels of achievement and the criteria for success should be set. These goals should give a clear outline of what learners need to know and understand as well as the time frame required in achieving these objectives.

Specify approaches.

In this step, critical approaches are formulated to collect the data that will give an indication on whether students are meeting the stated objectives or not. Multiple methods such as external reviews, capstone courses, portfolios internship performance, etc. should be put in place to give learners a diversified platform of assessment that captures various areas of learning.

Specify measures.

This step captures the extent at which learners have achieved the required learning objectives. Different faculties need to come up with standardised tools that will give a clear indication on whether students have attained the necessary skills, Knowledge in a particular area. Varied measures such as surveys, capstone experience measures and internally developed tests are effective means of different objectives.

Evaluation and sharing of results.

Information collected using different measures should be evaluated, and the findings shared a relevant audience. Clear guidelines should be in place to dictate the procedure of the evaluation process and the people to whom the findings will be communicated.

Make Changes.

After measuring the learning objectives if the required learning objectives are not achieved changes should be made in the teaching and learning context. These Changes should relate to the learning and teaching elements that need to deleting, adding, and modification in efforts to improve the success of students. Making changes that will enhance the success of the students need thoughtful analysis and reflection.

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